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I’m Suzi, mom of three little ones. I used to be an Industrial Engineer. I started blogging because I craved an outlet for my creative energy, needed adult interaction and wanted to help contribute to the family finances.

I grew my blog from $0 to over $20,000 per month in just over a year (while raising my little ones and keeping the house decently clean). Through the products below I’ll teach you how to follow my process and change your life too!

I've helped over 94,000+ students start and grow their blogs.

*Best Seller*

The Signature Blog by Number Course

Taken by over 11,500+ students, the Blog by Number course is the go-to course to take for starting your blog.


65+ Video Tutorials to Help You Step by Step:

  • Build your blog and write your first post
  • Launch your blog successfully
  • Learn how to get visitors
  • Discover how to make money from day 1

Here's a sneak peek of what you get:

  • Over 50 pre-made website templates to choose from!
  • 500 free stock images, 8,000+ blog post ideas, a whole wagon of bonuses to make your life easier!
  • A complete workbook and the Blog by Number ebook

You can do this

Blogging is an absolutely incredible gift to give the world! But there are a lot of things to do, which is why I've given you everything I can to make it easy to start:


The Blog by Number course shows you how to make money from your blog from day one through different methods.

Blog by Number


I provide you with a fully functional and compete blog you can install in 5 minutes.


You’ll get the fill in the blank blog post templates to increase your traffic, grow your list and make money.

over $10,000 per month

-Megan Johnson

After taking Suzi’s Blog By Number course, things started to change. I had my blog up and running in a week, and started publishing consistently.

I started making money consistently. I started getting income from affiliate marketing, and even launched my own course! Now I am making well over $10,000 per month with my blog, and Suzi helped me get my start! She is truly an inspiration and she definitaly knows the ins and outs of the blogging world!

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VIP Bundle: All the courses

If you want the absolute best deal you can get all of the products on the VIP page.

  • Become a VIP Member
  • Get lifetime access to 10+ courses + ebooks

$1,300 per month in less than a year

-Cheryl Bennett

Crochet Blogger

“I’ve made over $1,300 each of the past 3 months and I’ve had close to 11,000 people sign up for my email list since the end of August. I’ve been blogging since mid-March, so not quite a year.”

Discover Exactly What You Should Blog About

The Niche by Number course walks you through an intensive self search and outside market research to discover exactly what you should blog about.

  • Get the Niche by Number ebook
  • 9 step by step video lessons
  • The complete workbook and checklist

I want to grow my email list!

Learn how to use Mailerlite or Convertkit to grow your email list to thousands.

List By Number

Grow your email list by mastering the power of popular email marketing platforms.

  • 50+ video tutorials to help you master Convertkit and MailerLite
  • Email Funnel Templates for Welcome, Education and Sales Series
  • Basic and advanced techniques to help you grow your email list
  • Make more sales through tagging, segmentation and advanced funnels
  • 24 popular ideas to grow your email list

I want to create a digital product to grow my income or email list!

Create printables, an ebook or launch your first course and skyrocket your profit!

$12,946 in one day!!

-Liesel Teen

Pregnancy & Motherhood

“My launch went WAY better than I anticipated! I made almost $13,000 in just over 24 hours. Like I seriously cannot even believe that!!!“

Course by Number

Create and launch your first online course + set up an evergreen funnel to make sales every single day!

  • Find your ideal course topic easily
  • Create your course quickly with copy and paste templates
  • Launch your course successfully with sales page secrets
  • Set up an evergreen funnel to bring sales daily!

$2,382 in one month from online sales

-Hahna Kane

Code Developer

“I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for all that you do and share.

With 2,000 subscribers, I generated $2,382 last month between my courses and affiliate income, my highest monthly revenue so far!

Discovering your blog was one of the best early birthday gifts I could have ever received!”

*Super Popular*

Printables by Number

Create beautiful optins and printables to explode your email list and grow your income! 

  • Learn how to use three different programs to create beautiful optins or printables
  • Grow your email list with optins
  • Make money by selling your printables or offering printable creation services

$4,000+ per month from printables


Kids Activity Blogger

I have had an amazing first few months of selling printables online!

My sales increase each month and I finally work from home full-time selling printables!

I’ve been a student of Suzi’s courses for over 2 years now and all are golden nuggets especially Printables by Number if you want to get started creating printables for your business!

More crazy helpful courses to grow your blog and online business!

Low cost and high impact products to help you grow!

Little Product Launchkit

Everything you need to research, create, and sell your very first successful digital product in record time!

  • Step by Step Launch Plan
  • Done for You Templates
  • Launch Emails and Welcome Sequence
  • 5 Step Proven Blog Post Formula

Printable Power Pack

Get the best pack of high converting printables that you can use right now to sell or grow your list!

  • 70+ Pages of Customizable Printables
  • Resell rights so you can make money today
  • Instant Access to All Templates

100+ Heroes

The 100 Heroes is a compilation of 100 different mockups you can use to feature your products and boost conversions through the roof!

  • 100+ Product Mockup Templates
  • Training & Strategy & Customization videos
  • Use them for social media, landing pages etc.

The Blog Plan

Discover the different types of blog and if blogging is right for you!

  • Get the 12 Month Blog Plan from $0 to $9,000 per month
  • Get 8,209 Popular Blog Post Ideas
  • Understand what type of blog you should start and how to monetize it

Blog Growth Cookbook

Get the 208 Recipes for Success

  • 52 traffic strategies, 52 blog post ideas, 52 money making methods and 52 ways to grow your email list.
  • These are all methods I have used myself to grow my blog into a full time business. 
  • If you’ve already started your blog and need a tactical growth plan, this is it.

The Premium Ebook Template

32 Fully Customizable Pages with Guided Tips and Advice on every page

  • Copyright page with example text
  • Review and Testimonial page
  • Call to Action page with Product Mockup template
  • Table of Contents page
  • 5 Different Chapter Marker templates
  • 12 Unique Content page templates
  • 5 Descriptive graphic templates

Design and create your ebook in a day!

Year of Newsletter Ideas

Use this list of 50 newsletter ideas to build engagement and increase your traffic and sales.

  • 10 Money Making Newsletter Ideas
  • 10 Relationship Building Email Topics
  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Traffic with Your List
  • 10 Methods to Build Trust and Credibility
  • 10 Ideas that have grown my blog tremendously

$10K in 10 minutes

Are you about to launch a new product? Do you need a sequence and plan?

  • Find out how I made $10,000 in the first ten minutes when the cart opened!

Mastermind Calls

12 Mastermind Classes covering topics from:

  • Easy Keyword Research
  • Write Blog Posts Super Fast
  • Create Viral Pin Images
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Boost Your Affiliate Income
  • Master Guest Posting
  • The Magic of a Mastermind
  • How to Find a Profitable Product Idea
  • How to Create Your Online Product
  • Beta Testing Your Idea
  • Keys to a High Converting Sales Page
  • How to Launch and Make Thousands