Start a blog. An honest and realtime review of Siteground and why you should start a blog. From a mommy with two kids.

An Honest and Realtime Review of SiteGround Hosting – How to Start a Blog

So I’m always telling people how fast the customer service from SiteGround is. But can I prove it?

Start your mom blog here.

Live Realtime Testing

In the video below I live test their customer service 3 times! Are they quick? Do they put me on hold? Why do I host my blog with SiteGround?

Watch the video below to find out! And bonus – this is a real, raw look into life as a mommy blogger. Nothing fancy, kids running around and wearing yoga pants. I would love for you to email me after you watch the video and tell me what you think – I should really go get my hair colored again right? Eeek! Here is my email: suzi @

Why Start a Blog?

That is why working from home while playing with my kids is so amazing. And I want you to start a blog so you can experience this too! I’m a millennial mommy – I love this stuff! Start your mom blog here.


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