Mommy Logos Ideas that you can DIY

 Updated: August 17, 2021
mommy logos ideas

Looking for some mommy logos to inspire you? If you’re thinking about starting your mom blog or you’ve already launched it, fantastic. This post is going to be so helpful!

Not only will you see great examples of mommy logos, but you’ll also discover how to design your own mom blog logo for FREE (or really any other type of logo)!

I’m all about keeping things super-duper simple – and as affordable as possible. I’d rather spend all my money on Legos and fun vacations with my kids than expensive items for myself.

So let’s get into it!

Great examples of Mommy Logos

Without further adieu, here are a few examples of mommy logos that I designed in a few minutes – you’re welcome to use them for inspiration!

It just goes to show that you do not need to spend weeks creating a logo, you can do it in a jiffy! I’ll show which programs I use below.

This mom blog logo can work super well for a kids activity blog!


This cute little mommy logo can work well for teaching kids the beautiful art of origami.


Here is a simple, yet elegant, mommy logo idea for either a blog on pregnancy, breastfeeding or just general early motherhood.


This one may honestly be my favorite. Like I said before, I like to keep things super duper simple. This is also the easiest logo to create for your new blog. Just take your blog name and bold some words to make them stand out. This also looks great on a t-shirt or mug πŸ˜‰

I’ll add references to hundreds more mommy logo examples and ideas at the bottom of this post!

what is a logo

What is a logo?

A logo is an easily recognizable symbol or mark used to represent and promote your business. 

Once your blog turns into a full time business, I would recommend trademarking your logo. But when you’re just starting out and your baby blog was just born, create a simple little design to use as a temporary logo.

What makes an excellent mommy logo?

There are a variety of factors that can affect the success of a blog’s logo. When designing a logo, consider two main points: what you want your logo to convey and how you want it to stand out from competitors.

Great logos convey what your blog does in such a way that viewers recognize this and know what it stands for. A logo has to be designed to make an impact on viewers. Several elements go into the design process- line work, fonts, shapes, and colors. All these elements work together to communicate an idea or concept.

An excellent mom logo, or any type of logo actually, should be:

Β· Simple and clean 

Β· On brand with your color palette

Β· Easy to read font choice

The best mommy logos are usually solid and bold fonts with a simple design. 

how to create a mommy logo

How to create a mommy logo?

There are a lot of places where mommy bloggers can create their own logo. 

  • You can hire a professional graphic designer or illustrator (most likely not free).
  • Find inspiration from the thousands of mom logos available online. But please do not copy another’s design. Let’s all play nice and legal here, okay?
  • You can use guided programs to help you. Here is a list of recommendations.
  • You can create your own using the programs I suggest below.

List of best programs to use when designing a logo for your mom blog.

Here are a few of my favorite programs to create great graphics! Of course, there are many paid options, but if you’re just starting your blog, you can go the simple and affordable route.

You can always upgrade and add more fancy bells and whistles to your blog once it makes a full-time income. I suggest that when you want to trademark your logo, to use a professional service to create it.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more detail.


This is my #1 favorite resource for creating mockups, blog headers, and yes – logos.

  • Canva has a large variety of font choices (and you can actually make your own fonts as well)
  • You can copy other designs that are already available on Canva
  • You can import your own designs into Canva

But, Canva does not allow you to create vector images. These types of images do not lose any quality if their size is changed. But if you’re making a simple logo for your new blog, Canva is a good choice. Also, if you use any of Canva’s elements, you won’t own your logo.

Get Canva Here!

Please refer to their terms and conditions for the most up-to-date rules, and reach out to their support team if you need clarification.

Use this Canva tutorial to help you.


Glorify is a great tool that allows you to create logos and social media images. I really like Glorify because it creates fantastic mockup images and can remove the background of an image with just a few clicks!

You can also use Glorify to create logos or pretty images for your mom blog.

Get Glorify Here.

Please refer to their terms and conditions for the most up-to-date rules, and reach out to their support team if you need clarification.


Good ol’ PowerPoint, how I love you so! I literally use the Microsoft Office Suite every single day. I may be analyzing keywords with Excel, writing an ebook in Word, or create printables and images in PowerPoint. Ah, glorious programs!

You can easily create a pretty little logo in PowerPoint and save it with a transparent background. This video shows you how to create stickers, but logos are almost identical in the steps.

Please refer to their terms and conditions for the most up-to-date rules, and reach out to their support team if you need clarification.


Lastly, I love PicMonkey too. I’ve always used it to edit and brighten up my photos. You can use PicMonkey to create your logo for your mom blog.

Get PicMonkey Here.

But please refer to their terms and conditions for the most up-to-date rules, and reach out to their support team if you need clarification.

do you need a logo for your mom blog

Why do you need a mommy logo?

The logo is the face of your blog, and it’s what people will see before they visit. It helps set the tone for your brand and can really impact how viewers associate with you.

While it’s not the most important thing – creating and sharing fantastic content is the most important – it does make your blog feel more legit when you have a logo.

It makes you feel like your little blog is a blossoming business. The first time you see your logo and blog online, you’ll feel a sense of pride. And that pride can fuel your drive and motivation.

For those reasons, you should create a logo for your mom blog.

But if designing a logo keeps you from creating great content, then drop it. It’s much more important to focus on sharing your knowledge than on how pretty your blog looks.

Remember, blogging is similar to real life; people care much more about how you make them feel than about how you look.

So if you’re struggling to create a mommy logo, just go with your blog name for now. Your blog name can serve as your logo for a long time.

How important is it to have a mommy logo?

It’s not as essential to have a logo as it is to share great content. But for many bloggers, having a logo is the last step in making their blog feel complete. When you see your name next to a stylized font with matching colors and background – it just feels fancy.

best logo colors

What Color Should You Use on your Mom Blog Logo?

Color can influence how you feel. Designers use colors to make you feel a certain way. They want the customer to think about what they want your logo to say or what kind of reaction they want from them.

Red – logo color

Red is a powerful color. It can be exciting, passionate, fiery, and sometimes even dangerous. Red is often used because it makes people feel like they need to act quickly. For example, Netflix uses red to call for action on their ads because it makes people feel urgent about their service.

Orange – logo color

Orange is a color that has a lot of good qualities. It means creativity and youthfulness. It also makes people happy. Sometimes orange can make you hungry, so it could be great for food bloggers!

Yellow – logo color

Yellow is a warm color like the sun. It makes people feel happy, optimistic and positive. Yellow can make your surroundings look better, too. But too much yellow can be impatient and distracting.

Green – logo color

Green symbolizes nature, life, and peace. It is a good color for backgrounds because it is present in nature. But green also represents money, wealth, and fortune.

Green isn’t a color that is used in many logos, but it does exist. For example, the international symbol for recycling is green because it shows nature and the environment. If your blog focuses on something natural like organic food or healthy living projects, it’s also good to use.

Blue – logo color

Blue means power, knowledge, truth, loyalty, and growth. It is one of the most robust corporate colors because it is so respectable. Blue can be cool or warm; it depends on how much blue is used in the design, but warmer colors, like orange, red, and yellow, make them look exciting and cheerful.

Smokey Gray – logo color

Smokey gray means sophistication, elegance, and comfort. It also means mystery and sophistication, so it can be used for a lot of different niches. Smokey gray is an excellent neutral color that you can use alongside bold or primary colors to create different effects.

White – logo color

The best thing about white is that it works with any other color. It has such a neutral tone that it can be mixed with anything and everything for different effects. White means clean, simplicity, power, peace, and purity. These are things you want to portray on your blog if you use white in your mommy logo.

Choosing a color to use in your logo means choosing a feeling. By using different colors, you can express other emotions and concepts that relate to your mommy blog.

mommy blog logo ideas

More Examples of Mom Blog Logos

I hope you won’t get stuck on designing the perfect logo and never creating content. But if you must, here are more examples to inspire you!

99Designs Mom Logos

Mom Logo Ideas on Etsy

Mommy Logo Ideas on ShutterStock

BrandCrowd Mom Logo Ideas

You can use TailorBrands to create logos

In Conclusion

It’s easy to admit that having a logo is fun. It feels like an essential step in making your blog feel complete, and it can be the last little detail that makes you want to keep blogging.

Your logo helps set the tone for your brand and can really impact how viewers associate with you. It’s not as important to have a logo as it is to share great content. Still, many bloggers find that having a stylized font of their name next to matching colors and background makes their blog feel complete. What do you think? Do you feel the same?

Thanks for stopping by; I hope this post helped give you some inspiration and ideas on creating your own mommy logo for your blog! 

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