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Simple On Time Offer Funnel – $2,400/month Passive Income

Getting traffic to your site is hard. And it’s even harder to get someone to sign up to your email list. So why not have all that effort bring in a profit for you?

I know your time is limited. You have a lot of things going on. So I want to share shortcuts and systems with you that will work not just one day 1, but on day 100 too!

What if you can do something today that will bring you in $10 every day?

And as your traffic grows, it can grow to $100 a day?

That’s $3,000 a month!

Most bloggers have a goal of covering the mortgage or paying off debt with their blog – and that amount of money will make a huge difference!

But before we start, what is a sales funnel?

What is a Sales Funnel

This quick video will cover the essentials of a sales funnel so you’ll know what type of product to offer for your audience.

Okay, let’s keep going, so what is this 3 step funnel?

It consists of three little pages on your blog. If you work on it today, it will take you about an hour to set up. You can always come back and tweak it – but I recommend getting it up sooner than later! I wish I did!

Below is a method I use to both build my email list and make passive income with my blog. This simple funnel brings in about $100/day. Of course this could be much higher if I had more traffic or a higher rate of conversion – but my numbers are pretty attainable and normal. So you can do this too!

The video explains the overview of the funnel and has step by step instructions how you can replicate this on your blog! Enjoy!

Get the 12 Month Blog Plan Freebie here. (Mentioned in the video)

Over $2,400 in passive income sales from one simple funnel!

simple one time offer funnel example income and profit

Here is a quick overview of the simple funnel. It consists of three steps, a sign up page, a one time offer page and a thank you page.

simple one time offer funnel

Step 1: Download & Install the Countdown Dynamite Plugin

It’s $9 and will be well worth the small investment! The webpage looks like something from the 90’s, but trust me, it works super well! Sometimes its the simple things that work the best. You can get the plugin here.

I’ve also used Thrive Ultimatum and Deadline Funnel for this feature.

Step 2: Create Your One Time Offer (OTO) Page

On the One Time Offer page you can entice your recent subscriber to purchase your product at a discount. For my audience both 40% and 50% discounts converted the same. So I went with the 40% off offer.

If you don’t have a product yet, you can reach out to the owner of a product you’re an affiliate for. For example, you can sign up to be an affiliate for the Blog by Number ebook (bottom of the page) and use that as your one time offer. But since it’s not your product, you can’t really offer a discount. But you can offer an incentive! If someone purchases the Blog by Number ebook through your affiliate link (provided on your OTO page) you will send them an exclusive freebie, or allow them access in your Facebook group, or give them a bonus of some sort.

If you want to learn how to create a beautiful and high converting small digital product, get the Printables by Number course. You’ll be able to create optins, tripwires and small products that you can easily sell on your blog or use in funnels.

Make sure to chose a product that your audience will like and that relates to the freebie they just signed up for. It may be a little out of left field if your reader signs up for ‘101 Parenting Hacks’ and gets a one time offer on a blogging ebook. To make sure your conversions are as high as possible, choose a product that works well with your niche.

Necessary items to include on your One Time Offer Page:

  1. An enticing offer.
  2. A quick personal video.
  3. The countdown timer.
  4. Buy button.
  5. Opt out button.
simple one time offer funnel example

Step 3: Connect Your Sign Up Page to Your OTO Page

I assume you already have a sign up box enabled on your blog. If you don’t then make sure to start building your email list as soon as possible!

If you already use Convertkit, fantastic! Go into your form settings and make your freebie offer redirect to your One Time Offer page.

Below you can see I redirect a recent subscriber to my one time offer page. Like the name implies, it’s a one time offer. So if you’ve seen it before, you’ll be redirected to another page.

one time offer funnel oto convertkit

Use the Incentive Email functionality from Convertkit to send the freebie to your reader’s inbox.

one time offer funnel oto convertkit

Step 4: Create Your Thank You Page / Decide On A Redirect Page

Lastly, when the reader allows the timer to run out redirect the page to a Thank You page. On my Thank You page I include a quick snippet of how they can access the freebie they signed up for, and I include a list of my products. You can include your most popular posts if you don’t have products yet.

simple one time offer funnel example income and profit

Why this One Time Offer Funnel Works

This super simple three step funnel (sign up, one time offer, thank you page) has made me over $2,000 passively in the last month. Instead of redirecting recent sign ups to the freebie immediately or to a thank you page, I give them a quick one time offer. This is a win-win for both of us! They get a sweet deal and I get passive income.

Super Simple Passive Income Sales Funnel for almost $3,000 per month!

If the offer fits well with the freebie and with your niche, it will convert higher. Test out different products and offers and see what works best for your audience! That’s the fun part about blogging – you’re experimenting and learning every day! I’m so proud of you momma!!

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