December 9th 2018….

1,056 days ago I launched this little blog with a huge goal. It was a goal I knew would take a lot of work to accomplish; early mornings, late nights, and weekends.

This unwavering goal kept me motivated to work hard on my blog even when I became pregnant for a third time and my energy was drained. With this one singular focused goal, I remained committed to serving my readers with the best possible content I could create.

It’s been 1,056 days since I’ve launched this blog. And tomorrow will be the day that I hit my ultimate blogging goal.

My husband will retire from his corporate job and come home.

Why Did I Want to Retire My Husband So Early

If you’re interested, here is a bit of our backstory before I get into the tips of how I retired my husband so early….

John and I met while both studying to become Industrial Engineers. We spent our days studying in the library and coding computer programs until 4:00 AM.

We were always working on projects together and nerding out over Chick Fil A lunches.

He’s not only the guy I absolutely adore, he’s also my best friend, my muse and my motivator. Once we graduated, we both joined the OMLP program at GE Healthcare.

Again, we were working side by side optimizing processes on the manufacturing floor. A few short years later, John received an offer at a great company close to home. I remained with GE Healthcare as a remote worker and was able to move with John to Florida.

I cried the day he left GE. It mean’t we were no longer working side by side. He would leave for 10+ hours a day and I’d only see him for a few minutes in the morning and then again at night. I missed him dreadfully.

Then our family grew. We became pregnant with our first sweet little girl. After returning to my remote job post maternity leave, I missed my little princess so much, I quit to become a stay at home mom.

Now princess and I were home all day, which was lovely, but I missed John. And going from a high energy corporate job to becoming a stay at home mom was a jolt for me. I craved the challenge and mental stimulation of having a career.

I turned to multiple different work from home methods. Trading stocks, direct sales, and blogging. The last one stuck.

After a few months I was making money with my blog and getting good traffic.

My friends started to ask me what I was doing and how they could do it too. So I started teaching them.

They started making money too! By gollly, this was working!

A few months later, I launched this blog to help other moms build successful blogs too. My confidence came back as I helped more and more moms start their blogs.

And now, almost three years later, I have 40,205 students in my courses. I am beyond blessed to have reached these goals.

I hoped I would hit my goal sometime, I saw other women do it, but I had no idea it would happen so quickly.

Tomorrow my husband will put in his two week’s notice. He’ll come home and blog alongside me. He’s my main supporter and helps me with the finances and research behind my blog. But he also has his own blog he’ll run.

After being apart for five years, he’ll come back and we’ll work together again.

This won’t be your typical retirement of sitting on a beach and drinking mojitos. We’ll be working harder than ever to grow our businesses and be full time parents to our three beautiful little kids.

You can expect HUGE things to come! For the first time since launching this blog, I’ll have a consistent schedule. As two Industrial Engineers, we look forward to standardizing our days so that we’re maximizing our parenting and working time.

We’ll have morning coffee and be able to take the kids to the park together. John won’t sit in rush hour traffic or commute for two hours each day.

We’ll be able to live in “off peak” hours and take a long weekend anytime. We may end up working more, but we’ll be working when we want, on what we want and where we want. And our children will grow up with their dad home. He’ll be at every school event and every sports practice.

We’ll be truly living our dream.

Here is our Live announcement sharing our amazing news.



Video Transcript

hi everybody this is I’m Suzy and I’m

John and we’re here tonight to share

some amazing really cool news of you

guys um we are gonna not tell you

exactly right now cuz suspense we’re

gonna wait for a couple people to sign

on you know at least five oh we could at

least have an audience before we say


hi Johnny how you doing hi Cullen hey

guys hey um hi Ben so let’s start off

the conversation with kind of what your

blogging goals are what’s your ultimate

blogging goal what do you want to see

off your blog one day because I have

I’ve reached mine and that doesn’t mean

I’m gonna stop now like you know I have

to keep doing this there are more goals

to come more goals but tell me in the

comments like if your blog was making

10k 20k 30k and months what is your goal

what would you like what’s your

motivator and it might not be 10k 30k

whatever your specific you know number

is or goal is leave that in the comments

we’d love to you love to see it

awesome so um let’s see kind of what are

you guys hi Roxanne hi Christine yes we

are lovebirds and so sad I broke Brookes

my fitness mommy

hey Brooke I’m Bethany hi Lisa

and Brookes pregnant what baby to be

able to leave my full-time job Julie

awesome hmm interesting

Julie hi Donna hi sandy sandy wrote

Cindy a picture frame yeah I know sandy

yeah you’re awesome and that’s an

awesome goal yeah are we streaming are

we still good let us know if we’re still

on okay we’re back sorry about that guys

that’s not as his facebook billet love

hi Heather

love boards Heather said our alarm to

come and watch us Thank You Heather hi


awesome three thousand months spend more

time with my horses awesome my mom has

like five mules right now she used to

ride horses but she switched over to

mules which is cool that’s awesome those

are cool to make

to cover a mortgage and possibly run a

business from home with my husband

marriage related stuff that is an

awesome niche we need more help I’m

watching this is so cool 16 months to

quit my job and stay at home with Rachel

I believe in you you can do it hi ELISA

hi Melissa

Melissa’s from college awesome it was

our neighbor okay cool we got lots of

amazing people we have a 130 people on

yeah nice all right so keep leaving

comments we are going to answer your

questions any questions that you guys

have for us at the end so go ahead and

leave your questions in the comments

because we’ll just go from top down um

alright so I’ll start kind of with our

story where it all started give you a

little bit of my viewpoint and then John

will go into and tell his viewpoint from

the story and how he saw it from like

the husband perspective alright so where

shall I begin I was born in South Africa

but that’s it I’m wearing the merch yep

um so we both studied together in

college we both studied to be industrial

engineers loved loved it and that’s how

John and I kind of fell in love was

coding and working on projects and

always being together super romantic

yes super oh man she was actually my

teaching assistant so there’s a little

taboo there was pretty awesome and he

had a motorcycle so um so we we’ve

always been together working on things

we’ve always had a great relationship

kind of problem solving issues so we did

college together we both graduated and

started working for the OU moppy program

at GE healthcare so it’s a really

prestigious program it’s amazing it was

a lot of fun and had different rotations

that we had to go through so we were in

Wisconsin in New Jersey in South

Carolina but we were always together and

working on different projects like kind

of leaning out the manufacturing floor

so then John got a job opportunity in

Florida which was closer to home and we

left GE I was still working remotely for

them and we moved down to floor

and we separated paths he went to a

different corporate job and I stayed at

home working remotely for GE and then

when we became pregnant with our first

little beautiful blessing

I took my eternity leave I try to go

back to work it just wasn’t working so I

quit and I became a stay-at-home mom I

think he lasted like one week three days

I rounded up for you it was not working

no it was it was hard it was really hard

um so I quit and I can’t stay at home

mom but then you deal with this struggle

of hey I just came from a

high-visibility corporate job and now

I’m a stay-at-home mom so it’s like it’s

like full stop like hitting a wall like

who this is a new life and that kind of

jolted me a little bit I wanted an

outlet for my creative energy I wanted

to connect with other adults love my

baby but I still had I was lonely and

that that happens to a lot of

stay-at-home moms we get lonely it’s

like what are we doing

um so I started dabbling in different

types of things to keep myself busy I

really got close to Jim Cramer she

thought should be the next Warren

Buffett so funny

I would time the market and I would buy

stocks right before earning report came

out roll the dice it was terrible so I

gave up on stocks not my forte I tried

different things

I tried direct sales tried Etsy try all

kinds of crafts I finally stumbled upon

blogging and because of my tech

background and teaching how to create

websites I’m like well this is natural

so I started blogging started doing well

with that but it was a small niche side

for Catholic parenting so then my

friends started asking me like what’s

going on what are you doing how are you

making money and then start a mom blog

was launched just over a thousand days

ago so a thousand and fifty seven days

ago start a mom vlog was launched so I

worked on it so much this was not like

one hour a day it was like all the free

time I had late at night early in the

morning when the baby slept when

ever I could I would work on the blog so

I’m not we’re not here to tell you guys

this is easy it’s a lot of work but it’s

worth it but also it didn’t feel like

you’re going to clock into a job and you

were like suffering this became your

hobby like you you wanted to go and have

some quiet time to go work out yeah as

well exactly it was my way to like

connect with other moms and talk about

something not just diapers which it was

lovely but you know like it’s nice to

have a creative outlet

um so working on the blog grew it to a

huge business now a thousand days later

three almost three years later we have

40,000 students in our courses and many

of you guys watching this are in the

courses so thank you we really

appreciate your support you guys um and

then finally today I hit my ultimate

blogging goal so I’m not gonna say what

it is because John’s gonna reveal that

so I think that you guys might already

have an idea and I’m looking at

Christine Bessel’s comment here of goals

to retire her husband so I am announcing

my retirement so I have been in

corporate America since 2011 and even

earlier than that with internships and

things like that in school and it was

awesome like I for the first several

years my professional life I got my self

actualization like I got my identity

from corporate life I was the guy in

front of the boardroom I was the guy

oftentimes pitching to the executives

and leading teams and doing all this and

it became a big part of me and like Suzy

said when she switched and we kind of

diverted paths and she went to the you

know that working from home and then the

stay-at-home side you know so much of

our relationship was built on each other

and kind of intellectually challenging

and intellectually like moving each

other forward and helping each other

solve problems and we lost a little bit

of that when that happened yeah I cried

the day that you left and we split parts

yeah it’s true and and when I I had a

little bit of paternity leave but when I

went back to work and I would come home

and the conversations were so differ

you know I would try to talk about what

happened in a meeting but all that would

be lost you know it’s just different

when you have that ones and corporate

ones in the house and I know you guys

all understand that so yeah I I started

to help Suzy primarily just from giving

her that moral support knowing that it

was a long road ahead and not knowing

you know and you all are going through

that right like not knowing is this

gonna work out will you last but

ultimately you find what drives you and

Suzy has that techy side I have it as

well and so we love helping people learn

things that most people don’t like to

learn like the you know some of the

email marketing all the platforms are

really complicated we just for whatever

reason we like learning all that stuff

so I helped her out primarily with moral

support help him with the kids you know

whenever she would say hey I want to do

this Facebook live thing we when she was

first starting out yeah I would

sometimes take off early from work a

little bit and come home watch the kids

let her go upstairs and just we made it


you would also sit all this up like this

now before we came live I’m like I don’t

think the mics working like there’s no

green bar and then John would help me so

he’s like pretty much the big brains

behind it

I am the support and the IT for start-up

on blog it’s much better than the IT

company that I work with from 9:00 to

5:00 so yeah this morning well really I

guess a few weeks ago we kind of really

made our resolution that enough was

enough we started to feel that you know

this business is going so well and all

you need is the time and the capacity

and the ability to actually serve your

audience more consistently so we made

the decision so I put in my two weeks

this morning it was the craziest thing

I’ve had to do is the second time I put

in my two weeks notice but this one was

so much more difficult because we’re

diving into the unknown yeah but this

has been going on for three years and we

get more passionate about it every day

I’m excited for the future so what is

next Suzy so what is neck so it’s um if

you guys think of the word retirement

it’s not like we’re gonna go sit on the

beach and do nothing the work actually

starts now because scary as it is like


our income and our livelihood is

dependent on us I got to make sure that

I wake up and write a blog post and and

serve you guys so that’s like the scary

and the exciting part like we’re now in

control of our destiny um so golly where

I was going yes okay so yes we’re gonna

work like Hoover hard because now we’re

both industrial engineers we have this

entire plan that we’re gonna like plan

at our day hour by hour who has the kids

and who’s working on the blog who’s

making dinner and who’s doing laundry

you should see our spreadsheets and

who’s cleaning the kitchen but it’s

gonna be this amazing and laundry well

hop is amazing just like we’ll build the

life together and it’s it’s this very

scary thing to give up that stability in

that second income and to truly like

focus on what’s most important for us I

want to spend time with John and with

the kids and we have an opportunity to

do that with having an online business

so that’s what’s in the future and then

that also means like now that John’s

gonna be here to help me like I could do

so much more like over the last three

years I’ve never had a consistent

schedule of creating content or going

live like you guys know like I’m like

yeah I’m gonna be live on Thursday and

like where Susie where she’s not here

so sometimes I haven’t been consistent

because it’s really hard to find

consistent help but now I do have

consistent help so consistency

yeah okay um so yeah you guys can expect

so much more in 2019 for the readers and

the students of the star tomorrow all

courses and blog it’s gonna be insane

it’s gonna be I’ve so many ideas and

I’ll have a consistent schedule okay

yeah super happy and you what’s your

plans so it really all the things start

to align as we were getting more serious

about quitting

you actually got an email from somebody

we don’t even know how we were on this

email list and there was a website that

popped up for sale and it was kind of it

was it was cold I mean it

been contributed to in a couple of years

it didn’t have a big email list or

anything but it had the the similar

topic of what I’m interested in and it

had enough age and authority that you

know it’s been around since 2014 so we

made a purchase kind of instead of

starting from scratch and kind of

working which that I was prepared to do

but this opportunity popped in so we

scooped it up a little bit and I’ve been

in the process of remodeling it so it’s

called income mesh I didn’t pick the

name I wasn’t the biggest fan of the

name but it’s it helps people find the

right tools when they’re going into

online businesses it helps them

understand their email marketing

platforms it helps them pick out the

best themes and all those cool things

that most people are like and yeah for

whatever reason I enjoy testing them all

out learning the ins and outs and then

teaching others about them so you like

breaking sites I do and testing tools

all the time but now it’s part of my

niche so like it’s allowed all the

converted kids and all the Divis and all

the themes and that’s actually another

benefit for you guys is as Susie’s

students and just friends and buddies

you know Susie has the tools that work

for her and she can recommend those in

teach you the ins and outs but you know

everybody has a different spectrum a

different thing that works for them and

if there’s something that I see that

really would work for different

audiences of different segments of where

they’re at I can kind of help out and

help where I can and make sure that we

give you not only what’s work for us but

what might work for you and where you’re

at in that particular spot the right

tools that’s awesome yeah so one thing

that I know my mommy struggle with and

we’ll get into questions right away is

do you guys have I know I’m extremely

lucky I’m very happy to have a very

supportive partner somebody like John

who’s like always there to bounce ideas

off of and even in the beginning when I

was blogging for months and it wasn’t

doing anything and I was just spending

money and not making any money like he

was still supportive do you guys have

supportive husbands or support a friend

and if not how can they get theirs

to get on board and help them be

supportive of their logging so from my

side I think because I had a long

commute I was commuting over an hour to

and from work each day and so I listened

to a lot of podcasts and I think we I

kind of had the idea about you starting

a blog because I knew about her

technical background so I maybe kind of

outside of that mold where maybe the the

wife finds it herself and then I was

trying to convince the husband so you

know take this for what it’s worth but I

found a ton of benefits when Susie

started blogging that even if it didn’t

kind of pan out or become a huge

profitable niche it was still a great

thing for you like for example you got a

lot of your value as well as a person

from being you know in the meeting rooms

kind of being that professional leader

she was better at corporate America and

I was like from the get-go and so when

you lost that I saw like a little part

of you kind of go away and and a little

bit that spark in your eyes like because

I would start to actually notice because

as I was rising up in my company you

know there was just that little bit of

you know sadness from your side that you

didn’t have that going as well because

you knew you’d be in the same spot so

for one as from the guys perspective you

know you’re our goal as men is to

support and love and cherish our wives

right and so when I saw her kind of

feeling know where that come from so

when I saw you lose a little bit that

mojo I was like okay even if it’s not a

profit Center like even it is not if

it’s just a hobby that you know cost

some money but not a lot of money you’re

not shopping at Target as much if you

have a hobby that you love and so like

my goal was to help you be happy because

I was understanding that motherhood is a

wonderful journey right but journeys all

have ups and downs and you needed

something that when the kids weren’t

being fantastic you had something that

you could always kind of dwell on and

think about and go to your happy place

so for me that was easy to support you

but I understand that not every in that

same situation so you can use our story

as an example of I think we’re kind of a

success story right now but also just

showing that when you have that common

goal and you’re working toward something

you guys cannot be the enemy like when

you have a common enemy

which what

Corporate America or anything like that

it helps people band together sometimes

the kids but you know that’s gotta love

these things yeah so I mean if you’re in

the position of you know maybe not

having a supportive husband let me think

about why that is I think sometimes I’ll

share something that I haven’t shared

with many people okay so when Susie

started you know she was spending a

little bit of money but she wasn’t

making any money and then she started to

feel happy because she was actually

making an impact on other people’s lives

still not making money but when she

started to earn like and the growth

started and she started to almost double

her income every month you know from

five dollars at ten there from ten to 20

but eventually got to where is from five

hundred to a thousand and when that

happened I was like oh my gosh like me

as in a man like you know you think

you’re the breadwinner and then you

start to see your wife catch up to you

while spending more time with the kids

so there there could be that insecurity

that the guys go through about well if

she starts something now she can also

beat me at my own game or whatever the

case may be it’s not right you know it’s

just probably one of those old-school

things that are built into us probably

from the you know our parents generation

but you just have to have that

conversation and know that there’s

always that I named at the team dynamic

I mean she can’t do what she’s doing

about me I can’t do what I’m doing about

her and to know that it doesn’t matter

where where the minds coming from I mean

it’s coming for the goodness of your

family and your community around you so

that’s that’s my thought about it I love

it good yes all right cool I don’t have

answered the question right

yet all the questions all right guys

let’s go into what you guys have for us

oh man okay so we’ll just go sometimes

it drops off the feed so we’re just

gonna go from what we are here only 184

comments it should be easy you guys are

such an inspiration thank you Christina

Thank You Lynette hey Linda

20:19 that’s right my sister’s here

thank you sissy um hi Jennifer yeah

Jennifer so John quit his job


big announcement Julie says can’t wait

for 2019 cool you’ll definitely get


Thank You Christine you’re such an

inspiration I follow your footsteps

someday okay cool let me know if you see

hi Lizzy also oh yeah our volunteer

moderators okay let’s see if we get any

more okay yeah Alexia definitely okay

cool cool I understand and this is what

is different to not everybody has the

goal of retiring their husband some

bloggers are super successful

like I know bloggers that make millions

of dollars per year and their husband

still loves his job and that’s just what

works for them so I’m not saying that

this is the goal for everybody this was

just our goal so do what works for your

family and what works for your dynamics

too because we can be honest like we

tried we tried having a nanny for a

while we are members of the YMCA and so

we’ll use the kids own and other things

but we needed that consistency with that

we could trust you know day in day out

you know no calling him sick from being

a dad so it would that’s what we needed

to take our business forward as well


everybody’s like they have supportive

husbands that’s awesome for you guys

okay cool

I love this I love that you guys have

good husbands okay no he says no no my

husband is here but until I make an

income his mind isn’t with it Vicky

Vicky husband mr. ute you give me his

phone number Vicky Oh call me right now

okay love a jet Oh Oh Amy

Oh Amy well we’ll have like a a man

Facebook group where John can like talk

to all these men because we are so

social they’re like three people no


Linda so if you if you’re single and you

have no outside support um see my mom

was one of my big supporters in the

beginning she also has a bigger Facebook

friend following than I do

she’s a social butterfly she’s awesome

so whenever she would share my blog post

I would get like a hundred two hundred

page views and like whoa this is awesome

so like I wouldn’t ask her too much


she would like once a week share my

stuff so maybe ask your family member

ask a friend or what you could do find

bigger Facebook groups where then in the

Facebook group you’ll start mingling

you’ll start answering some questions

and then see to three or four other

bloggers that are in that group and make

a small mastermind group if you don’t

have the support from somebody directly

in your household see if you can make a

small Facebook mastermind group four or

five people maximum nothing bigger

because then it kind of people lose

their momentum but that really helped me

in the beginning to like having small

groups and I’m still friends with people

that were in my small groups in the

beginning other advice I could give on

that part because I I haven’t been there

but I know from like the corporate side

as well in the beginning like it’s

natural for us to try to think about the

results as being the thing that makes us

feel good but for the first year

like give yourself a year to like and

the way I’m thinking about is I’m giving

myself two years and I’m considering

like I’m leaving my job to go back to

school or like get my MBA or where I’m

I’m spending two years of tuition where

I’m not expecting income for the first

two years but instead where I’m gonna

find like the results and the pleasure

and like the feeling good about what I’m

doing isn’t what I’m producing and who

I’m helping so I enjoy YouTube and

blogging I do not like social media like

I am I’m here against my will but like I

I am more about creating content and

helping people and learning and growing

myself because I know that every blog

post you put out is an asset every video

you put out is gonna last and can last

as long as it’s relevant so don’t be

focused so much on your money or your

traffic yet just focus on creating the

content because once Google gives you

that bump you find that one post that

goes well that one video that goes well

all the other content can then start to

contribute to the overall outcome so

think about the income the inputs first

the outputs will come I think the way

you put it was control what you can

control the controllables like you can’t

control how much money you’re making

to an extent or the traffic but you can

control if you write a blog post today

or you can control if you create two pin

images or if you create a video and put

on YouTube so mark your your progress by

what you’ve produced and what you can

control and

of like how many page views did I get

yeah and there’s another story of you

know there’s two writers and they’re you

know they have a challenge for the year

one guy says I’m gonna write the most

amazing story I can possibly write it’s

gonna take me a year I’m gonna write the

best story ever yeah the other writer

says well I’m gonna write one story

every day and I’m not gonna skip a day

and at the end of that year who do you

think is gonna be the better writer it’s

gonna be the one who wrote a story every

single day because every day he’s doing

the beginning of middle in the end he’s

learning from it he’s improving he’s

iterating so in the beginning just focus

on getting the content out and it you

will get better over time that’s a good


I like that cool remember that one guys

gonna help all right cool okay Jeff said

his friend supported him I hope it was

Ben Jeff and Ben are together well how’d

you get there friend that’s fine they’re

friends whatever um oh cool your mom

village my hubby and I are both an HR

corporate and would love to stay at home

with the kids man these things drop off

yeah they do okay cool Thomas that

mischievious Amelia cool oh my hubby

said blogging made me happier to her

name her husband’s name’s John as well

yeah it’s like I’m introducing you to my

friends good to meet your friend yeah

they’re all on here um cool cool thank

you how easier hard is it to change a

current site over yeah you take that one

yeah um switching if you don’t have any

page builder and so if you guys don’t

know Divi is a page builder it makes you

allows you make beautiful websites kind

of dragon drag-and-drop and it’s a theme

as well so if you don’t have one at all

it’s not hard to transfer into it but

it’s gonna be one of those things where

let’s say you have 30 pages on your

website it’s it just take one page at a

time you know all your other pages

aren’t gonna break they’re gonna look

the way they look before yeah if they’ll

be on a different themes so maybe the

font will be different the color might

be a little different you can change all

that but if you’re switching from like

an element or some other page boaters

won’t get in all the technical details

we can talk more about it depending on

how ingrained you are in one system yeah

you might need to run both at one time

and then just transfer over to Divi if

you choose to go that route

yeah but it’s not hard to learn to be as

easy it’s drag-and-drop it’s simple and

if you by theme by number you get to

hang out more than me because I do a lot

of the tutorials there thank you thank

you guys give so much chemistry thanks

Amy your three kids okay


angel says how do you stay motivated

even though you’re not making much um

like we kind of mentioned angel like

control what you can and focus on that

like take pride and like I wrote a blog

post or I took stock images for my blog

and like this is what take joy in and

the creative side of it um and then how

do I stay motivated honestly the thing

that drove me for the last thousand days

was getting John home I missed him

immensely as he went to his corporate

job every day for ten hours you got a

good we have a question we haven’t

answered yet we should have answered so

well so it’s a motivator yeah so I had a

big goal John coming home and now it’s

keeping him home not going bankrupt now

it’s like that was very real because now

that John’s home we are fully reliant on

the Internet

supporting us for our bread and butter

so yeah it’s kind of funny I was talking

to my sister about us and like how we

were doing and we’re trying to you know

promote her to start a website cuz she

has so much knowledge and she was like

so how does Google pay you and it’s just

the Internet is a wonderful place

so Shanna asked Shayna ass so are you

going to do the travel thing now or is

that a future announcement cool okay

let’s USA sure yeah so we are working

towards it so here’s we and so for those

of you don’t know what she’s talking

about we had probably sent some emails

and talked about full time RV living

traveling on the country with our three

kids and kind of just you know seeing

the world while they’re still very young

before they’re deeply rooted in school

and all that stuff we’re working towards


so how are we working towards that yes

step one is the quick job and have have

location freedom and independence there

but because we both are kind of workers

like we like this stuff and we like

having that area I wanted to be able to

grow my thing and get it off the ground

a little bit get to where it was

providing a little bit as well and RVing

from those who I’ve spoken to who are

doing a full time they do say you’re

scrapping for the time to be able to

work on on your projects so we want that

as a goal we’re working towards it

because we’re about having our square

footage we’re getting rid of our big

house and now that it’s a big house

we’re getting rid of our house and

moving into a small town home probably

because I do not like doing yard work

I’m sorry I just don’t care for it and

we’re moving closer to your family yes

and what are you excited about where

we’re going um it’s a more outdoorsy

community we’re next door to a park in

the library it’s much more focused on

doing stuff outside with the kids it’s a

walking community so we’re downsizing

the house like John said having

everything with three kids living and

moving into a townhome so it’s like that

transition like we’re gonna do this for

a couple years get our feet again as two

online entrepreneurs grow John’s blog

and then the goal still is in two years

or so when little baby boy is not

crawling around the floor when you can

at least walk then boom then we’ll hit

the road and go full-time RVing and then

we can rent out the townhome and that

will be a great real estate asset but

for now we’re taking like a slower

transition we’re moving closer to my mom

which I’m so happy about I’m so excited

to be closer to my mama and and just

living like a simple life less stuff

less stress being with each other like

that’s that’s our ultimate goal but also

our goal does not be your goal so we

like simplicity we don’t like a lot of

stuff we like complexity when it comes

to the internet and all that fun stuff

but you know for example I met a blogger

at a Cars and Coffee show I worked in

the automotive industry until today so I

was at an event over the weekend and

he pulled up in as you know 200-300

thousand dollar Lamborghini and he was a

blogger who blogged about fancy cars and

that was his path and that that’s not

right wrong or indifferent that’s just

what was right for him so we like

simplicity but we all we know a lot of

people who get big houses and big

properties because the blog even though

it’s not like a w-2 a full-time job it’s

been incredibly consistent there’s been

more ups than there have been downs on

that side so if you are going that route

of going both into it I would obviously

like warn you you just be cautious and

don’t overextend yourself but it’s it’s

a real business definitely love that

yeah Lamborghini maybe we should have

gone that route Thank You Maya Toyota

Camry isn’t isn’t hot enough for you my

friend if you guys read my email this

morning so I saw her the first time

after three years she’s a doctor she’s

amazing she doesn’t have kids yet but

she was asking me cuz now that I have

three she’s like so what do you drive

I’m like miss Deana she’s like oh

there’s two fancy doctors portable potty

in it cool okay let’s see if we can get

some more questions um Christine says

are you two running the blog by yourself

still or do you have a team working with

you now good question good question

Christine so I have somebody who helps

move some blog posts every now and then

she’s amazing and I also have somebody

who helps me move emails so I have two

part-time ladies that are phenomenal and

they’re super sweet so I do have a small

team just for the times that I just I

cannot get to it and I’d rather have

somebody create that content or at least

keep it alive when the kids are sick or

I just I’m working on updating a course

so honestly because the school is now so

big there’s 40,000 students in there

like that takes up the majority of my

time focusing on helping my students and

making sure the courses have them

most in the best knowledge that anything

else I do get some help on – yeah it’s


and also like that’s a choice right

that’s a choice we’ve made you you can

choose like there’s only so much time in

the day so you if you want to go solo

like absolutely you can do that

I run teams of up to 40 people at a time

and managing other people is for some

people it’s not for other people yeah so

you know there’s nothing wrong with

saying I’m gonna go solo and I’ll get to

the point where I’m overwhelmed and I’ll

stop the growth at that point it’s

entirely up to you and also like the way

you set your your world up you know Suzy

one of the things that’s great about her

is she makes herself accessible to

people you know – amber it on her

website that has the challenge of

there’s only so much you can scale your

time yeah so it’s really one of those

things that’s different for every person

myself I’m not gonna have a team for a


exam creating value of the time and

helping you with the kids and all that

good stuff but you know over time you

just go naturally what feels right and

what you what you know you’re great at

you do what you think you’re kind of

struggling to get by with those are the

first things you want to outsource when

you can afford it yeah yeah and I love

that the blog can now like help other

people make it income as well not just

through affiliate sales from if you guys

sell my courses but also other people

that are working for stardom on blog is

they’re getting money that’s also yeah

that’s cool um cool Thank You Lynette

yeah patty says what kind of wine are

you drinking

yeah we’re not drinking wine don’t know

if you’re allowed to say that on

Facebook so well we’re drinking a

beverage a beverage

lovely my one friend said it’s the brown

stuff the brown stuff yeah she’s like I

can’t drink brown stuff I’m like I guess

that’s what they call it so we’re just

going to say it’s that it’s Coke Zero

and brown stuff just a little additional

love goodies um cool thank you Jordan

started about four months ago all my

blog is thriving as well as my ieg

awesome I’m so proud of you good

question Sheena um cool yeah Sheena is

really good question yeah so Shana

you’re you’re you’re with the news here

so is a new WordPress block

are a lot like divvy so for those of you

don’t know divvy is like herb sorry

WordPress is shaking it up and they’re

switching up the editor they’ve had

forever and they’re introducing

something called Gutenberg who was the

guy that invented the printing press for

those of you geeks you want to know why

they call things so weird and it’s

getting closer to a divvy I know so what

I mean by that is instead of just having

a big paragraph and just going straight

down the line you can add blocks like

you can add in an image block layout

blocks all sorts of cool things it

becomes easier to build good-looking

blog posts where I don’t think that

Gutenberg is going to be replacing Divi

or element or breezy or any of the crazy

page builders that are out there because

their focus was on helping you get your

content out there it’s not necessarily

helping it become professional and

beautiful and and all of that so like if

you be around Saruman for a

while you’ll notice she has all these

cool colors and gradients and

backgrounds and she’s a awesome design

taste that stuff if you can do it in

Gutenberg it’s gonna dry it it’s gonna

make you pull your hair out to try to

get to that point and and you played

around for a while with good yeah I’m

like it oh yeah but but like where it’s

now updated right it should be a little

bit better now yeah I haven’t been risky

enough to change over yet so I was

thinking about this the other day and

like my guidelines are if you’re making

a blog post Gutenberg is great if you

want to make a page like a sales page

that’s a really important page that you

want to like your home page your sales

page your about me page those ones that

you really care about and they’re gonna

be like that and static for a while

that’s where the page builders are all

right cool they love you an LVN hey

awesome Thank You Ali so glad Thank You

Roxanne Julie says I like my website and

blog but I can honestly don’t know if

it’s good what can I do

keep writing honestly it’s gonna take a

while I’m sorry yeah yeah but she she

maybe not like the themes Oh how its

laid out yeah I’m not sure yeah Julie

send me an email and I’ll look

get it yeah you don’t like it that I say

no no that’s okay send me an email but

okay so I guess we can answer both sides

of it so if you think like if you find

the website but no sugar no no if your

content is good that’s that’s where you

should be right now if you’re starting

out and your content isn’t good yet

that’s fine the Internet is a big place

there’s articles posted every second of

every day so that’s not like dis way to

you it’s to tell you keep writing

because every blog post is gonna be a

little bit better than the last one and

so eventually you’ll get to that point

where you just strike a chord with a

specific segment of the world they’re

gonna find you know you like you trust

you and eventually become your avid

follower and fan but if you think your

website’s just not good looking see

advisor on that side you’re the more the

design person um so I loved and used to

be so you could go the paid route and

get the divi paid for theme that is

comes with a page builder and it’s

phenomenal or you can go the freeway and

you can do tools like Astra and

Elementor and those types of tools which

are amazing but they’re just not what I

use but maybe John will put up a

tutorial for the pro versions of those

yep yeah so like I said that’s my world

so I play with all of them on my

websites right now I’m running with

thrive they’re they’re really geeky

they’re great you can split test

everything under the Sun but that’s me

that’s probably not where you guys are

at and that’s totally cool but there’s a

lot of options just be open to them

brightness says what will you do about

health insurance ooh

Medicare Medicare yes sending blessings

to each other it’s great like I don’t

know yet we haven’t like broken a leg

yet but from what I’ve heard well you’re

from a family of entrepreneurs and

they’re pretty much all on Medicare and

they’ve had nothing but good things to

say yeah yeah where my my dad my brother

my sister everybody’s an entrepreneur so

they’re all on Medicare – share and also

another thing that enabled us to do this

and to take this this risk is that we’re

we’re as a family we’re very blessed and

we’re very healthy so we don’t have any

medical issues

all the kids are good we’re good so it

would have been a harder decision if one

of us had a chronic disease or something

that costs a lot of medical bills but

we’re blessed and happy and we’re gonna

take the risk and do this but yeah so

step one is Medicare step two is not

live outside our means we we’re very

risk-averse people you know we could

afford a bigger house than the small

house were moving into but just for us

the freedom of being together as a

family and like to spend our days

working on things we like instead of

boardroom meetings and boardroom

meetings and all that I’m getting away

from that’s that’s the step two is live

your life for the values that are

valuable to you we’ll have a little

kitty somewhere like in case money

emerges yeah emergency fund the war


Brooke says how many hours a week do you

work on the blog um Brooke so it depends

because I haven’t really had a

consistent schedule so as much as I

possibly can with the kids and with kind

of the schedule that I’ve had the best

times that I get to work on the blog is

waking up super early with John so one

thing that was nice and well lots of

things that were nice about his job but

he woke up around 5:00 to go down the

road and go to his job so I think we’re

still gonna continue waking up at 5:00

because I’ll make breakfast later but

waking up early really helps or than

working really late um but gosh you

can’t do that you do need your sleep and

especially if you’re pregnant and you

have kids you do need your rest

so do the essentials what you can on

your blog when things there’s there’s

peaks and valleys when you have more

time and when you have less time just do

what you can as long as you’re pushing

it for it a little bit every day and you

don’t stop all those little pieces of

actions are gonna help yeah and also

when we go into our next life as you

call it you know what we’re hoping to be

able to do is kind of do some swap offs

where you know you can have some focused

time on the website and I can have

focused time with the kids because

another challenge that we both had and

you know myself especially is I’ll come

home from work but I have this

tired and build a blog as well and

support Susie and be a good husband and

then also have time for the kids you

couldn’t do them all so now that we have

that focused time when I’m with the kids

I can be fully present back of my mind

I’ll probably think about okay what’s

the next blog post right but you know we

all have those old thoughts North the

kids but then when you’re here and

you’re at the computer you’re you’re

working your focus you don’t feel guilty

because you just came off of a two hour

shift with the kids right right right

so I’m excited for that me too and we

also have this idea well let you guys

know how it goes

but having like creative days so that

like on a Tuesday

I’m full-on mom all I do is like kids

all day long I take care of the house

everything of John has 10 hours to work

on a new course or record videos or just

have a creative day to work on his blog

and then we’ll switch off and maybe like

Thursdays he’ll take the kids and I’m

hopefully still working and then

Thursdays like I’ll have a super

creative day on the blog and I can just

take ten hours and create content so

we’re we’re in a amazing position now

that will we’ll be able to create this

beautiful schedule that works for us

it’s just it’s huge I’m so I’m so

excited because we found if you work for

longer than two hours on one thing

you’ll start to dilly-dally and just you

know waste time yeah but there’s those

one days we have that big project where

you need the full day to do it so I mean

that’s the whole point of the the

freedom that I hope our I hope our

stream is working yeah let us know like

the stream is coming in and out from our

side Hey Sienna I love my Sienna oh yeah

cool we drive is Sienna a nice grey

Sienna it looks like a big tick

you know there’s big ticks on why would

you go there blueberry jelly bean

they’re something big gray ticks and

then when you pull them off the dogs and

they would bleed South Africa yeah when

I was a kid I would used to pull ticks

off dogs yes Teresa keep living within

or below your means that’s exactly

Delina are we so it’s already done well

no we’re buying it we’re building it

that time I was being built it should be

ready in March or April but yeah we

mentioned this all this

not Hawaii Berra awesome look at that

she knows to fire me yeah the

financially independent retired early


I love mister money mustache cool how do

you check the analytics on your blog I’m

just getting up and running and I don’t

know what sort of plugins to install

maybe I missed this in your courses

alright so I actually made a video where

I install and show you how to use

analytic I which is a really hard thing

to say but it’s it’s a free plugin

there’s a paid option and it puts google

analytics directly on to your website it

makes there’s no code or anything it’s

very easy so if you go to

and you search for analytic I which I

can probably type in here but then also

I try to how do you how do you post a

video to this like kind of link to the

YouTube video yeah in the comments we’ll

go through that links yeah yeah any kind

of links will give you yet it makes it

very easy to understand John is gonna

stay at home wait they’re moving to a

white no we’re not moving to know why

now I’m moving to Orlando know kind of

like Hawaii kind of like that it’s so

hot exactly like Hawaii

awesome Thank You Kathleen yes I’m still

working on a happy mom happy wife happy


mom life happy life but but Brooke to me

that’s very true happy wife happy life

so you were still correct you’re correct

um Brooke mostly that that blog is a

guest post blog so all my readers and

all my students support the blog and

provide the content I’m just there it’s

like kind of like them the editor and

the what do you call it you look

something over admin the admin and then

I publish so it’s not my blog it’s your

blog it’s all you guys yes better than

the new WordPress is intimidating but

exciting oh thank you Lucia

and could just buy everything you’re

awesome Jennifer Jennifer is awesome

Jennifer’s legit yeah Jennifer knows her

stuff try Guttenberg and no like Amy I

like it oh the other thing about

Guttenberg that’s kind of useful is

they’re opening up for others to be able

to create plugins that just add

additional blocks so one of the things I

like to do is I like to have little

toggles where I can like put some

content and it’s a click on toggle to

open up the content and you can get a

you can just search for Gutenberg blocks

and you’ll get a bunch of free plugins

that can add additional functionality so

it is nice for that it’s more extendable

than the original one was one that looks

like 1997 yeah okay Angie that’s a good

one for you yeah Vivian beaver builder

they’re competitors it’s different

strokes for different folks I honestly

haven’t spent much time with beaver

builder i do like Divi I’m still on the

fence there’s a few that are like vying

for the top spot for what I like TVs up

there John quit his job that’s right

yeah I’m good yeah to be fair I’m still

working for two more weeks and I’m not

gonna slack like I’m gonna do what I

need to do and have a good transition

yes no Natalie we’re not coming to South

Florida we are coming to Orlando so a

little closer to you so if you bring

your kids up to Disney where else we’re

there that’s right and maybe we’ll have

like a big start of my own blog

conference in Orlando because all the

mommies want to bring their kids to

Disney other kind of fun right do it

cool Oh Christine

so Kali I’m not a big fan of ads I could

put ads on my site but because I’m much

more focused on affiliates in my own

product sales I’m not and my blog

doesn’t get like insane traffic so I

might put ads on mom life happy life one

day so that might be in the future but I

mean you know on from like a higher

level you have to think about what’s

important to your website and with ads

you’re picking up pennies at the expense

of the user experience sometimes like

nobody likes to see ads pop up all over

the place so what’s more valuable to you

a little ad revenue or potentially

getting a new customer that will follow

you for a while so it’s just different

different strategies yeah Oh Thank You


haha cool that’s awesome we’d love to

meet you guys too early in do thank you

yeah so crap on my normal blog sorry

it’s been 49 minutes um it’s called the

Whitford life and right now I’m moving

hosts so I need to go repoint DNS

servers so hey thanks for the reminder

thank you that right now yep and then

mom live happy life yep okay that’s okay

I know you’re pregnant it’s alright mama

oh sorry about the this the feed not

working well streaming yeah man that’s

not as it’s Facebook cool hi Sherri come

to Arkansas we’ll be there Arkansas

that’s how I used to say it Arkansas

that could work yes yeah hey Lucia we’ll

see you in Orlando Oh

Greggy we’re gonna be neighbors I met

her at fan con awesome that’s awesome

which is totally cool we’d love to be a

speaker there yes we would love to be

speakers at VidCon one day okay happy

wife happy life that’s right your mom

village hi Natalie hi Cory

hey Cory yeah hey you went to college


yesterday and we worked at the same

company yes go ahead disclose so while

she’s saying that it’s always nice to

have a fallback plan so even if I don’t

enjoy blogging after a couple years

Disney’s in Orlando so I’m still good

started bad blog

we’re not gonna start at that blog I

almost click the Buy button I’m going

down to get it but I held off cool

that’s another good

Michelle Vivian Elementor we can go into

like a long difference between them I

think the main difference is Divi is a

theme and a page builder and Elementor

is just a page builder but everything

else there’s a lot altima tick what’s

what works for you the nice thing about

Elementor is there’s a free version you

can test out and then you can commit to

it but the challenge is like you can’t

do a lot of things you would want to do

on the free version because obviously

they want you to buy the paid version so

but the thing is Divi has a reef

money-back guarantee you could get you

could pay for Divi and see if it works

for you oh that’s a good point

Elementor you I don’t think they have

any lifetime payments so Divi you can

pay 250 bucks I think it is and have the

theme and the page builder and monarch

which is a social sharing plug-in and

bloom which is an email like a good

suite of tools for a reasonable fee

you’re in pay about that much every year

for Elementor Pro and some of the other

add-ons stuff yeah but they’re both good

builders yep I think from users

perspective Divi is the I think stronger

than element or from a paid side Pamela

yes I have a website it’s it’s in the

process I think it’s pretty cool it’s

awesome website it’s just weird to say

it is one of those I didn’t pick the

name so I’m still like growing into it

but I like it is income mesh mesh so you

can get income mesh calm and give me

some feedback I’d love to hear what I do

different cool yes Greg he can speak at

the start of own blog conference we

already have speakers all right

Oh guys that was awesome that’s the end

of our comments right now yes yes any

last words that you want to say this is

a huge announcement like we are I’ve

worked I calculated back and Google 1050

seven days ago I launched our tamam blog

with the goal of retiring my husband so

that he can come home and we can hustle

even harder so going from 40-hour weeks

just 70 hour yeah we’re gonna work

hard to make sure that this like

sustains yeah last word for me is thank

you guys for helping make this possible

I mean it none of this would be possible

without Susie but no no even in Susie’s

effort would be impossible without you

guys who saw her message her vision and

you know aligned with it so thank you

very much for giving me my freedom

really appreciate it thank you guys we

love you guys let us know send emails

would you guys need we are gonna have

more capacity to help you guys now yay

yay all right already

yeah there it is

alright see you guys

Tips to Retire Your Husband early

Of course this dream is not for everyone. We all have different goals and my goals may not be exactly what yours are.

I know many dear blogging friends who run super successful blogs who do not want their husbands to retire. Their husbands enjoy their jobs and that dynamic works for them.

Blogging and building a business online enables you to achieve any goal you desire. Pay off your mortgage. Donate to charity. Help others. Retire your husband. Go on vacations. Life debt free.

Have a Big Goal

My advice for you is to have a big goal as you start your blog. Let it be your motivation during the difficult days of growing an online business. Your goal may not be the same as mine, and it doesn’t have to be.

But your goal will help you reach success, so write it down and let it drive you.


Have a Plan

If you want to grow your blog into a success, you’ll need to follow a plan. And work on it daily.

Your blog won’t magically make $10,000 per month if you only work on it for a few hours per week. This is going to hard work. You’ll need a step by step plan to follow so you stay focused.

Not every blog post will get lots of traffic. Not everything you do on your blog will make it grow.

But each piece of content you create becomes a little brick in the foundation of your blog. And the more you create, the better you’ll become, and the more you’ll grow.


It’s Going to Be Hard Work

It took me over 1,000 days of consistently working my tushy off to grow a blog into a business we can retire to.

It may take you more or less time. But it won’t be overnight, to this will require a lot of work on your part. I always compare blogging to working out. You won’t see results immediately when you join the gym.

You’ll have to workout consistently, choose healthy meals the majority of the time and stay focused. And only after months and months of doing this, will you start to see results.

Yes, it is hard work. But oh by golly, it is worth it. In three short years I’ve been able to pay off our mortgage and retire my husband. The hard work is totally worth it.


Find a Shortcut

Blogging takes work and will require dedication to turn into a full time business. Why not find a shortcut and learn from someone who has already achieved what you’re trying to reach?

I pump all of my best tips and tricks into my signature Blog by Number course. I also update it frequently to help my students reach success.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, or you’re stuck, the Blog by Number course is your step by step plan to a successful blog.


If you want to retire your husband, you’ll have to make sure you’re financially stable to do it. This can look different for everyone. 

If you have thousands in student loan debt, extra credit card debt, a high mortgage and low savings account, you’ll need to take care of those issues first before retiring your husband. 

For quick back of the napkin math, if you want to retire your husband, you’ll need to:

  • have no debt
  • have 3-6 months of monthly living expenses saved up
  • have a blog that is making more than your monthly living expenses

Please know that I am not your financial advisor. Please do your due diligence before quitting your job. 

I am here to help you build a successful blog though 🙂

Do You Want to Retire Your Husband?

If your blog was supporting your family and you could live the life you want, what would your typical day be like?

Would you want your husband to retire his job? Would you travel full time? Would you downsize, upgrade or move?

I’d love to hear your stories below, please share them in the comments!

Update – Our First Week

Want to know how our first week went? Here’s a recap of the systems and tips we use to declutter and simplify our lives as now two work from home parents to small kids!


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