How to make the first $100 with your blog

How do you make money blogging?

And more specifically, how do you make that first $100?

We’ve all seen the enormous monthly paychecks of bloggers such as Pat Flynn (over $150,000 per month), Michelle (over $70,000 per month) or Abby (over $30,000 a month). But how did they start? How does an every day mommy blogger make money while staying at home with her little ones?

Don’t we all want to contribute financially to our family, even just a bit. An extra $200 a month would definitely help with the groceries. And an extra $500, well that puts a dent in that monthly mortgage payment!

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Mom Bloggers & How They Made Their First $100

Below are real life examples of moms who blog and how they made that first $100. You can do this too if you are thinking about starting a blog to make money from home.

It takes a bit of time and creativity. And I know you have a ton of creative ideas just waiting to be discovered. Why not use baby’s nap time to start your own business from home?

I know blogging has given me a great outlet to not just ‘be a mom’ but to also create my own business on the side. It’s been very fulfilling!


I want to make money blogging!

Start blogging for $3.95 a month. What other business has such a low cost to entry?

Blogs by moms who make around $100 a month.

Kimberly Bagley

I made my first $100 with affiliate marketing. Writing informative blog posts and sharing what products I have used to homeschool, organize, and run my business with affiliate links placed within my content has worked well for me.

The banner ads for affiliates tend to not work as well in earning revenue as much as just casually mentioning a product within a helpful blog post. Although, I must say that Amazon native advertising ads have worked well also. Also, it is important to be consistent with posting regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least one to two times a week is a must to help with sales.

My blog was one year old in February and I didn’t do much with it for about six months and the money stopped as well. Once I picked up my posting routine again, I have seen the sales pick up as well.

Dorothy Landes

I made my first $100 with my blog through’s affiliate program. I was able to tailor my affiliate links to my blog’s niche.  I also installed Google Ads and include them on my home page as well as in very popular posts.

Meera Kothand

My blog is my online resume. My first $100 was from a client who noticed and liked my writing style. He offered the opportunity to ghost write a series of articles.

Blogs by moms who make $100 – $500 a month.

Adelina Priddis

My first $100 came from a few companies that reached out to me. One was a coupon site that wanted a review done, and the other is a pretty well-known food brand.

Looking back, and being a new blogger, I realize now how much more I could have done, if I KNEW what I was doing at the time and the relationship that I could have created. My first $100 in one lump sum came when I joined the Social Fabric Network.

Sheena Stewart

I actually started my blog because I maxed out on the number of people I could refer to Stitch Fix, a monthly clothing subscription box. I made my first $100 by referring more people to their service.

Jennifer Oliver Shelton

My first $100 was from private ad sales. I sold ad space to some small businesses and Etsy shops and worked to promote them through my blog.

Jamie Yonash

I made my first $100 that I actually got paid on from a sponsored post for Portrait Innovations. I had money accumulated in different accounts for ads and affiliate sales, but hadn’t met the payment threshold!!

Jamie Knupp

I made my first $100 from a sponsored post/review.

Sandi Schwartz

I made my first $100 through sponsored posts.

You Can Do This Too!

I hope these fellow moms have inspired you! Yes, you can make money blogging.

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Blogs by moms who make around $500 – $1,000 a month.

Kandice Kelso

Honestly, my first $100 came from retail. I promoted and displayed wedding items in pictures on my blog which I connected to Pinterest.

I displayed my items like a catalogue, took great pictures and linked the blog posts to my Etsy Listings. From Pinterest to my Blog, to my Etsy Listings. One little I Spy Camera Game was repinned so many times and flooded me with orders.

Retail is still my biggest income contributor through that same chain. I now make digital download products so I don’t even have to create and ship anything!

Julie Smeltzer

My first $100 from my “mom blog” after I started focusing my blogging was due to sponsored links. I sold a few sidebar links and started doing sponsored social media sharing, so it was a combination of those.

Blogs by moms who make over $1,000 a month.

Lena Gott

In the beginning, all I had were AdSense ads, so that is how I made my first $100.  It took at least 4 months for me to get that first payout! 🙂 – Check out her ebook to increase your traffic!

Chantal Kirkland

Ads and sponsors for my first $1,000.

Michelle Dudas

I started in 2010, and would promote my blog and links in forums like craaazzzy. I would also post on Facebook, but it was really because I was able to network and use my links in forums that I earned my first $100.

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