10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

Momma Blogger,

My goal is to help you be able to blog while raising a family. It’s not always easy balancing it all and trying to work from home, even if it’s just for an hour a day. Many days you can’t even find 15 minutes for yourself, let alone for blogging.

But don’t loose hope! It is possible to find time, even if you just post once a week. You will grow your blog, slowly but surely. You can do this!

Here are tips from my favorite blogging friends on how they simplify their life to find time to raise a family and blog.


1. Simplify the Rest of Your Day by Getting Your Stuff Done First.

My favorite piece of advice is to get up early. It’s cliche and common, but it really works. Get up an hour earlier than the kids, shower, get dressed and spend time on your blog. That one hour of solid quiet will be more productive than 5 minutes here and there while the kids are awake. You can also read 8 more ways on how to maintain balance as a work from home mom. Or if your email inbox and social media notifications are overwhelming you, find out how to declutter and simplify your digital life.


2. Have a Plan when Promoting on Pinterest

Don’t just pin randomly and waste your time on Pinterest. Have a clear plan to get traffic back to your blog. This is how I use Tailwind and Pinterest to get traffic systematically. 


3. Simplify Your Closet

Instead of searching every morning for 15 minutes for what to wear, why not just have your favorites in your closet? All the clothes that you do not wear frequently, pack them in a box and move it into the garage or attic. If after a month you have not returned to that box to look for something, donate it. This makes the process of donating and giving away clothes a bit easier by having that intermediate step. I’m doing it right now!


4. Don’t Over Complicate Things

Digital calendars and apps work well for many, but for a lot of moms, having a physical editorial calendar and schedule makes life easier. My editorial calendar is part of my Blog Vision Board that is setup in my toddlers playroom. And my weekly schedule is on the wall in the our little kitchen nook – this is where I sit and blog. Every time I glance up from my laptop I can see my to do list on the wall – it’s simple and keeps me focused.


Blog Vision Board


5. Automate Your Social Media Scheduling

Using technology to automate processes is a great way to simplify your life and save time. To curate others’ content for sharing on social media I use google alerts to alert me of new content related to my niche keywords. I have the google alerts export to an RSS feed and then, using IFTTT, I have those stories saved automatically into my pocket account. (If I come across articles I want to share I save them to pocket as well.) Then, I have a good library of articles I can use for social media posts. About once a week I’ll go to my scheduling tool and schedule my posts for the week using the articles in my pocket account. Amy at GermanPearls.com


6. Focus for a Mere 15 Minutes

How many times do you walk by the pile of bills? Or thank you cards you need to write? You know it will only take 15 minutes but you keep putting it off. Why not follow Kaylene’s advice to just get it done. I need to take this advice too because right behind my laptop screen are three bills I need to pay and a list of cards I need to write.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on one task! We all think we’re great multi-taskers, but we can get so much more done if we just teach ourselves to focus. – Kaylene from thisoutnumberedmama.com


7. Schedule Your Important Tasks

Have a schedule and schedule what is most important to you. It’s too easy to let the day get away from you. Know when you’re going to the grocery store and when your playdates are. But, more importantly, know when you’re going to pray, when you’re going to spend alone time with your husband, and when you’re going to cuddle on the couch and read to your kids. – Lis from CatholicMommyBlogs.com


8. Do Traditional Things in a New (Better) Way

I used to feel really guilty that I wasn’t doing more reading (outside of kids’ books) for both personal development and pleasure. Ever since I started listening to books on tape (really on my phone with Audible) even if all I did one day was a load of laundry and cuddle on the couch with my sick baby, I still feel accomplished because I “read” a few chapters. It also helps me finish books much faster because I can listen in the car or even while I’m working on social media after my little one goes to bed. The guilt about it not being “real” reading doesn’t bug me, because I’ve accepted that in this stage of my life, my own reading wasn’t going to happen otherwise and now it is. I also love anything I can get in podcast form these days. – Andrea from thewriteathomemom.com


9. Save Hours Each Week by Meal Planning

Personally, I love monthly meal planning! I plan my dinners out for the entire month. I grocery shop twice a month. I stick with my list. I save myself time-no struggling with what to make each night & I save money since I’m not shopping weekly and I’m sticking to my list! That’s my mom tip. That one simple task can save me hours each week! -Phyllis at www.verifiedmom.com


10. This Tips is So Good, It Has to Be Stated Twice!

My tip is to wake up earlier than everyone else in your household. I started waking up at 5:30am about a year ago and it has made all the difference. It gives me time to get some work done, have a cup of coffee and prepare for my day. Then once the kids are awake, I have more patience and time to help them getting ready for the day! Chrystie Vachon at livingfornaptime.com


11. Write It Down

A little bonus tip is to write it down! When you have a journal you can plan out your day visually and take it with you wherever you go. This is how I use my bullet journal for time management.


Here is what I’ve done over the years to grow my blog into a full time income: Time Management Guide – How to Grow a Blog into a Full Time Business as a Mom

I hope these tips help you! Let me know if you have any fantastic simplification tips in the comments below. <3


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