I’m Too Busy to Grow My Blog

We all have seasons in life when we are a bit busier than normal. Seasons when our lives change and we have to find our new normal. A new baby, a new school routine, moving to a different state or any other life changing event – during these times it may feel like you just can’t continue to work on your blog. It’s easy to feel that life is just too busy and chaotic to continue to work on your dream.

But it’s not! You can squeeze a lot out of 5 minutes here and a few minutes there. I’d rather not confess this, but many of my social media posts happen when I have a few minutes alone in the loo.

As a busy mom now to three little ones, (all under 3ish – my oldest is 3 years and 4 months old) I have to find these little times during the day to continue to grow my blog. It’s not always easy, but being able to stay at home with my children makes all the hard work worth it!

Quick 5-Minute Tasks to Grow Your Blog Fast

Here are the quick blog tips and tricks I do when I have a few minutes. These little actions help to grow my blog traffic, keep my engagement high and add subscribers to my email list.

It’s very possible to grow a successful blog, even if you’re a busy mom. I’ve heard it once said, if you ever want to get something done, give it to a busy person. And that’s you! So start your mom blog and start making an income from home. (It’ll take time, but it’s worth it).


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