Start Your Own Blog Today

Whether you want to blog as a business or a creative side hustle, I've put together the perfect plan to help you launch today!

Why Blogging?

Starting a blog so many years ago was a terrifying, but exhilarating experience. And now that I've paid off all my debt, retired my husband, and live a life of abundance... I can truly say that blogging can be life changing!


Being a mom is hard! Blogging is a perfect business to start because you can grow your business in the little pockets of time you have as a busy mom.


All blogs start with zero traffic, but every post and page you build becomes an asset that can grow and compound every single day.


You can fund your entire first year of blogging business for the price of a single meal out with the family. It's the perfect side hustle on a budget!

How to Start A Blog

I've pieced together the best blog posts that you can follow to develop your first blog.

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Blog Plan Schedule Template – Monthly Goals to a Full Time Income
31 Essential Steps to Starting a Blog
First Steps to Starting a Blog – The 9 Step Plan

Different Types of Blogs

Looking for inspiration? Here are lists of successful blogs, mostly by moms, to inspire you and infuse you with confidence!

What do you name your blog?

This is the hardest thing to do! And it can easily prevent you from starting a blog for weeks. I know I always struggle coming up with a good blog name. The posts below will help you choose a great blog name and start blogging!

9 Creative Ideas to Come Up with a Blog Name
Ultimate List of 100+ Mom Bloggers Names and Ideas
How I Almost Got Sued By Facebook For 100K

Blog post ideas and topics

So you finally have your blog up and started. Now what do you actually write about? Here are great tips to help you get started writing amazing content.


8,209 Popular Blog Post Ideas for INSANE Traffic! [FREE PDF]

Over the past few years of helping moms start, grow and build their blogs, I’ve heard this question over and over. I myself still struggle with it from time to time. It’s not just an

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5 Tips to Write Better Blog Posts Using Great Sentences
5 Ways to Write Awesome Quality Content Fast
The Best Fortune 500 Tool to Help You Generate Blog Post Ideas

Tech, Tools, & Legal Tips for Starting A Blog

I know there's a bit of tech involved in building your blog, but I've put together the best resources below to help you succeed!

move from to

How to Transfer your Blog from to

3 Easy Steps to Transfer Your Blog from to Mommas, I’m so happy you want to transfer your blog to and start on the path to making money. It will first be

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5 Blogging Mistakes and Legal Risks to Avoid
6 Best Free Blog Sites – Blogging Platforms with Zero Money Down
The Equipment I Use to Blog Efficiently
What is the Best Hosting Service for Your Blog? – Comparison of 10 Hosting Providers

Want the Fastest Way to Implement?

I've put my heart and soul into a comprehensive, step-by-step video training called "Blog By Number." Taken by over 12,000 students, This is the blogging shortcut you've been waiting for.