Below is one of my student’s success stories of making $7,000+ in five days! Read on to find out how she did it!

How to Make $1,000 or More in a Week

I couldn’t believe it. My Finnish language course 5-day launch was over and my Teachable account was showing 7000+ USD of sales.

I felt so humble and grateful. Over 180 people were trusting me to guide them to learn Finnish online.

And there were 900+ students enrolled in my free mini-language course.

No work before had ever felt so meaningful. With my niche blog, I am able to help people all over the world. I am able to add more understanding between different cultures.

This post walks you through my lessons learned in 1.5 years of dedicated blogging. I’m only at the beginning but I believe I have found my voice and know my next steps. I’ll share five tips that were the key to my success and why I think you could build the same results in a shorter time than me.


#1 Niche blog about what you love

Her Finland started as a gratefulness project. I wanted to give back.

I traveled a lot in my work so I needed to come up with a project which I could tap into while being idle at the airport or in a hotel room. I noticed that online people were asking a ton of questions about Finland without finding an answer to them. At the same time, I felt that my home country had given me all that I had in life.

It just clicked. I knew I could help. So, I started writing a blog about Finland and Finnish culture. I kept a tiny blog for the year 2017 and understood that this was something important to me. In mid-November 2017, I entered maternity leave and decided that I wanted to do this for real. I started learning about blogging and social media.

#2 Find the right mentor and RESOURCES

Immediately, I bought a useless online course about Pinterest. That got me disappointed and I didn’t look into any paid resources for a long while. I decided to find my own way, which resulted in a huge amount of time spent learning about stuff from different sources. With a trustworthy paid resource, I would have saved a lot of time.

Nevertheless, I bought a domain, transferred all my post from the old blog and launched Her Finland. Also, I stumbled on to Start a Mom blog and read all free content.

I downloaded the blog plan and put my Twitter and Facebook on autopilot thanks to Suzi’s free method with Google Calendar and focused on SEO and Pinterest. I stayed committed and worked while our baby was napping or sleeping.


#3 Listen to your audience to find your first product

When I wrote a post about Finnish sayings, I instantly noticed that people loved it. I started to write more language posts and created a separate category for them so that my readers would find them. I started getting emails asking about the Finnish language but I didn’t react. Looking back at this now, all the things were already in place in autumn 2018. I just wasn’t!

In January 2019, I finally asked my list of 1000 people what they would like me to create. I got flooded with replies about studying Finnish online and I was determined.


#4 Focus on growing your list

After I asked my list and knew a great mentor, I was all in. I bought the VIP bundle to absorb everything Suzi had learned and, especially, how to make online products efficiently. I watched and read all the courses in January.

I saw the big picture. Suzi had had the same page views as me on her first year, but unlike me, she had also built a massive list and good income.

It was possible. I was just focusing on the wrong things. I wasn’t helping my audience as much as they deserved. I was super excited! I knew what I needed to do and I had all the tools. Now it was just me delivering.

#5 Don’t overthink it, just do it

Between February and April, I have implemented a bunch of tips from the courses and will continue to do so:
– List by Number
– Course by Number
– Blog by Number
– Post by Number
– E-book by Number

All of Suzi’s paid resources have been so much more than I thought.

For example, I improved my site a lot with the help of Theme by Number. Also, the back-end time-saving tips have been so useful. And the Income Journey! It has helped me refocus my business entirely.

The results have been incredible:

My list grew from 1000 to 2000 in two months.
– I launched a mini-language course at the end of February to test the market, create a valuable lead magnet and help those of my people who don’t have money
– I launch a full language course in April: the course generated 7000 USD in 5 days. I followed the steps of Course by Number in detail.
– My page views and social channels have grown on average at 15% monthly rate.


Key lessons learned before Course Launch

Here are the key things that worked for me and built the success of my course launch.

What worked:

What I failed on before buying VIP Bundle

  • I was focusing on page views when I should have focused on building my list
  • I didn’t focus on my freebies so the growth rate of my list was slow
  • I didn’t have time-saving techniques & templates back end so making a post was slow

It fills me with joy to help people to connect with Finland and all things Finnish. I hope this post helps you on your blogging journey! I know you can do it, dear fellow blogger!


I’m Varpu, the founder of Her Finland. My passion is to help you learn the Finnish language and experience Finland, wherever you are. As a MSc speaking six languages and coming from a family full of teachers, it’s my pleasure to show you all things Finnish!

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