What Topics to Write About

Do you ever wonder what blog topics to write about? If you’ve just started your blog or you’ve been blogging for years, this video is pure gold for you!

It will show you exactly how to flesh out a general topic and find specific topics to write about. You’ll learn how to find popular topics to blog about without having an email list or large social media following.

Video Tutorial: How to Find Topics to Write About

This 17 minute video shows you step by step how to find popular topics.

At the end of this video you’ll be able to map out your entire blog (or even a book) and have a topic to write about each week – All in under an hour!

Let me know in the comments below what your blog is about!

Video Transcript

I want to show you exactly what I do to
find what I should talk about what
should be my next blog post and you guys
can use this method if you’re starting
your blog from scratch and today’s your
first day and you just signed up for
hosting and you’re ready to get this
thing going
or if you’ve been blogging for years and
you just need new ideas I mean I
honestly I’m doing this method I’m going
through and listing all my blog posts
for the year and I want to show you guys
what I do so super simple I do have some
paid tools that I use as well to just
help me refine what I should log about
but on a zero dollar budget this is what
I can show you guys so that you don’t
have to spend any money to find out what
to write about alright so let’s get
straight into it the blog map alright so
I want you guys to map out your entire
blog in an hour so watch this live right
now take some notes get a pen and paper
go get a cup of coffee take some notes
and then tonight when you have a free
hour of free 30 minutes after the kids
go to bed
then go through the process and go and
get all your blog posts it’s super
simple you guys are going to like it
alright so step one you kinda have to
find at least a general niche it could
be as general as fitness as home
schooling as arts and crafts home decor
so think about a super broad topic it
can’t be everything can be life like it
has to be a little bit a little bit more
niche than just like I’m gonna blog
about everything under the Sun so think
about one of the topics that you do like
to talk about like you might start a
lifestyle blog and write about a lot of
things and I encourage that I would
rather you start but not start at all I
encourage you to refine after a couple
months to find that one topic that you
want to talk about but anyway let’s
think of a very broad topic so we can
talk about and something that’s been on
my mind and what I’ve been using a lot
is as broad as a topic of beauty masks
so you might think okay well what’s
something that I do already everyday
something that I am very passionate
about something that I like to try out
maybe you’re starting on
the fitness journey maybe your you’re
now in your post mommy body and you’re
trying to get back in shape or you love
like hair products or beauty products or
beauty masks that’s me every week I like
to try a new beauty mask and honestly
I’m sharing this idea of you guys
because I talked to John about and like
I want to start a side blog all about
beauty masks but because I like you guys
so much
I’m giving you like my ideas which I’m
fine with that if somebody wants to
start a beauty masks blog go ahead I’m
gonna show you exactly how to find the
right topics to write about so you get
traffic to your blog and people come and
use it and find it useful
all right so beauty masks step one
lists out all the ideas about beauty
masks but ok how let me show you how
we’re gonna do this um let me get my
handy-dandy Chrome browser alright so
how are we gonna do this we’re gonna go
to Pinterest and we’re gonna type in
that very very broad topic at the top
okay so beauty masks super broad topic
you’re not niching down you like in
general beauty masks so what do we blog
about just for beauty masks in general
if you look at all the things here at
the top you’re gonna see exactly what
Pinterest is telling you that’s popular
and this is ranked in in volume of like
search volume so DIY beauty masks face
women photography is probably not gonna
skincare homemade Korean Korean Beauty
mess wears one face mask
listen face masks there you go
it’s a little bit more not just beauty
mask for like going the masquerade so
dIY homemade acne peel off for
blackheads for pores this pinterest is
telling you in general what are all the
subtopics under this main niche that’s
super popular alright so you have a main
niche that you like to talk about what’s
the subcategories and then we’re gonna
deep dive and see exactly what’s under
each one of those categories what you
should topics to write about alright so first we’re
going to go our main top
like beauty masks you can do home school
as well and then Pinterest just tells
you exactly kindergarten ideas humor
printables preschoolers planner okay so
we’re back to skin masks what I suggest
you do put your main topic in there and
then take all of these blocks and you
can even scroll to the side there’s even
more put them all on a piece of paper or
a spreadsheet alright so all of these
main topics just like I did here all
right so I have Beauty masks acne oily
skin for your face your body a sheet
mask that’s new I tried a sheet mask
that was interesting alright so once you
have all your categories listed out then
we’re gonna categorize the ideas alright
so we have all the topics under our main
niche now we want to categorize them and
this magically becomes your blog menu at
the top so once you have all the ideas
under your main niche find categories
that they fall into nicely so when we go
back to our main topics here like
homemade honey egg coconut oil like okay
those are all like natural ingredients
for beauty masks then you’re thinking
about acne oily skin scars redness those
are all skin problems so through all the
ideas that Pinterest is giving you
categorize them into different
subcategories and these could be the top
menu items on your blog so this makes it
easy so you know okay I want to blog
about this in general how do I actually
categorize it and make my blog like a
library of resources because you’re
thinking about each blog posting and
writing is like an article and then each
category could be like a bookshelf and
then your entire blog is a library where
somebody can go to and find information
to help them solve a problem in that
specific niche alright so you want to
this also helps Google see that your
blog is about this specific topic you’re
not blogging about beauty masks and I
don’t know got homeschooling in my mind
or how to
it’s your car when the battery died
which happened to us this week so that’s
on my mind too so you’re kind of staying
on topic with one general niche but you
can see you have different categories
within each of these all right but now
that you have these main categories and
main topics how do you actually find a
blog post what are people actually
searching for and it’s not that hard
because there’s a tool called Google and
they already did all the market research
for you so what you do now is you google
for the questions because now your job
for you with your blog is to answer
those questions Google is telling you
and I’ll show you this in just a second
Google is telling you exactly what
people are searching for your job is
just to go answer those questions and
then that’s it that’s what your blog
your blog is there to help other people
and then you everybody always ask me
like what do I write about Google is
telling you what to vlog about because
Google is telling you what people search
for even if you don’t have an audience
even if you have nobody on your email
list you don’t have to email anybody and
ask them like hey what do you want me to
vlog about or hey what problem are you
struggling with Google is telling you
exactly what people are struggling with
so now what you do is you take your big
category and then your subcategory so
say for example we’re just gonna go into
skin and we go to Google and we’re gonna
come up with this
let me show in just a second where is my
I keep losing my Chrome browser all
right okay so we’re gonna go to Google
and we’re gonna type in skin masks all
right so we get some reviews here at the
top and then here people also ask so you
don’t even have an audience yet you
don’t have an email list your blog that
hasn’t even been launched yet but you
want to find out what people ask for
here how do people how to mask help your
skin our skin our face masks good for
acne if you click on one and you make it
smaller again and you minimize it again
just more and more questions are coming
up from Google look at this
so each one of these could be its own
separate blog post
some of them could be combined to make a
bigger blog post a more polar post but
if you look at these questions this is
exactly what Google is telling you
people search for your blog’s purpose is
now to answer these questions and help
people and instead of which claim mask
is best for acne that’s the question you
turn it around and say the best clay
mask for acne and that’s the title of
your blog post so you turn that question
into a statement and that’s the title of
your blog post very simple and what you
can do is back here in the blog plan
free template that I show you guys there
is a section where I talk about
different type of smart blog posts so
the pillar posts the money posts email
post guest posts and product posts and I
covered this in last week’s life and
death and depth yeah exactly which what
those types of posts are but what you
can do once you have the questions from
Google you can highlight them you can
mark them however you want to I’m just
doing this for the presentation but all
the green ones could be affiliate money
posts what are the best best masks for
my face what’s the best best face mask
for pores or for acne or for acne scars
so which clay mask is best for acne so
you can make these review posts where
your if you’re already doing this anyway
every week like I would like I’d love to
use clay masks and charcoal masks and
sheet masks because I want my skin to
look pretty and I’m getting older and I
don’t want to have wrinkles and maybe
the little ones that are coming up like
I want them not to be so prevalent
anyway there’s my vanity for you guys so
I like doing this so this is something
that I would easily be able to blog
about because I already do it it’s
already part of my life it’s just an
extension where I would like to
encourage other people to try these
products as well because they work for
me so these green green ones where
people are asking what is the best those
easily can convert into affiliate
money-making posts the green ones I mean
the red ones where it’s more like do
face masks get rid of acne scars which
face mask is
best for me those can be your pillar
posts some of these questions can come
be combined into one pillar posting and
just make it big cuz you know people are
already searching for this so if you
answer all these questions in this
massive super helpful blog post Google
is gonna be like wow I should I should
show people this blog post because it’s
answering all the questions that people
have regarding this topic um and then
you can also go through these questions
than think about which of these topics
and future blog posts can work well for
like a freebie what kind of freebie or
email opt-in can you add to it to then
increase your email list I looked at
this one what is avocado and oatmeal do
for your face you can create a DIY face
mask recipe book so at the end of all
your natural DIY face masks blogpost you
can have a little recipe book they can
download it and if they don’t want to go
out and buy harsh products to put on
their face they have this little recipe
book that you made for them and they can
use all this stuff in their house
alright so if we go to a second one if
we just look at beauty masks for acne
okay here face mask for acne again we
can look at all the questions that
Google is giving you you can super
easily come up with 50 blog posts to
write for the rest of the year
alright so blogging is not it’s not hard
to come up with content Google is
telling you exactly what people are
searching for it is your job just to go
and answer this so just think about your
niche what do you want to write about
what is your topics to write about and go look at
the questions that people are asking
about and your specific niche and just
go answer them and write really helpful
really amazing blog posts so if we go
back to this one if we looked at acne do
masks help acne or charcoal masks good
for acne what is the best home remedy
face mask um those can all be pillar
posts then more the moneymaking post
where you can recommend something
include your affiliate links which clay
mask is best which freemen mask is best
for acne so if you guys know the free
man masks they’re they’re really pretty
colorful bottles there
really enticing goodbye I think they’re
they’re everywhere their target I’ve
used them before they’re really nice and
you can have like a week where you’re
reviewing each different type of mask
you can do a little video a little
Instagram story where you’re putting it
on and you’re explaining to people the
texture pretty cool stuff there’s a lot
of things you could do to just help
people and show people like what you do
and how this product is helping you and
then convert into sales cuz affiliate
marketing is much more than just like
here’s a link click my link buy my stuff
it’s building trust with that reader
showing them that you like it showing
them the pros and the cons because if
you’re only like here’s all the pros
about something it’s kind of like there
has to be something right there has to
be something wrong anyway so you want to
be open with your I’m with your readers
okay last one I really got into this um
beauty mask for wrinkles so you can go
through each one of these main
subcategories and look at google and get
all these questions so easily you’re
gonna have 50-plus blog posts and
questions that you can answer and
obviously some of them can be combined
into a pillar post and then some of them
can just be standalone alright so if you
guys want this deck I’ll send you this
slide deck alright then lastly research
and find the blog topics for each idea I
think we did that now what you can do is
take those ideas that we got from Google
and instead of having it a question just
turn it into a statement that’s your
title for your blog post so the best
clay masks for acne the best skin peels
for acne how to reduce wrinkles
naturally best vitamins for wrinkles
best mask for oily skin and if you don’t
have all the advice on all these topics
if you don’t know how to reduce wrinkles
naturally reach out to other people go
interview other people ask for expert
opinions go to bigger blogs where there
are bloggers blogging about this they
would be happy to share their advice and
then link back to their main blog so if
you don’t if you can’t answer all these
questions yourself you can either
experiment and try to find the answer
because if you have a blog like this
where you’re actually trying on the
products or you can research expert
in your niche and ask them and then
lastly now that you have all your topics
you have all your ideas you know how to
find blog post topics for days for the
whole year you can take the blog plan
editorial calendar and put it in here so
then you can plan them out what blog
post you want to write when to keep
yourself accountable to at least write
one blog post a week when you’re
starting out I recommend giving your
blog content because the more content
and it has and the better the content is
the more it’s gonna grow if you only
blog once a month it’s gonna take your
blog a long time to grow the more
frequently your blogs not saying that
you write blog posted or like 200 words
I’m thinking like a thousand words plus
something meaty something that’s really
gonna help somebody the more you write
the better you’re gonna get the more
chances you’re gonna get for something
to do really well and to bring you back
traffic alright so in the editorial
calendar for the blog plan which the
link to the free calendar and the
template is above in the description or
below if you’re on YouTube the calendars
in there and I also gave you guys a
blank one because I know a lot of people
have been printing this out and filling
it in and thank you so much I’m just in
case you wanted a blank one and not
where I recommend which blog posts to
write when
I did include a blank template in there
as well woo all right I hope that was
helpful let me know if that was really
helpful or if you guys were like okay
well that’s cool Susie please let me
know in the comments if the work I did
last night and thinking about this for
the last week was helpful to you

Use this fill in the blank worksheet to plan out your entire editorial calendar in detail.

This worksheet along with the 12 Month Blog Plan (bottom of this post) will give you a super solid content plan for your blog!

You’ll need this Blog Plan to complete all the steps. (This will open in a new tab)

What do you write about?

Are you trying to find topics for your blog? Or maybe for a future book? Blogging can be a fantastic way to build up an audience before you launch a new product!

Let me know what you’re writing about below.

How to find topics to write about steps

Click on any step or scroll down to read the details.


What to write about when blogging

Let’s get down to it. The main question that most bloggers have when they start, end or are stuck in the middle of their blogger journey is this, “What do I even write about when blogging?”

Pick a plan or a niche and start creating your thought process from there. Deciding to start a blog is wonderful, but if you don’t’ narrow it down just a little bit, you’ll find yourself constantly spinning your wheels trying to gain traction.

There are plenty of things to write about, you just have to know what direction and path you want to take your blog down. The choice is ultimately up to you, you can start broad and niche down over time.

What topics to write about on your blog

There are literally never-ending topics to write about. Even when you feel you’ve exhausted every possible topic for gardening (just an example), I can assure you that there are plenty of other blogging topics just waiting to be explored.

Most times when you’re feeling that you’re running low on blogging topics and ideas is because you’re starting to get a bit burnt out or defeated. Don’t give up.

The blogging world is full of highs and lows but if you can follow along with this simple plan I’m about to share with you, I can assure you that you’ll be on an amazing path for producing great content.

Finding topics to write about for your blog

Before we dive in on these simple tips,  you have the ability to have your own successful blog. Success doesn’t happen overnight but success does happen. I’m proof, many of my students are proof and thousands of other bloggers out there will tell you the same thing: If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll reap the rewards.

Now, onto the good stuff. 🙂

I’ve created a simple method that can help a new blogger on their first day to a seasoned blogger who has thousands of other posts. And guess what? You’re getting this information to use to help you kick start your own blog as well!

Simple steps to find popular topics to write about

Not only is this method effective, but it’s also what I still use to plan out all my blog content for the year. Yep, for the entire YEAR. And the best part? You can literally use this method, even if you have a zero budget. (there will always be tools out there that you can invest in, but I’m showing you how to make the free options work for you instead)

Plan your topics to write about for the entire year

Once you learn and understand this method, you can plan out your entire blogging content calendar for the entire year in just about an hours worth of work. And yes, I’m 100% serious.

Are you as excited as I am to get started?

Step 1: Find blog topics to write about

Find your main niche.

It’s important to have a general idea of what you’re going to be blogging about. Not as general as “life”, but something along the lines of business, homeschooling, gardening…you get the idea. And if you’re struggling on what to even categorize your blog into, just stop and think about what you like. Or what problems you can solve for your audience.

Anytime you can write about something that you love as well, that honestly and rawness comes through to your readers and builds a real connection.

Step 2: Understand what topics to write about

List out all the ideas you have about your niche.

Have fun with this. This is for your eyes only and is just a rough draft. Jot them down and let those ideas fly. And once you’ve exhausted the resources in your head. it’s time to head to Pinterest.

Yep, you read that right. You can get a ton of great blog topic ideas by heading over to Pinterest. All you need to do is type your niche in the search bar at the top of Pinterest and you’ve just unlocked an unlimited potential of blog topics.

I use the example of beauty masks in the video, but in the image you can see the search results for Whole30. Look at all those topic ideas!

See those little bubbles that pop up underneath the search bar full of words? Those words are gifts from Pinterest letting you know what people are searching for. 

What you do with this information is how you will set up topics for your blog. Go through the words and find ones that fit your niche. Once you have the words picked out, it’s time to take those words and add them to a spreadsheet for future use.

Step 3: How to categorize blog topics to write about

Once you use Pinterest to give you amazing keywords, you’ve suddenly found that you have the tools to create your blog menu with ease. And beyond that? You’ve made a killer library full of possible topics and information for your blog. All by just a few simple clicks and steps. (Google likes libraries and categories as well on blogs and they really help with SEO, too)

But…now what? Now that you have your ideas, your words, and your categories, what do you do with all that information moving forward?

Step 4: find Popular topics to write about

Two words. Google it. If you’re wanting to know how to take your topics and turn them into blog posts, Google has already done the work for you.

the Most Important Step

Go on…try it out. Open up a browser and type in your main word about your blog. Whether it be “homeschooling” or “camping”, you’ll notice a small section on Google called “People also asked”. Those questions are where you get great insight and information about what to write blog posts about!

These are blogging gold.

Each one of these questions can be used to write a separate blog post with ease. Simply turn the question into a statement and you’ve got your next blog title as well. See how simple this can be?

And trust me, Google loves online outlets that answer questions. Plus, you can use those questions to offer great opt-ins, branch off of and really build your online audience.

Step 5: Implementing Interesting topics to write about

Once you let Google do all the work for you, all that’s left is to implement what you’ve gathered.

If you happen to come across a question that you don’t know the answer for, ask advice or information from an expert in the field or do your own research to get facts.

The amount of effort that you put into your writing and research will pay off in the end.

Step 6: Plan out your editorial calendar for the year

The more content and blog posts that you write, the more traffic you’ll generate. Starting out, it’s important to write at least one blog post per week. This shows your audience your committed and shows Google that you’re blog is alive. Knowing that you need 52 posts at a minimum for the year may sound like a lot, but with the steps above outlined and detailed and just waiting for you to implement, this won’t be hard for you to accomplish at all.

Plus, the more content that you create, the better chances that you’ll have something really take off that you’ve written, too. And you know what doors that can open, right? The potential to start earning money from your blog! (and even more followers and a larger audience as well)

Organize all of your topics to write about

If you’ve followed along this post, you now have an idea of the main topics for your blog. This can also be translated into your blog menu items.

And you also have a years worth to topics to write about by following step 4.

How do you organize all of these amazing ideas?

I have a Blog Plan and editorial calendar template for you for free!

You can download it here to keep yourself accountable.

How to find topics to write about

Let me know in the comments below, did you like this method of finding endless topics to write about?



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