how to write content fast for your blog

5 Ways to Write Awesome Quality Content Fast

How to Create Amazing Content Fast

Tara Bosler | freelance writer

Anyone in the blogging world knows that “content is king.” But we also know that it takes a ton of time and energy to create that content. The greater your online presence is, the more you post and the more original, honest and complex your content is, the more your business will thrive and succeed. And yet, sitting down and just getting it done can be such a struggle.

Don’t you worry! I have some quick actionable changes you can make today to make this a little bit easier for ya.

how to write content fast for your blog

Acknowledge all Types of Content

First, you need to remember that content can be found in a wide range of formats. All of them require at least some writing, but you can change it up to break the monotony of content creation. And in fact, there are many sources that argue that a diversity of content is the best option.

How to write amazing quality content fast for your blog!

Think about who your target audience is (yup – your niche!) and how they prefer to consume information. Are they video folks? Do they love checklists? Is it hard for them to actually watch videos because they are often at work? (Or with toddlers that refuse to allow you to have agency over your own phone? No? Just me?) Here are some great options for varied types of content:

how to write content fast for your blog

Batching Your Content

This. Is. My. Favorite.

I am a writer, so batching means I get to tell everyone in my life that I need to sit and write without anyone bothering me for hours on end. Absolute bliss.

But even if you’re not a writer (actually especially if you’re not a writer) you will love batching because it means less time and more results.

Back up. What’s batching? Does it have anything to do with cookies? I mean, you could definitely include cookies in your batching sessions! But “batching” is when you take a large chunk of time (typically between 2-8 hours) and just bang out a ton of content. That can be blog posts, newsletters, emails, whatevs! Then at the end of the batching session you have a bunch of content to schedule on your blog, email list and social media channels. If you schedule a batching session two or three times a month, you can consolidate your writing time considerably.

how to write content fast for your blog

Set the Timer & do Small Chunks

Let me tell you mamas: setting the timer is my jam. I chunk out my day and tasks in 15-minute increments and it works wonders. I can get so bogged down with trying (and failing) to multitask. I’m cooking dinner, opening Play-Doh cans, feeding the dog and checking my email at the same time. I’m Wonder Woman! Nope. I end up burning dinner, half answering an email or snapping at my kid because I’m stressed.

We can’t completely get away from multitasking because we need to be able to do it sometimes. But when it comes to writing, focusing will make your writing better and will make the process less painful. Set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and then just write. Just write. For real. No Facebook, no email, no tv, nothing. You will be amazed at what you get finished. And when you read it later it will also sound amazing because you focused! (Also known as the pomodoro technique)

how to write content fast for your blog

App-y Writing!

What are you using to write? Microsoft Word? Pages maybe? Are you writing entire blog posts in the “notes” section of your iphone? (Be honest!)

Yeah, you’re gonna need an app. Tools like Ulysses, Scrivener, iA Writer Pro, Byword and Write are all writing tools and apps that can be transformative for your writing process and production.

These apps help you focus on your writing and have some cool features like goal bubbles for word count and blur features so that you only concentrate on the sentence you are currently writing instead of self-editing as you go! Pretty cool! Depending on which app you choose they are priced starting at $9.99, so there are options for most budgets.

how to write content fast for your blog

Outsource it

So none of these tricks and tips make you want to create content any more than when you started reading it? I get it. There are some parts of your business that you just don’t want to do. (Please please don’t make me design my own ebook cover. I. Will. Cry.)

It can be scary and uncomfortable to outsource anything in your business especially when you started running it all yourself. Lots of entrepreneurs and bloggers are especially concerned about outsourcing content creation in fear that the writer will not understand your brand or your voice.

There are a couple ways to deal with that. In any case of outsourcing you do, make sure you hire people that you relate to and like working with. The more you relate, the closer to “you” they will sound. Another way to manage this is to opt for authored or guest posts. The writer you choose to use will never be Exactly You, but if you choose well, they can actually enhance your message and your business. And if getting content creation off your plate is your goal, start interviewing and reviewing portfolios to find your perfect match!

Bottom line here is content creation isn’t going anywhere. Ya gotta have it. I hope these tips help to make it ever-so-slightly less awful.

Suzi here from Start a Mom Blog, just wanted to say I met Tara when she responded to one of my emails. And I’m so glad I did! She is amazingly smart and has a talent for writing! I am honored to have her post on my blog. If you are looking for a writer now or in the future, make sure to connect with her! And as always, I’m here to help you run a successful blog while being a fantastic mom, and if outsourcing a bit of your work helps, then go for it!

Tara Bosler is a professional freelance writer focused on content creation for the busy mompreneur. She specializes in web copy, blogging and course content development and creation. She also believes strongly that mamas gotta stick together and buy each other coffee. You can check out her blog, writer services and connect with All the Social Media at

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  • Batching tasks is the way to go for sure. Your mind gets focused on that one type of task and you don’t need to interrupt your flow. Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m about to start my own blog…as in all I have right now is the domain name..but have been working all week on post ideas and social media platforms. But this post really helped me a lot! It can all be so overwhelming…but I like the idea of setting a time for 15-20 min. that can be doable:) Thanks for sharing some great info!

  • I really wish I enjoyed batching! I tend to burn out easily when I write in chunks. (Hence, the loooong hiatus on my current blog that’s totally out of date… heh!) Batching sounds so wonderful when anyone shares that tip, though!

    Thank you for this article. I haven’t heard of those apps. I’ll have to check them out! Personally I write random ideas in my physical planner and in Google Keep on my phone. 🙂

    Do you think the length of the content is really relevant anymore? I remember when people said blog entries had to be ___ words, but it seems like no one “has time” anymore to read lengthy articles, unless it’s a specialty instruction set for a specific project. What do you think?

    • Rochelle,

      Thanks for the comment! This is a debated topic. But from my own experience I’ve seen the length of content changes depending on your objective. If you are want quick traffic to your blog to generate page views, then shorter articles with fantastic pictures work well. These types of posts also do well on Pinterest.

      But on the other hand, if your goal is to increase your SEO and build a more engaged audience, then in depth, longer articles are necessary. Truly helpful posts that help the reader go through a transformation. These ‘pillar’ posts take longer to create but they help to establish your credibility as a blogger.

      On my blog my readers enjoy my longer posts more, but every now and then I allow myself to publish a ‘quickie’. 🙂 If it does well I come back and add more meat to it.

      I hope that helps!