How to make money by selling printables

 Updated: June 21, 2021

Would you like to create a small digital product like a printable and make money with it?

Want to know one of the best skills you can learn for your blog that will both increase your email list and boost your profits?

Additionally, it’s super fun to learn and you can use it in your personal life too (#hellohomeschool).

It’s creating printables!

These cute and helpful online PDF may appear innocent at first, but once you understand their power, you’ll be enrolling in my course in a second.

But first, let me share with you powerful these printables can be!

make printables as a stay at home mom job

What is a printable?

A printable is a digital file that you print out and use. Most of the time, it’s in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format).

Printables are created to be printed out and used. The easiest examples would be a calendar, planner or checklist.

Printables can range from one page to hundreds of page. Some are free and some cost a few dollars. Most of the time, printables range from $0 – $50, depending on the amount of content they contain.

Printable Ideas

Any niche can have a printable that works well with it. Below are a few printable examples to give you ideas.

No matter what topics you’re blogging about or what your business target audience is, there is a way to incorporate printables.

Think about quick guides, cheat sheets or diagrams that can help your target audience.

Printable IdeasNiche
Workout TrackerFitness
Phonics Learning PagesHomeschooling
Gardening Plan PrintableHomesteading
Budget TrackerFinance
Yearly PlannerProductivity

Need more printable ideas?

Here are 15 Real Life Trending Printable Ideas to Grow your List and Income.

How to Create Printables

The easiest way to create printables is to enroll in a course that shows you click by click how to do it – hint hint.

But in short, the programs I love to use to create printables are the following:

  • Canva
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Slides

And a plethora of other online resources! But the few above can get you started immediately.

How to Sell Printables

There are multiple ways to sell printables. You can do it directly through your blog, you can use a third party system, or you can even use a combination of systems.

How to sell printables directly from your blog

  • WooCommerce (free, but you’ll have to pay for upgrades)
  • Sendowl
  • Gumroad

How to sell printables as part of a funnel


Thrivecart is my absolute favorite shopping cart system – the day I implemented it in my business I saw an immediate 25%+ increase in profits. Checkout Thrivecart here!


Teachable is fantastic for courses. If you already have all of your courses on the platform, you could sell your printables through it as well. It works, but has a few limitations for funnel building.

If you’re thinking about creating online courses, read my Teachable review here and checkout Course by Number.

Two Main Ways to use Printables on your blog

Oh, printables are powerful little things! Not only are they super fun to create, they can be used to grow your email list or help you make money through your blog.

My students have made thousands selling printables on their blog – and it’s so fun and super doable!

#1 Printables to Grow Your Email List

If you’re having trouble growing your email list, try creating a beautiful and extremely helpful printables for your target audience. When you put yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes, what do you see on their fridge? What will they print out and use every day to help them accomplish their goals? What are their goals? How can you help them achieve those goals?

Keep asking yourself these questions about your ideal reader, and you’ll come up with plenty of ideas for great printables!

Showcase it beautifully through a pretty mockup image (like the example below) and watch your email list grow.

If you want to learn how to create the mockup image below, I cover it in Printables by Number and give you templates to do it easily too!

#2 Printables to Increase Your Profits

Ah, now for my favorite part! Once you know how to use printables, you can unleash their power and use them every where in your business!

Not only can they grow your email list, but they can be used all over your funnel to boost it’s profitability!

Printables can be use as a freebie, bump, main offer, tripwire, upsell, downsell, bonus, etc.

Anywhere in your funnel, you can either sell a standalone amazing printable or a pack of printables. You can even use them to boost the value of your already existing products; such as adding printable worksheets to your online course.

If you’re just starting out, use printables to grow your email list and make your first $100+ as a tripwire. Once you’re comfortable with the process, get a funnel software to build a multi step funnel and really see your income grow!

Super Simple Small Printables Funnel

If you’re serious about making your business work, you can easily make $100+ this month just by creating your own printable product and setting up this simple funnel.

Students Work and Success Stories

Thousands of students have taken the Printables by Number course to grow their email lists and income with printables.

Here are a few examples of their amazing work!

Need more examples – this post has so many more printable ideas and example for you to see!

Student Success Story

Ah, how would you feel if you can make money by selling printables? Jodie, a student of my Printables by Number course, started her blog just a few short months ago.

And now, she’s already made over $1,000 selling her own product!

Check out the interview where she shares what led to her success.

How to get started selling printables

If you’d like to start your blog and sell beautiful printables on your blog, here are the resources you need.

Below is one of the emails Jodie shared with me as she grew her business to a success!

June 24th

Hi Suzi,

I am so excited to share my success with you!  First off let me say that I am forever grateful to you.  I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.  Your teaching style and your detailed explanations made the information very easy to digest. 

You single-handedly taught me Canva and Power Point, and now I can navigate them both with ease!  I knew absolutely nothing before I took your Printables by Number course.  Ok, well I knew how to open the programs up on my computer, but that was about it.  

I just recently started my blog in April, and it is centered around organizing.  I was in need of a lead magnet to start growing my email list, so I started out using Canva.  I have to admit I struggled quite a bit.  I managed to make something, but I knew I could do better.  Trying to absorb everything and do it on my own was really difficult. I’m not saying I came to tears, but it was certainly touch and go for a bit!

During this time, someone in the Blogging Like We Mean It FB group recommended your course.  It was just what I was looking for!  I started immediately, and I am so amazed by all that you were able to teach me in such a short amount of time.  

After completing your course, I literally could not wait to start creating.  I am a pretty organized person, and I thought that the organizational skills that I have honed over the years could be helpful to some.  I am an avid list maker, but now I could get the ideas I had in my head to translate onto paper because of the skills you taught.  It was especially helpful to go through the steps together throughout the course as I was learning by doing.  That really cemented the information for me and made everything click.

I have gone from being barely able to create a lead magnet to now creating 60+ page home organizing bundle packs and actually selling them (43 and counting)!  This has all happened since May 12, 2020! 

I think what has been most rewarding for me is something I did not realize I would learn, and it is in fact priceless.  I learned to believe in myself.  I learned I could learn new things even at 46 as I am starting over. 

I see my future can be whatever I want it to be as long as I work hard and keep giving my all.  So in that respect, thank you does not seem adequate enough. 

What you taught me was so much more valuable than I can put into words.  I can’t recommend you or this course enough!

I’m just so thankful and grateful to you!
All the best,

Checkout Jodie’s beautiful home organization printables here on Etsy and here on her blog.

Update: June 25th

“Can’t wait to get to $1000. 30 days in and I am close to $400. It’s a great feeling!!!” – Jodie

Update: July 27th

“On the printables front, things are going really well!  I have sold $894.35 to date as of 1:53PM PST, but who is counting :).” – Jodie

Next steps to selling printables

If you’re ready to grow your blog and sell beautiful, easy to make, printables, you can enroll in the Printables by Number course.

There are also tons of helpful videos on my YouTube channel to help you generate ideas for printables and see more successful students share their stories!

  • Hi Suzi,

    I am enjoying the “Printables by Number” course and am creating printables for my blog. I’m really excited about this opportunity and look forward to its success. You are a wonderful teacher!

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