I’m so excited you want to start your blog and make money with it! Here is a list of 83 different blog ideas that make money! If I had more time I would implement them – but my time is limited – so these ideas are yours!



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How to make money with a blog - here are 83 amazing ways!

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How to Make Money with an Online Blog – The Details

It boils down to this, the basics of making money with a blog in 33 words:

You can either sell someone else’s products or you can sell your own. Having a blog is having an audience. When you connect your audience to the right product you can make money.


Easy to apply with no requirements

  • Google Adsense – no minimum page view requirement, a good place to start!
  • Sovrn – no minimum page view requirement

Companies that manage your ads for you (100K page view minimum)

  • The Blogher Network – manage your ads for you, increases income, but they have a 100K page view minimum
  • AdThrive – manage your ads for you, increases income, but they have a 100K page view minimum


One of the first companies most bloggers sign up to be an affiliate with is Amazon. It’s quick, easy and free to become part of their affiliate program. I love it because Amazon has a million products and I can recommend those that I truly love. The negative part is the cookie only last 24 hours.

Other companies that offer affiliates are:

  • ShareASale.com – Companies like Shutterfly and Tailwind (best tool to schedule your Pinterest pins!)
  • FlexOffers.com – Companies like Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Priceline
  • Amazon.com – Millions of products

Sponsored Posts / Blog Networks

This is a blog post that you write for your sponsor and publish on your own blog. Your sponsor pays you to share it with your readers on your blog. Basically, you’re part of their marketing department.

Popular Blog Networks that provide sponsored posts

  • Blogher
  • The Blogger Network
  • IZEA

Just a bit of advice, don’t write back to back sponsored posts unless you understand your readers well and know they will love it too. Always keep your readers needs first and provide them with valuable content. And sometimes it may be in a form of a sponsored post. Bonus!

Products or Services

This is definitely one of my favorite methods of making money with a blog. Providing your readers with something you created that provides real value to them, like Abby from the featured bloggers above! The benefits of providing a product or service include:

You have complete control of the price

You get 100% of the profits

You have the option of setting your product up to be an affiliate

You are not dependent on another company for your revenue

Products you could offer:

  • Sell an ebook
  • I have my ebook and course for sale here to help busy moms start profitable blogs. 🙂
  • Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog above wrote Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook
  • Printables
  • Make and sell handmade crafts
  • Photos – great additional use for the DSLR you got when baby was born!
  • Offer an online course, training or coaching services
  • Audio you created
  • Video’s you made
  • Premium member services – open up a part of your blog only to those that subscribe. This is a great option after you have a strong following and exclusive content to share.
  • Example: Bjork from Pinch of Yum above started Food Blogger Pro a member only site.

The key to selling anything is providing real value to your readers.CLICK TO TWEET