Welcome to the world of blogging! I’m so excited you want to start and grow your blog. Over the past few years I’ve written lots of articles on how to start a blog. I’ve organized them all below for you to make your process of starting a blog a breeze!

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How to Start a Blog

You could either do it yourself and follow my posts below on how to start a blog, or you’re welcome to enroll in my step by step course, Blog by Number, to start your blog. Either way, I know you can do this!

Free Tutorial – How to Start a Blog

Courses – Start and Grow a Blog

Blueprints and Plans to Help You Start a Blog

I come from an engineering background with plans and blueprints and systems. If you need a high level plan to help you navigate starting a blog, the posts below will be a huge help!

Free Guides

Blog Posts

What Should You Blog About

You know you want to start a blog, but you have no idea what to blog about. Don’t worry! There is help. Read the articles below and take the Blog Type Quiz to find out what you should blog about.

What Do You Name Your Blog

This is the hardest thing to do! And it can easily prevent you from starting a blog for weeks. I know I always struggle coming up with a good blog name. The posts below will help you choose a great blog name and start blogging!

Blog Post Ideas and Topics

So you finally have your blog up and started. Now what do you actually write about? Here are great tips to help you get started writing amazing content.

Tech Tips for Starting a Blog

If you’re transferring from wordpress.com to a self hosted site on wordpress.org, or from another host, the post below will help you!

Inspiration and Motivation when Starting Your Blog

I know there are a many obstacles that will come up as you’re starting your blog. Your kids keep you busy. The house is a mess. The laundry is never done. I get it. It’s hard to start a business while you’re trying to be the best mom you can!

It’s possible to do this. But you’re going to have to hustle. It sounds difficult, but I get up at 4:00 AM on most mornings to work on my blog. It gives me quiet time to finish most of my work before the kids even wake up.

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