Awesome Resources To Start Blogging as a Mom!

Here are the resources I use almost every single day to make my blog a success.

These programs and books keep me motivated and pumped up! I only add resources to this page if it’s something I’ve personally used and know will be beneficial to you.

Please be aware many of these links are affiliate links – meaning they do not cost you anything extra, but I do receive commission if you use them. Thank you for helping out a fellow momma blogger! 

The hosting service I use for my blog. Amazing up time and ridiculously fast customer service support. They also help me with technical issues not related to hosting 😉

Finally after 3 months of struggling to make a free wordpress theme work, I invested in the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. It is saving me SO much time because I can create pages by dragging and dropping items. Making my site look professional has not been easier. I wish I got this earlier!

I use Tailwind to manage my Pinterest account. It’s easy to use and has awesome analytics. I set it and forget it and the traffic floods in!

eBooks I Highly Recommend

Many of the eBooks I read are written by other moms who blog. I can relate to them and they known the struggles I go through. They will help you too to make your blog a success!

This is the very first ebook I bought when I started blogging! Chelsea’s advice is genuine, straight forward and easy to follow. It is such an inspiration to read and always picks me up when I feel unmotivated. Just a warning, do NOT check out her blog when you are hungry, you will want to eat everything!

Abby has turned her hobby blog into a six-figure online business in just two years! That is amazing. And in her book, Building a Framework, she goes into detail on how she did it! Her husband eventually quit his job and joined her. This book is filled with amazing advice and practical guides for any blogger. I highly recommend it!

Lena’s ebook on building your blog’s traffic is fantastic. I read it in a weekend and it gave me practical advice to apply to my blog. I love her chapters on focusing on the right things. She helped me from wasting my time on efforts that were bringing in little results. And bonus, she’s a great friend too!

Nikki’s ‘My Way Pinterest’ course is great for beginners! She covers the basics of setting up your Pinterest profile to maximize traffic to your blog and more advanced topics on group boards and SEO. Also, I love the checklist at the end of the ebook; it helps me refer back to all the material without having to reread it. If you’re new to blogging and using Pinterest as a source of traffic, this is a great resource!

Blogging Resource Websites

From guest posting to figuring out the color palette of your blog, these sites will be your go to guides!

Mary put together a fantastic resource of websites that accepts guest posts! And she sorted it by category. It has helped me immensely to get my name out there!

Color-Hex is great as a new blogger when you are choosing the color palette for your site. They provide popular color palettes with the HEX and RGB codes.

For quick edits to images and fun filters, PicMonkey is my go to online resource. Use their beautiful fonts or import your own. They are also very inexpensive at only $30ish per year!

Before starting a new post I will use KWFinder to look up keywords that I want to incorporate to rank well for SEO. It’s a great site to find long tail keywords with low SEO competition.

I use SimilarWeb almost every day. When I discover a new website I quickly look it up on SimilarWeb to see it’s monthly traffic, resources and similar sites. It’s a great tool for bloggers!

Mommy Products That Make My Life Easier

Being a mom is challenging enough. But thankfully these products make it a bit easier to be super mom everyday.

If you’re a mom with little ones you need a solid baby carrier. I use my Ergo baby carrier and my Tula toddler carrier all the time. The picture is of me with my first born in my well loved Tula carrier. It also helps for soothing a fussy baby while I stand up and type a post. It makes me feel like super mom!

Ever heard of Rooibos Tea? It has no caffeine and contains more antioxidants than green tea. It’s also naturally sweet and mild. This is the tea I grew up with as a child. I give it to my toddler as a healthy alternative to juices and milk. She loves it!

I really should get a picture of me with both in carriers on me! Now that we have two little ones, my hubby puts our toddler on his back with the Tula and I wear baby in the Ergo – and that is how we go to the mall. We’re quite a sight!

My fellow blogging momma friend Nikki makes these beautiful teething necklaces! I love that something so cute can be so practical!

I can’t recommend baby carriers enough. This is me in Starbucks with my little one in her Ergo. I’m also able to breastfeed her discreetly when I wear her on the front. Mommy hacks!

Products from other Mom Bloggers

Get ideas here on how you can make money from your blog too!

Polly and Rachel run a super successful blog at and wrote this gorgeous cookbook to save you tons of time as a mom!

Gorgeous blogging planner and toolkit to plan your successful blog.

Check out the super cute crafts from Lindsi from Skrappy Kat!

This little gem on spiritual direction by my great friend Lis is a beautiful read and highly recommended!

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