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how to make money as a beginning blogger

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Why Blogging? Flexibility & Growth

Before I started this blog I was debating what to do to bring in an income as a stay at home mom. I seriously debated starting a direct sales business and selling Usborne books or Norwex cleaning supplies. The Usborne books are fantastic and I still use my Norwex cloths daily. So I was passionate about the companies but never truly committed because I wanted something a bit more flexible.

I wanted to work when the girls were sleeping. And confession, I’m not the best hostess, so I didn’t want to host parties every week and ask people to buy books or cleaning supplies.Β I did host one Usborne book party and the only person who purchased anything was my mom. Aww, she’s so sweet, I love her! Thank God for moms!

Make $100,000 Per Month

So I was looking for something with flexible hours and location. Something I can grow and not be tied to another company’s rules. Something where I don’t have to ask my friends to buy from me. And I found blogging! I saw one of Pat Flynn’s income reports and I was sold. If a father of two can make over $100,000 every month, then darn it, I can too. And so can you future momma blogger!

And as it turns out, I turned into the Pat Flynn for my neighbor. She questioned me about my blogging business and I sent her my course and ebookΒ to get her started. She gobbled them up and within her first week made $22 from her blog! That’s amazing!

how to make money as a beginning blogger

How Did She Do It?

Within a week she had a professional blog and was making money from it! She’s a fantastic student and I’m super proud of her! Here is a bit of her story below.

At the bottom of the post I’ll show in detail what she did to make her first few dollars with her blog!

Megan’s Story – Make $22 In Your First Week of Blogging

I am a stay-at-home/work-from-home Mom. I am very grateful that due to my husband’s job I am able to have this option. Being home with my kids is great, but I also love working. And these days with childcare being SO expensive I have found it hard to go back to work full time.

To have a full-time nanny with two kids would run me about 30K a year {give or take} So I would have to be making twice that to make it worth it to go back to work full time. Because I don’t really want to work just to pay someone else to raise my kids.

I’m a contractor. So I don’t always have a steady flow of work. Which is fine, but I like to keep busy. You know, doing adult things. Things that don’t involve watching Frozen 5 times a day or arguing with my son over why he can’t sit on the iPad for 3 hours straight.

That being said a good friend/neighbor of mine helped me to start my blog. {Thank you Suzi} I love reading other blogs out there about parenthood, easy healthy recipes and home decor. I love home decor. My dream job would be to stage homes or be an interior decorator, because my favorite thing to do is decorate my home!

The icing on the cake is being able to make some extra cash writing about topics that I love. I made my first $22 through affiliate links. An affiliate link contains the ID or user name of the affiliate (you). This URL is used by the advertiser to track all traffic you send to the advertiser’s site. So basically I get a link for a product through Amazon and if someone buys that product through the link I provided I get a percentage of it. And all I had to do was talk about a product I love.

Probably the easiest $22 I have ever made!

At the end of a hectic day being able to sit down with a warm cup of tea (or wine depending on what kind of day we had) and blog about topics I am passionate about, is so nice. Making some extra money on the side doesn’t hurt either!

Thank you for all your help Suzi! And if you want to start blogging I highly recommend her eBook!

Megan blogs over at

how to make money as a beginning blogger

The Details: How She Did It

So I introduced Megan to affiliate marketing as a first time blogger. It’s something you can do right from day one without much experience or even a huge audience. There are bloggers with small blogs who make over $1,000 every month with affiliate sales alone!

Here are the exact steps Megan took:

  1. Use the Blog by Number ebook & course to set up a professional blogΒ in a few days!
  2. Post a few times to build up a healthy looking blog
  3. Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program
  4. Linked this post to the Yankee Candles in Amazon
  5. Share her post on a large Pinterest Group

That’s it! Those 5 steps were all she did to make $22 in her first week of blogging. And you can do it too! So if you want to start a blog, today is the day! Let Megan’s story inspire you!

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