Make Money

Help out financially while staying at home! After hard work, many mommy bloggers make $2K-$10K a month. 

Adult Interaction

Crave adult interaction? Blogging allows you to connect with other amazing moms, build friendships and support each other.

Creative Outlet

Blogging is a great creative outlet. Use your passion or your degree in a new creative way online!

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How to Start a Mom Blog in 3 Easy Steps with SiteGround and WordPress


Would you like to start a blog? Even if you’re a busy mom, you can do this! Do you want a creative outlet, to engage with other adults and want to make money from home? With a blog you can build an audience and sell ebooks, courses or crafts.

Many bloggers make thousands of dollars a month – while running a household and raising kids. It is very possible! It’s not rocket science and it’s much cheaper and much less risky than starting up a brick and mortar store.

If you’re a millennial mom, then you’re right on track here, 1 in 5 moms are starting their online businesses.

1 in 5 millennial moms are starting a blog. Read the updated post on how to start a mom blog here.

Why Start a Blog?

Because when in history has it been possible for anyone to start a business making thousands from home that costs under $4 a month to start? If you know how to post on Facebook, pin on Pinterest and can type an email – you can start a blog.

You already have an audience if you have friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram or Pinterest. You already use these social media sites daily – why not make money while you do it? These people already love you and your content.

Just imagine how large your following will be if you just start today.

It’s an amazing time to live in!

Step by Step Instructions Below



Yes! If you are willing to put in the time to grow a business online, you are able to make money from it. Just look at the monthly income reports of these bloggers below. It is so inspiring!


Michelle from


Abby from


Lena from


Rosemarie from

I started my blog in January 2016.

For a few months I was making nothing, I was just working hard and buildling my readership. In June I launched my ebook, Blog by Number, and my blog income has grown every month since then.

You can do this too! Don’t let fear stop you from what you could achieve!

I’m here to help you every step of the way!

Why Do You Need a Self Hosted Blog?

Using blogging platforms such as Blogger and are good for personal journal types of blogs. But if you are serious about turning your blog into an online business, it is a must to be self hosted. You have full control of your content, you can install plugins to optimize your site and you can customize your blog as you wish.

If you’re not self hosted, you won’t be taken seriously as a blogger. It’s a tiny investment with a huge payoff! Just read the comments below from other bloggers that agree with self hosting your blog.

 Why Start a Blog with SiteGround?

Start a Blog with SiteGround

Fantastic Customer Support

They are seriously super quick in answering questions and helping you set up your site. Not only will they answer all your hosting questions, they will actually help you with technical support too! I chatted with the customer service at SiteGround and they installed and setup my WordPress for me in 5 minutes. They also redirected webpages for me when I did not know how to do it. I wonder if they will write my posts for me too? 😉

They Have Awesome Uptime

I have heard nothing but great things about SiteGround from other bloggers. And so far I have had a speedy up and running site with them!

Start a Blog with SiteGround

Very Honest and Real Review of SiteGround

If you want to make money with your blog you will need to have a self-hosted blog. And when you sign up for a blog with SiteGround through my link you can get hosting for under $4 a month! If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger one of the first things sponsorship companies or affiliates will look at is if you’re on a self-hosted blog.


Why I love SiteGround to Host my Blog?

  1. Their customer service is SUPER FAST! I am always connected to someone who is super helpful and eager to answer my question within a few seconds of signing on to their chat service!
  2. I feel like I have a whole tech team at my fingertips for free!
  3. They have amazing uptime! My previous hosting company dropped my site for over 4 hours – this has never happened with SiteGround.
  4. They refunded my money after *I made a mistake!* They were so sweet they refunded my money after I bought a controversial domain name.
  5. They installed WordPress on my site for me and setup redirects for me. All the techy stuff I don’t want to do they do for me for free!






Confused with all this blogging jargon?

Hosting Company = Landlord

Think of it this way, Siteground, your hosting company is like your landlord. You pay them a small fee as rent for server space for your blog. = Apartment, which is included when you sign up with SiteGround, is like your apartment building. It is where you build your blog, write posts, decide on a theme and colors.

Domain name = Address

And lastly, your domain name is like your address or the plaque on your front door. It tells people which apartment is yours. 🙂

I hope that helps!

Step by Step Instructions Below

Hi, I’m Suzi. I want to help you be confident as mom, find your voice and make money from home.

I want you to get to know me and know that I’ll be here to support you through your blogging journey! So please check out my video below to see who I am and why I started blogging.


A free gift for you to help you on your blogging journey!

Please download the blogging 12 month planner below to help you!



How to Start a Blog – 3 Easy Steps

>> Click & Start Here <<

Ready to do this? You can do it! I am here for you when you have questions. The steps below are super easy to follow Go to SiteGround and click on Sign Up. When you go through my link to start your blog you get hosting for a super affordable price!

Start a Blog with SiteGround

Choose a plan. If you’re a new blogger, you could go with the StartUp plan.  I use the GrowBig plan because it gives me super fast priority customer support and allows me to host multiple websites. I am constantly testing new ideas and I have multiple blogs. So this plan allows me to test and play by hosting multiple blogs on one package. You may want to do the same thing if you change your mind a lot. 🙂

I actually have about 7 blogs that I’ve purchased and play with. It allows me to be creative and test things out on different blogs that I can’t do on my main blog (

For many beginning bloggers it’s hard to decide on a niche. And the GrowBig plan allows you to setup more than one website so you can test different niches as you are starting out.

I have a lifestyle blog, my business blog, my husband’s blogs and a testing blog that I host on my GrowBig plan.

And bonus, I get super duper fast customer service as a client of the GrowBig plan. Like lightning fast! 🙂

It also makes your blogs load faster which gives you higher rankings in Google! Yeah baby! And lastly it has one year of free WildCard SSL which is extremely important for all online businesses. What it means is that it keeps your website more secure.

siteground hosting packages how to start a blog

Input all of your information. You can decide if you want Domain Privacy and HackAlerting (I recommend it!). And for under $150 you have your own online business ready to grow! What other business is THAT cheap to start up?

Keep in mind that popular direct sales business can easily cost thousands of dollars to just sign up. With a blog you can create your own business for a super affordable price.

I’m very excited about this because I remember as a little girl working hard with my mom or aunt painting ceramic figurines and selling them at the local monthly craft fair. It took hours of work, inventory and money to make a few dollars once a month. We live in an amazing time today that you can make sales while you sleep. It’s a great time to live in!

Time Saving Hack

Next, I’m going to cheat a little bit and make this super easy for you. Instead of giving you step by step instructions on how to do this yourself, why not get your money’s worth and have the great support team at SiteGround do the work for you? Go here and click on LIVE CHAT. Ask the customer support rep to setup your site for you and send you your WordPress login details. Voila! This should not take longer than 15 minutes total. Use your login details and go to and login.


Install WordPress

As I explained earlier, your hosting service is your landlord and is your apartment building. So let’s set up this apartment building as your new site 🙂

You could either have the team at SiteGround do it for you (explained in the steps above) or you can do it yourself below.

Navigate to the My Accounts tab and click on the red button called “Go to cPanel”.

how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3


Click on the blue “WordPress Installer” icon under the section of WordPress Tools.


how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3


Click on the blue Install button.


how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3


Fill in the values below on the next screen. If you ever get stuck, you are more than welcome to reach out to me for help!

Choose Protocol: choose your protocol, most likely it is: http://

Choose Domain: choose your domain name from the dropdown menu.

In Directory: you can leave this blank.

Site Name: choose a site name, you can change this later.

Site Description: choose a site description, you can change this later.

Admin Username: choose an admin username. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog. Remember this!

Admin Password: choose an admin password. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog. Remember this!

Admin Email: provide your email.

Select Language: most likely English 😉

Choose a Theme to Install: you can install a theme from here or you can install a theme from the backend of your wordpress site when you log into it on the next step. You can start off with a free theme and upgrade later if you want to a paid theme. I use and love Divi from Elegant Themes. It has super simple drag and drop features that allow me to save so much time!

Click Install


start a blog with siteground



Now use the username and password you chose in the previous step and login to your site below.

Just navigate to

wordpress login screen


Need help to Install a Theme, Write Your First Post or Install Plugins?

Here is a step by step video to help you!










Need help deciding on a niche? Check out the niche and post ideas below to get started. 

Be true to you. I am not a funny girl and I have the hardest time incorporating humor into my posts. But I love helping others and creating how-to tutorials – that is my strength. Do what works for you. Don’t force yourself to blog about cooking if you hate being in the kitchen. Blog about what you love and what you are passionate about. Let your personality shine through, there is no one like you online, so be unique and embrace it.

  1. The pros and cons of breastfeeding
  2. Best breastfeeding clothes and equipment
  3. Pumping while at home / while at work
  4. Breastfeeding twins
  1. How to organize with kids
  2. Organizing your kitchen
  3. Simplifying your closet or kids rooms
  4. How to live with less as a family
  5. I love Abby’s and Christine’s blogs!
  6. And Jenn from Clean and Scentsible always gives me inspiration!
  1. How to homeschool different ages
  2. Homeschooling vs public vs private school
  3. Helpful lessons for the mommy homeschooler
  4. Say hello to Erica or Carisa
  1. How to potty train your toddler – ask Becky how she did it!
  2. How to reduce tantrums
  3. How to help your toddler eat veggies
  1. Teach others to paint or draw
  2. Share quick tutorial videos
  3. Teach calligraphy online
  1. My faith journey
  2. The prayers that carry me as a mom
  3. The verses that changed my life
  4. Or start a online prayer club
  1. The true life of a soccer mom
  2. 101 ways to talk to a baby
  3. If my toddler chose my wardrobe
  1. How to live on a budget
  2. How to cut your grocery bill in half
  3. How to pay of your debt – true story from Michelle!
  4. Crystal from Money Saving Mom always features great deals and money saving tips!

Blogging ebook Just for Busy Moms

If you need more help – please check out Blog by Number – the step by step guide to starting a blog for busy moms. I hope this quick tutorial has been useful to you. Please let me know in the comments below if you need any help!  Congrats!


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