How To Make Printables, Freebies and Opt-ins To Grow Your Email List and Income

Would you like to learn a new superpower today? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to do something that most new bloggers struggle with for months, or even years?

Not only can you use this skill to grow your blog tremendously, but you can also turn around and make money with it, today! Seriously. If you love this stuff, and you’re really good at it, then do it momma!

I may be giving away too many of my secrets here. This may not be the smartest move on my part. But honestly, I want to help as many moms as I can change their lives.

Blogging has been completely transformational for me. Over the past two years I’ve been able to grow from making $0 per month to making over $30,000 per month with this little blog.

How did I do it? Hard work. Consistent effort. Late nights. Early mornings. Blood, sweat and tears. Is it worth it? Absolutely! What would I do differently? I wish I started earlier.

But let’s not get off track, let’s get right into this magical skill that you can learn today and change your blogging game.

At the end of the post I’ll share my best example of using this technique + video tutorials! So keep reading, this post is going to be a game changer for you!

how to create printables

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How to Make Printables and Grow Your Blog

Let’s get into it! One of the easiest ways to passively grow your email list is through printables. Printables are also known as freebies or opt-ins when they are used to grow your email list, and I’ll be using these three terms interchangeably throughout the post.

When blogging started, it was fine just to have a “sign up to my newsletter” box and increase your email list that way. But since blogs are a bit more popular today, you have to offer an incentive for someone to sign up.

Think of it like buying someone a drink at the bar before asking for their number 😉 You can’t just go up to them and ask for their number, you have to give them a small gift first. I got this reference by watching movies, I’m not a big partier – you’re much more likely to find me in Starbucks drinking Americano’s than a bar drinking a beer.

I’ve been able to grow my email list to over 50,000 subscribers by just offering freebies or printables on my blog. I would strategically place these above blog posts, in the middle of a post, at the bottom of a post, or as a popup.

Printables by Number

 Before we get too far, if you need everything in a perfect step by step system, the Printables by Number course does just that! The course covers how to create printables to grow your email list, and also how to sell them on your blog, through a funnel or on a third party platform.

Creating small digital products is one of the fastest ways to monetize your blog!

In Printables by Number you’ll get:

  • Over 9 Hours of Step by Step videos (Valued at $197)
  • 10+ Done for You Templates (Valued at $97)
  • Canva and Powerpoint detailed tutorials (Valued at $97)
  • Resource Library by Number (Valued at $47)
  • The Blog Shop Course (Valued at $197)
  • Two Premium Checkout Templates (Valued at $197)
  • Learn how to setup a Sales Funnel or Shop (Valued at $197)
  • 100 Printable Ideas to grow your list and income  (Valued at $47)
  • 8 Drag and Drop Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • How to sell on Etsy – Expert Masterclass

Get the course and printable creation system here today!



What are Printables?

Printables are mostly known as digital paper files. Most of the time they are in a PDF format and contain pretty images, lists or quotes.


What are Popular Types of Printables?

Printables can contain any information, but the most popular types of printables are:

  1. Calendars
  2. Checklists
  3. Coloring Pages
  4. Activity Pages
  5. Quick Tutorials
  6. Reference Guide
  8. Lists (like this minimalist baby registry list)

Your Email List has Amazing Traffic Potential

But back up, why is growing your email list so important? Because the people who sign up to your email list will one day become your future customers. These are the people that are much more likely to purchase through your affiliate links and recommendations. They will share your articles, comment on your posts and be the first to purchase your new ebook or course!

Every time you email your list you’ll get a flood of readers on your blog eager to learn more. It’s recurring traffic.

Sometimes I think of my email list like a huge dam. Whenever I email them I am opening the floodgates and I have the power to direct that rush of water where ever I need it to go. Do you need traffic to a new sponsored post? Email it to your list. Do you need to do market research and need responses to a survey? Share it with your list. Is one of your affiliate’s running a big sale and you want to help promote it? Send the deal to your email list.


Why Do You Need an Email List?

  • Direct access to your readers.
  • Increase sales everytime you share an amazing offer or product.
  • Better ideas from readers.
  • Great personal connections you can’t accomplish using social media.
  • Help and support when you need it.
  • Grow expertise by helping your readers one on one.

Additionally, if you nurture and educate your email list well, you can predict about $1 per email subscriber per month. It’s a rough estimate of your monthly blog income if you work hard at it.

So if you have a warm email list of 3,000 subscribers, you can expect to make about $3,000 and pay the mortgage with your blog!

Doesn’t that just lite the fire under your tushy to make your first printable and build your email list?


How to Create Printables – Step by Step Video

In this step by step video below I’ll show you how I create printables fast! With three little kids, I don’t have hours and hours of time to blog, so I need to be as efficient as possible with my time. This video will show you all my shortcuts and strategies.

The full video that additionally shows how you can create printables using free online software can be watched here.

After watching this video you’ll know how to create and design freebies. If you love doing this and you’re good at it you could make money right now by selling your own printables or creating printables for others. Isn’t that a neat idea?


How to make money with printables

Offer Your Amazing Services:

The quickest way you can make money online is by offering your services. You can find a client and get paid today for work you do.

Sell Printables on Your Blog:

The second quickest way is to sell printables on your blog. This requires you to drive traffic to your blog, so it takes a bit longer to monetize.

Use Printables as a Funnel:

Lastly, you can make money with printables by using them as part of your funnel. Once someone signs up and downloads your free printable, you can funnel them into customers for your other products.

Freebies are great because readers will refer back to them. They will print them out and hang them on their wall or put them on their fridge. This will serve as a constant little reminder of how amazing you are! And every time they open their fridge with your printable on it, they’ll think, “Gosh, I love Suzi’s printables, maybe I should go check out her blog again today!” Or I guess that’s what I hope happens.


What makes a good printable?

The best types of printables are those that people really want to print out and use. I know that sounds basic, but think about it for a minute.

A great printable is a piece of content that the reader wants to refer to again and again.

They want to put it on their wall, stick it in their notebook, tape it to their bathroom mirror, or carry it around with them in their planner.






A great printable is referred to by the reader over and over. It’s a piece of content they can use.

For example:

  • Think of a conversion chart you tape to your refrigerator door.
  • A 12 month calendar with inspirational quotes that can be used all year long.
  • Or the pretty llama printable used in the example below. The printable is being used multiple times as a gift card to friends or family.

Rethink about the printables you want to create to grow your email list. Is it something that the reader can use over and over again? Or do they get all they need in 5 minutes from looking at the PDF?

Don’t make your printable so simple that someone does not feel the need to save it.

You want to create a printable so good that your reader feels they NEED to save it.

That’s when they sign up and give you their email address – because they want to actually USE the information, not just today, but repeatedly.

Is your printable so good that you’ll want to print it out and use it frequently? If not, think of something that will help your readers more.

How to drive traffic to printables and grow your email list

  1. Write a blog post on a related topic
  2. Do a YouTube video or Facebook Live promoting the printable
  3. Create pin images, see the examples below. You can either link these pins to a blog post or a dedicated landing page.

Examples of Successful Printables

The Llama Printable – a direct feature of the printable is used on this pin image. The printable is so cute, no text is necessary.

The Teacher Binder – there are multiple pin images promoting the same beautiful printable.

The Recipe Binder – a mock up of the printable is shown on the pin image, showing the reader they’re getting a whole binder full of advice!


How to Make Printables – The Detailed Process

Below I’ll cover the steps in the video above. If you like this tutorial and want more detailed videos, check out the Printables by Number course.

3 Quick Tips on Creating Printables and Freebies

  1. Lists or calendars work well!
  2. Make sure you offer a quick solution in your freebie. What pain point are you solving?
  3. Put your blog name at the bottom so they know where it comes from.
  4. Include your freebie on your home page and at the top of your blog posts.

How to create printables with powerpoint

Create Freebies Using Powerpoint (shown in the video)

I love using Powerpoint to create my freebies. The first thing I do is to setup a custom slide size by going to the Design tab and clicking on custom size.

Fall Inlove with SmartArt

  • SmartArt makes creating printables super easy! I can toggle between different designs to find the perfect layout for my freebie.
  • You can copy and paste your content into the SmartArt input box or type it out.
  • You can change the color and design of your freebie super easily. PowerPoint allows you to toggle and preview different layouts and colors without having to recreate your freebie.

“ I use PowerPoint for work ALL the time and never would’ve guessed what a useful tool it would be for blogging. You totally changed my world.” – Haylee 

How to create printables with powerpoint to grow your email list

How to Create a Preview of Your Freebie in Your Post

I normally add my freebie to my post through a Convertkit subscription box. I add a preview of the freebie in the form of a small image to further entice new readers to sign up. This gives them a clear idea of what they will be receiving once they opt in to my email list.

Create a Preview Image

  • You can use any screen capturing software you like to create the preview image. I like Snagit from TechSmith because it is super fast and just overall fantastic. If you are serious about clippings and screencast, I highly recommend them.
  • You can snap the picture and copy it and go back to PowerPoint and paste your image there.
  • Once you have the image in PowerPoint, you can open a new slide and take the image and add a shadow around your image. That will make the image pop.
  • Add a little arrow with the preview image to direct the reader to the subscription box that you’ll add later.

Convert to Your Printable to a PDF

  • Make sure you save your freebie or printable as a PDF. That is what your readers will download and what you will connect in the backend of Convertkit.
  • Add a new blog post and upload your freebie preview image to it.

How to create printables and connect to Convertkit

How to Connect Your Freebie or Printable to Convertkit

Okay great! You’ve created your printable and have your little preview image. Now how do you connect it all so when someone visits your blog they can submit their email address to your list and receive your amazing freebie? Here are the quick steps below.

Get an Email Marketing Software

  • Make sure you have an account with Convertkit. I’ve been using them for years! Convertkit is simple to use and has a powerful automation side for creating high converting funnels.
  • In Convertkit you will create a new form for your new freebie. The embed code from the form is what you’ll use to have your readers sign up for your freebies.

You can either create a landing page or a form that will go directly on your blog post. A landing page is great if you don’t have a complete post yet to share your freebie and you’re low on time and need to get it out quickly.

Optimize Your Submission Form

  • On the submission button, change your wording and don’t say subscribe. It’s a bit boring. Make it more enticing. Use more engaging phrases such as “Download now”, “Get access”, or “Start now”. Make it a little more interesting than sign up now or subscribe.
  • If you want people to click on the button you’ll need to change the color to red or a warm color. People are more likely to click on a button if it is red because it stands out!

Deliver the Goods

  • In the form settings you’ll be able to set up the incentive email, this is the email sent to a new subscriber when they sign up to that specific form. In this email they will get the link to download the freebie.
  • On the incentive email make sure you change the message and the subject line to something they will recognize.
  • In the form settings you can either upload your PDF file directly or link to it if you’ve uploaded it to your blog.

How to create printables and connect to Convertkit embed code

How to Connect Your Freebie, Printable, or Opt-in to Your Blog

Fantastic! You’ve created your freebie. You’ve created your form in Convertkit. Now how do you connect all of this together and add it to your blog? The steps are below!

Connect the Printable Sign Up Box to Your Blog

  • Go into the form settings in Covertkit and copy the embedded code.
  • Add this code to the text side of your blog post. A lot of people get a little stuck on this part. They will put it at the bottom of their post on the visual side. Make sure you click on the Text tab.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t see it on the backend of WordPress. Once you publish or preview your blog post, it will show up.

“I created a freebie opt-in the week before Christmas and went from 100 subscribers to 620 in less than 3 weeks!! Learned everything I know about blogging from Suzi!!” – Shanna 

How to create printables using Canva

How to Create a Freebie Using Canva

As you may already tell, I absolutely love using PowerPoint to create my optins and freebies. But if you’re not a Microsoft person, there are other options!

Use Free Tools

Like Canva! There are pros and cons of using Canva. The pro is that it’s free and online! The con is that you have to use their designs and the software is a bit slow. Because you have to copy and paste your content into each section, it will take longer to create your printable. Once you’ve created your freebie in Canva, you can download it as a PNG to use as the little preview image and as a PDF to upload directly into Convertkit.


How to create printables using Google Slides

How To Create a Freebie Using Google Slides

Second best to PowerPoint is Google slides. Super bonus, Google slides is easy to use, free and more and more features are being added to it every day!

Fall Inlove with Google Slides (oh, PowerPoint is going to get jealous!!)

  • Go to your Google drive and click new Google Slides.
  • This will look very familiar to the PowerPoint slides.
  • Go to page setup and select custom. You can customize your size of your freebie or printable.
  • Add your title and don’t forget your blog name at the bottom.

Every couple of months I discover new features in Google docs – I really can’t believe it’s free!

  • Google Slides has a lightweight Smart Art feature. If you go to insert and select diagrams that’s where you’ll find it. It’s pretty neat. But they do only have a limited number of variations, unlike PowerPoint.

The Best of the Internet (Because Google = The Internet, right?)

Google Slides gives you the best of both worlds between Canva and PowerPoint because it will give you ideas like Canva, but has the flexibility to be creative like PowerPoint.

  • You can use a screen capture to create your mini preview image or download the slide as a JPEG.
  • Then for your freebie, download it as a PDF and upload it to your form on Convertkit.  

How to create printables with nounproject

How to Make Your Printables Unique

I recently discovered a bank of icons I can use in my printables! For only $40 a year I can download hundreds of different icons to customize my printables. It’s called NounProject and it integrates with both Google Docs and Office.

You can search for a topic and there will be so many cute icons to choose from. You can even add your own brand colors to them.

“I watched this video a few days ago and it was so helpful. I am going back to it for reference now. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach this to us.” – Mary 


Do Freebies and Printables Really Work?

Not all of your freebies will grow your email list. Some will be duds and that is okay. You will learn what your audience doesn’t like and what they do like. It will take time and experimenting to grow your list.

I have had, what I thought, were awesome freebies, that I thought people would love and then sadly, nobody did. That’s okay too. I learned from those freebies. I learned what I shouldn’t do. I learned what my audience doesn’t like and I improved upon that and created something new.

I am not promising you creating freebies will grow your list to 20,000 by tomorrow. It will take some time, testing, and tweaking. But the more you create, the more you’ll learn and grow!

Remember, a great printable is referred to by the reader over and over. It’s a piece of content they can use.

Pro Question: Will my readers print this out it’s so good?

Ideas for Printables and Freebies to Grow Your Email List

Optins and freebies do not just have to be printable PDF documents. Growing your email list can be done in many different ways. If you’re giving away great advice or tips, you can test out different forms of content types and see what resonates best with your audience.

  • List of tips
  • How to videos
  • Coupons
  • Short ebook
  • Checklist
  • Spreadsheets
  • Cheat sheets
  • Free stock images
  • Calendar
  • Planner
  • Printables
  • Prompts/ fill in the blank templates
  • Free course

“I’m a mother with 2 kids and all this is just so overwhelming, but you make it seem to much not overwhelming.” – Ashley

how to create printables

How to Promote Your Freebies

Here are a few ways you can promote your printables! Below are a few of my favorite methods.

  • Sign up boxes on your blog
  • Webinars
  • Sharing a landing page to your optin on social media
  • Popups (I use Bloom and Convertkit)
  • Run a giveaway
  • Create landing page
  • Add a call to action in the banner of your Facebook blog page or group
  • Use Pinterest to promote your freebie
  • Promote your freebie on Facebook promo days
  • Do a Facebook live
  • Write a guest post and direct people back to your landing page
  • Add an optin on your About me page


Congratulations, You Have a New Superpower

Goodness! That was a lot! If you’ve completed all those steps, I am super proud of you! Congrats!! I hope you’ve discovered that not only can you create printables to grow your own email list, but if you really love creating them, you can offer it as a service or sell your work! Once you master the skills of creating beautiful and helpful printables, you’ll have a new superpower!

And as promised, here is my highest converting printable that I’ve created. It did so well, I turned it into a free mini course, called The Blog Plan! 

Now that you know how to create gorgeous printables and freebies, please share your success stories below in the comments! Have you made money off printables? How much have you grown you list? Let’s celebrate each other’s successes!!


Read more:

How to Make Printables

Video Transcript
hello I am Susy from start of mom blog
 and today I’m gonna teach you all about
 creating printables in canva so canva is
 a free software most of its free online
 you can get the majority of the stuff
 done in canva for free and you can
 create these beautiful printables
 without being a professional designer so
 why do you want to create printables we
 also call them opt-ins or freebies
 there’s three reasons and let me show
 you if you want to grow your blog and
 make money with it
 printables is a great option you can
 either make printables and sell them on
 your blog directly so they can become
 little products for you you can offer
 them as services where you can create
 printables if you’re really good at this
 stuff you can create printables for
 other bloggers that might not have the
 time to sit down and create a printable
 for themselves or you can use them as
 the front end of your email funnel where
 somebody gives you their email address
 in exchange for the beautiful printable
 PDF opt-in freebie that you created so
 for simplicity sake I’m just gonna call
 them printables but they’re also
 referred to as opt-ins freebies PDFs
 incentives all those kinds of things
 alright so I’m so excited you guys are
 here let’s get straight into the lesson
 of how to create printables with canva
 here yeah cool so I actually made this
 little slide in canva so you guys can
 see a little bit of it
 but before we go into it what is my
 process for creating a printable what I
 do initially is I brainstorm I think of
 what’s gonna be the most useful to my
 reader what do they actually what kind
 of tracker or monthly calendar or a
 little ebook or what is gonna help them
 on their journey like your your blog is
 there to solve a problem your blog is
 there to help your audience go from
 point A to point B from struggling with
 the issue to point B using the resources
 on your blog to solve the issue and then
 get to their end result so what’s gonna
 help them
 so ways I brainstorm is I either look
 online I go to Google or Pinterest and I
 look at successful printables in my
 niche what is working right now and then
 I kind of see like do I get any vibes do
 I get any ideas from that never copy
 don’t ever copy other people’s work but
 do you get any inspiration then I also
 go to stores like Michaels and Hobby
 Lobby where I’ll walk around and kind of
 just find inspiration from the real
 world because sometimes getting so stuck
 in the vortex of the online world you
 you see the same things over and over
 and it allows you like going to a store
 and walking around and touching and
 feeling like more ideas come to you so
 one of my best ideas came to me when I
 was walking around a Hallmark store so
 definitely get out don’t just be stuck
 in front of your computer to think of
 ideas then once you have an idea of what
 you think and help your audience then
 sketch it so let me show you guys so I
 just take a little blank paper and I
 just kind of sketch the printable that I
 want to create so in this example we’re
 gonna create a workout tracker just
 because the ideas come easily to me
 because if you really want to know the
 workout that I do it might not be right
 it might be completely wrong the
 exercises that I do but right now this
 is what I’m doing so hopefully this
 works so yeah I sketch it out on paper
 because trying to brainstorm online on a
 program is hard because you’re always
 struggling with like moving things and
 changing fonts so it’s much easier just
 to sketch it out on a piece of paper and
 then once you have a rough outline of
 what you want to look like then we can
 go into the program and actually create
 it alright so now I’m going to show you
 how to add your branding colors into
 canva this is where we’re gonna create
 that printable then we’re gonna create
 it then we’re gonna download the
 printable and then we’re gonna make it
 editable so some of your audience might
 actually sign up get your PDF or your
 printable and download it onto their
 computer and want to fill it in there
 with text and that would be really nice
 if you make the PDFs editable online or
 on your computer
 other readers will actually print it out
 and physically write in on it but it’s
 nice to have that ability so that they
 can type on to it so I’ll show you how
 to do that as well so now we’re going to
 go into canva
 so it’s ca and once you’re in
 canva it’s free to create account and an
 account you can just sign up with
 Facebook or Google or an email what you
 do then is where do I go
 my brain go to your brand and then the
 logos the fonts and the uploaded fonts
 these are all within the pro pack of
 canva but at least you can add your
 brand colors so I have a little document
 that has my hex colors just I just save
 it on my computer so then just copy and
 paste your hex colors and put them right
 in there so at least your top three I
 have more colors that I use with my blog
 but at least your top three hex colors
 you can add in here so it just makes it
 easier when you’re using canva to make
 it look brand it to your blog alright
 let me just go in here make sure
 everything’s working nice okay alright
 so now we have our colors uploaded let’s
 let me show you what we’re gonna create
 so from this little notebook sketch that
 I have I created a mummy workout tracker
 so you want to create a printable or a
 PDF that will help your audience
 something that they want to print out
 and save think to yourself are you would
 you print this out would you spend your
 printer ink on this PDF would you
 actually want to save it to your
 computer if the answer is yes then go
 ahead and create the printable you can
 always adjust it create another
 printable it’s gonna take you a couple
 tries to find this beautiful perfect
 printable that will grow your email list
 but at least start trying so for this
 one I created the mommy workout tracker
 I have a little title page really and
 we’ll go into exactly how I created this
 then I have upper body exercises and
 lower body exercises so I list the
 exercises here so that’s great for my my
 reader who’s gonna download it they see
 the exercises that I do but the reason
 why they want to print it out is because
 there’s a monthly progress tracker so
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Saturday Sunday they can check off each
 week as they do this and I’ve branded it
 for January so you can see Monday’s are
 upper body Tuesday’s or lower body then
 Wednesday Saturday and Sunday we’re
 resting and then Thursday and Friday
 we’re exercising it again so I’ve kind
 of made it easy for them all they can do
 is just do little checkboxes in the
 color-coded boxes easily you can
 duplicate it and then just change the
 title to February so don’t worry I’m
 just doing an overview here so then in a
 second I’m gonna show you how to create
 this you can also add to make your PDF
 in your printable more valuable you can
 explain every exercise or for example
 you’re doing a meal tracker you can
 explain every meal and maybe do a
 breakdown of the calories or the macros
 so how much fat protein and carbs is in
 each meal so that could help so here I’m
 doing an explanation of what a bench
 press is which I didn’t do and then
 lastly you could add a part to your
 printable to your pack where somebody
 could input their own stats so the
 current date when they want to hit the
 goal of losing 10 pounds or gaining 10
 pounds of muscle or what not the number
 of pull ups they can do push-ups and
 their big y so this is just kind of what
 I put into this exercise tracker
 obviously you can do something different
 depending on what your niche is but I
 wanted to add this so I can show you
 later on how do we make these boxes here
 editable alright so now let’s go into a
 blank template of canva and I’ll show
 you how we created this go into canva
 click on create a design and I’m gonna
 click on use custom dimensions I’m going
 to do the little drop down and click on
 inches so normal
 a4 page is eight point five eight and a
 half inches by
 then and we’ll click on design all right
 we’re gonna go there’s a ton of helpful
 templates that canva has for this one I
 used where was it and they do the font
 pairings for you so you could have your
 own fonts that you can add in here or
 you can use a little bit of their
 inspiration I believe it was that one
 there’s so many was it I think was this
 one okay if it wasn’t it looks similar
 okay so then you can go into you just
 drag and drop the design that they have
 you can select it all and click on
 ungroup normally I don’t like keeping
 them grouped because I like to change
 things up a little bit so you select the
 entire box and click on ungroup so it
 makes each section its own so let’s put
 mommy work out what we put here I’m just
 gonna add my little side template here
 so I can see it on the side
 could just track her it’s not gonna look
 exactly like the one I made but this is
 the beauty of canva you can just kind of
 change it as you want to and get more
 inspiration so monthly progress tracker
 upper body and lower body exercises what
 we can do is individually you can put
 them Center the text
 so that’s going to be the top of my page
 then I’m going to do my upper body and
 lower body exercises and for you it’ll
 be a little different depending on what
 your niche is the only thing I don’t
 like about canvas it’s really hard to
 select things sometimes it’s really
 tricky so upper body another tip is you
 want your printables to look really
 pretty the prettier they are the more
 likely somebody is going to download
 them cuz we’re a sucker for things that
 look nice so take your time and create a
 really pretty printable upper body and
 lower body and really helpful as well so
 now what’s nice it gives you a little
 grid line so you can Center things
 easily you can just click on a piece of
 text and click on copy and that’ll bring
 that over so instead of typing all these
 out I’m just gonna copy what I have here
 and then click on that and click on copy
 again look at that that’s nice it’s
 beautifully centered awesome it also
 makes it look much more professional if
 your things line up nicely
 okay you can select both and then I just
 used a keyboard and I go up a little bit
 so that I have space down here for my
 tracker okay click on our monthly
 progress tracker copy and a little bit
 old tip if you click on your keyboard
 and click on T it adds a little bit of
 text so without going to the text module
 and dropping in a piece of text you can
 just click on T and a little bit of text
 will be dropped on your PDF okay so for
 this one we’re gonna put January and
 canva has amazing fonts so really really
 pretty fonts that you can use the one
 that I liked and what I like what they
 do is they actually show you the font
 preview so you don’t have to click on
 each one
 I think it’s called playlist pppp oh
 yeah okay well click on that will change
 it to a larger font and if I go to the
 little drop-down I can see my branded
 colors here so I can click on any one of
 them and see them show up real quick so
 that helps okay now for the little boxes
 that we had so that your reader can
 print it out and actually check off the
 boxes for for completing the tracker and
 completing their exercises each week go
 into elements and click on shapes we’re
 gonna add a little box not this big
 we’re gonna shrink it down so what I
 found is if you create multiple boxes
 you can’t select them all at once and
 change the color so let’s make the first
 line exactly the colors that we want to
 and then copy them because you can’t
 select multiple at once and change
 colors okay so what we’re gonna do we
 have to do our Monday Wednesday Friday
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Saturday Sunday okay so here’s our days
 of the week and click on spacing and
 increase that okay so Monday is going to
 be upper body which is yellow oopsie you
 can also do control C and control V on
 your keyboard you guys most likely know
 that if you do control C it copies if a
 do control V at pace I know you guys
 know that I’m just letting you know in
 case you didn’t know that okay we’ll do
 it again
 so Tuesday’s gonna be lower body so
 we’ll make that one red Friday is lower
 body and then Wednesday is rest day hump
 day we rest on hump day I’m gonna make
 those gray and then for Saturday Sunday
 as well okay so now I’m just gonna look
 at them and line them up a little bit
 better using my arrows on my keyboard
 alright so now I have my little
 checkboxes now I’m gonna select them all
 nope just the boxes controls C control V
 and then line them up easier or you can
 click on copy line em up that way and
 click on copy again okay so there’s your
 tracker well you could do you can select
 the entire tracker portion here at the
 bottom line it up make it look really
 nice and then for upper body make sure
 that your reader knows that upper body
 is yellow or that’s a way that you can
 also like color code your things make it
 easier for your reader to see how to
 organize their life think of shortcuts
 that you can give them so that they
 don’t have to try to figure everything
 out by themselves alright so once you
 have your color there and it’s not on
 the lot on the right um what you call it
 what do you call this layer yeah that
 layer you can send it back and arrange
 it send it backwards okay so you can see
 upper body is yellow
 let’s get a red box again and lower body
 is gonna be red cuz it’s harder
 take it back okay so now we have our
 upper body and our lower body and her
 monthly tracker additionally you do want
 to add your blog URL to the bottom of
 your printables so just click on that
 little T again a little bit of text
 comes on and say this is mommy workouts
 calm for example that could be your blog
 alright so what I would do is just make
 it a little bit lighter there you go
 okay so that’s our tracker now super
 easy in canva you can click on copy this
 page and for example say February has a
 different workout you can change the
 upper body and lower body workouts and
 exercises and you can change them title
 the month so right off the bat you’re
 giving your reader an entire year worth
 of exercises by just copying and pasting
 right here how easy is that
 think of meal planning think of
 decluttering your house maybe having a
 schedule of maybe in January you
 declutter your garage in February you
 declutter your kitchen and then you give
 them an activity to do and how to do it
 but you want to give them something in
 the printable that they can take action
 on and that’s something that they want
 to print out because that’s what it’s
 called a printable so you want to print
 it out and use it and sign up to your
 email list you want to make it useful
 okay you get the example here we can do
 every month additionally for printables
 I try to make them super nice and make a
 little cover page so we can do delete
 all this bring that to the middle so now
 that’s our cover page we can add a
 couple shapes of what I did here we can
 select come down here copy it go to your
 current page paste so it keeps the
 uniformity between the trackers and the
 cover page
 screw that up a little bit right there
 is my bar perfect all right perfectly
 centered cool all right
 so we have our cover page we have our
 monthly trackers
 additionally think of ways how you can
 make your printable even more valuable
 so say for example somebody prints this
 out they really want to do these
 exercises but they have no idea what a
 tricep pulldown is I had no idea what
 that was but now you can go into each
 exercise whoopsy
 I don’t want to delete my blog name and
 delete all the other exercises and
 explain this one all right so what you
 can do is have a little explanation of
 it click on a little T this is what a
 tricep pushdown is and this is how it’s
 helpful to your mommy
 arms to pick up your kids easy easily
 all right something that all right so
 explain the exercise and the benefit you
 can add a couple of tips
 do this twice a week and go up and wait
 after you hit eight reps at your maximum
 something like that okay and then we can
 add cute little fonts in canva just copy
 it paste there so what I’m doing here is
 I’m just adding to the printable so it’s
 not just a one pager it’s something
 really useful and the more you delight
 your reader right from the beginning the
 more they’re going to come back to your
 blog and want more help so truly delight
 your reader make them ecstatic with the
 amount of things you’d give away for
 free and then they’ll come back and be
 like wow this was really great I really
 can see some definition in my arms or
 whatnot and then they’ll come back from
 alright so what you could also do for
 example just thinking um you can have a
 couple of tutorial videos
 say for example you don’t want to create
 a whole free course you can create a
 couple videos on YouTube and then from
 your freebie you can link to them you
 can have a specific page on your blog
 see tutorial videos here mommy workout
 comm slash tutorial videos um it could
 be a page on your blog where you embed
 all your YouTube videos and that could
 be like a one-stop resource for them
 just thinking of ways to make this more
 helpful so that even your freebie once
 they sign up for your freebie your
 freebie gets them back to your blog
 alright so that virtuous beautiful cycle
 alright so we have tips and then lastly
 this is definitely what I want to show
 you guys how to make a PDF editable so
 current stats think of what kind of
 things your reader might want to record
 maybe it’s their daily tracker it could
 just be a daily tracker it could be a
 monthly tracker it could be anything
 where they actually want to like my
 daily schedule where they write down
 current activities so date goal date
 just delete some of these so it’s not
 too messy
 wait current wait number of pull-ups
 okay guys I’m just making this up so
 this is not the perfect workout tracker
 I am just making things up here as I go
 and then you’re gonna line them nicely
 copy and your big wide as with any big
 goal make sure you have a big wife while
 you’re doing it if you’re doing a a work
 a new workout routine if you’re starting
 a blog always make sure you have your
 big y in front of you because it’s gonna
 get hard at times to continue growing
 your blog it’s gonna get hard to workout
 it’s gonna get hard to eat healthy make
 sure you have that big y in front of you
 at all times okay and then we’ll go into
 elements and add little squares this is
 where our reader is actually going to
 input their text all right and you can’t
 select multiple elements at once to
 change the color so make sure you get
 the color right from the beginning and
 then copy and paste it so that’s for
 might have to add some spacing to these
 spacing line-height look at that that is
 pretty cool that’s really helpful Thank
 You canva those line up and then the
 last one okay okay cool so we have our
 tracker we have our place where our
 reader from put in their own stats so we
 have additional tips this is a pretty
 cute PDF just imagine if that was
 actually 12 months of tracking you
 explained every single workout with
 tutorial videos back to your blog and
 then you have their stats where they can
 input that that’s a pretty cool PDF
 that’s something that I would sign up
 for because I don’t want to go through
 the effort of creating this myself this
 is something that I would sign up for
 print it out and use it throughout the
 year additionally if you create a PDF or
 a printable that they refer back to
 continuously they have their thinking
 about you every time they do this month
 mommy workout tracker they’re thinking
 about hey Susie created this amazing
 tracker let me go back to her blog maybe
 she has some more advice anyway so
 that’s a little side tip for you once
 you have your tracker created where your
 printable and you’re ready to download
 it click on download and then download
 it as a PDF first I’m going to change
 the name okay mommy workout tracker live
 example just make my download name there
 click on download click on PDF and it
 will download directly to your computer
 coffee break
 that was a big PDF it’s beautiful
 okay cool here it is now go into PDF
 escape that’s what that’s what it’s
 called go to PDF escape this is where
 you can actually make your PDF editable
 so it’s great for those people who only
 use it online and then the people who
 print it out and physically write in
 it’s not going to change anything from
 your PDF click on the free online upload
 PDF to PDF escape choose your file it’s
 most likely gonna be in your downloads
 folder you can see here’s the mommy
 tracker so this is all the beginning
 part of the printable that we carried it
 this is the part where I want people to
 actually edit it so click on little form
 field here on the side and then create
 the form fields so you’ll just highlight
 and cover the areas where you want
 somebody to be able to put in text okay
 and then our big Y down here super
 SuperDuper easy alright once we’re done
 with that click on the little green
 arrow here click on save and download
 PDF that’s almost instant you can open
 the PDF and now you can see here is the
 mommy tracker and this part of the PDF
 is editable so 10-4 2018 I wanted good
 MP strong that’s my big way all right so
 that’s it now you can take this PDF
 upload it to your blog and then increase
 your email signups either you can use it
 for email signups to grow your email
 list you can sell this PDF directly on
 your blog for a small fee and start
 making money like that or you can offer
 it as services so if you’re really great
 at creating PDFs and you love doing this
 you can reach out to other bloggers or
 clients and offer this as a service
Video Transcript
Let me show you how to create
 This is the power or the the printable we created in canva recently so you can see it’s a mommy tracker
 I’ll just take this away. It goes through upper and lower body exercises. It has a little checklist
 So the mom or the user can check out off how they’re using it
 goes through every month you can do then it breaks down every
 Exercise and give some more additional tips and then it has like occurrence stats
 so this is what we creating in canva but if canva is not
 What you like and you don’t like using camera and you think it’s a little slow
 Although it is really awesome. And you like PowerPoint more? Let’s try to recreate this in PowerPoint
 and as you know a great printable or PDF or
 opt-in for your readers is something that they want to print out and
 actually use so this is something that the mommy wants to print out and go through and do the checkboxes and
 Then every time the exercise is explained that’s something that she also wants to hold on to so she understands it is she doing her
 Barbell presses correctly even though I don’t do this and we’re like push push ups or whatnot. All right, so let’s go into PowerPoint
 and I’ve already started a little bit because I
 Wanted to test out to make sure I can do this. So let’s go into file click on new and
 This is what you’re gonna start out with and this does not look like a PDF printable at all
 So, how do we go through and make this look much much better?
 So first thing you can do in PowerPoint is you can set up your custom colors and fonts
 And this is something you can do in canva
 but you actually have to pay for the premium version of canva to set up your custom fonts in PowerPoint because you probably
 If you have PowerPoint, you’re paying I think it’s $50 per year for the office suite
 I think that’s the last time I checked. Anyway, you can set up your custom fonts and color
 So let me show you how to do that going to the design
 There’s a little here in variant. Click on this little drop-down. It’s pretty hard to find click on colors and then it will
 Bring down
 All these different color palates so you can see here. I have mom life happy life. I have that color palette already stored here
 Tree aid was a website
 I did recently or a while ago and
 then start a mom blog brand colors so you can go into here and click on customize colors and
 Then in the accents you can drop down and find your color
 If you go into more colors and type in the RGB code for your colors for your blog
 So your brand colors so you can go through and change these?
 Let’s say for example, you’re like a very red
 See, yeah, I’m assuming I’m getting the RGB right that’s for your hex color so you can see
 I’m just giving you an example
 You can see the colors are changing
 Good another like super red one. All right, and then we can say okay
 This is my blog colors and click on save
 Alright, so then when you do the little drop down
 You’re gonna see here’s my blog colors. Alright, so it saves that palette for you. That’s pretty cool
 You can also save your font style for your headings in your body text
 So if you go into fonts, you can click on customize fonts
 Say for example for your heading you have
 Broadway and then for your body font something probably that’s a little easier to read
 What’s it what’s
 With em, it’s very popular. I
 Can’t find it
 Let’s just pick something very simple that people could read ok will do grotesque. Oh gosh. Alright, so that would change
 And save your your fonts, so let’s just double check I don’t think I changed them
 So if you right-click and click on edit and then we just give them a name ok, my blog
 fonts and
 That will save that alright, or if I want to go back to the ones that I use for my blog its railway
 So I can just hover over and that will enable mine see how cool that is it will save all of that
 So it’s very time-saving so you can easily
 Save your colors and your fonts. All right. So now that we have
 PowerPoint kind of set up and customize a little bit. How do we resize this page so that
 It looks more like a PDF you can go into the slide size
 Click on customers custom slide size do the drop-down click on a for paper
 Make your slides portrait as well
 All right, so there you go now your slides or a
 Nicely paper size. So when somebody prints it out, it’s gonna print to a normal a four paper a4 page
 all right, so next after we’ve
 resized this we can now add in our I
 Think when it resized it took away our font, so let’s go click on our fonts for our blog and select our colors
 All right. Okay, so that’s all set up now. We want to do the mommy workout
 And it’s our tractor, all right so easily in PowerPoint you can go in
 And make text a little larger that’s one thing that I like about PowerPoint compared to canva
 It’s just a little bit easier to maneuver around
 It’s not as it’s chunky
 Then you’ll see the real reason why I love PowerPoint, which is going to come up soon. All right, so that’s your mommy tracker
 We’ll make that as our little title
 We can insert some shapes
 To make it look similar to what we had so you can be as creative as you want to in PowerPoint
 And it will just easily copy paste
 That is our title slide
 Now what you can also do in PowerPoint is going to I think it is
 View it’s view go into view and even
 Customize the slide master so you can change your slide master. Say for example, if you have a blank slide
 That you’re adding to your your PDF. What do you want to add into it? So
 We insert we can insert text
 We can create a template that shows up on every page so you don’t have to recreate and copy and paste
 you can just edit the slide master and
 It will do it for you so we can insert some pictures
 I’m just giving you an example here
 Okay, so that is say for example, you want a nice little title and we can make that a little bolder
 Mommy work out and then you’ll go into
 How do I exit this slide master? There you go. That’s it
 So now when you drop click on the new slide on the blank one
 It’s gonna bring that up and that’s already set for you as the slide master. So it’s very easy to set different templates
 Without having to copy and paste stuff. You can just create it once in your slide master and it’s there
 Alright, so now what do we actually include on our PDF so that people sign up to our email lists get this amazing
 Freebie that’s gonna help them because the whole reason why you’re creating an email list or building an audience is to help them
 that’s the whole goal of your your blog is to take somebody that at point a and
 Take them and help them along to get to point B from where they’re currently struggling with a current issue
 your blog and your advice and your pdfs and your emails are there to help them through that transition and get them to a
 Successful place it could be losing that first ten pounds after baby. It could be
 Reconnecting with your child or being a better mom
 It could be growing your blog so
 Everybody our blogs are there to help others and that’s why I’m here for you guys
 All right
 so now once you have your mommy workout
 I added. Well you guys are gonna like this now we’re gonna get into the good stuff. Alright
 so how do you make like a little list and make things look prettier in a
 PowerPoint and this is what I really like about PowerPoint. You can go and click on insert and click on SmartArt and
 when I was in corporate, I
 was always discouraged to use SmartArt because it’s too fancy and
 It takes away from the message and things were supposed to just be kind of black and white
 But now that I run my own business I can use SmartArt as much as I want
 Let’s go. It will click one here and I already have
 Some text that we can put into it
 So you can fill in your list of tips or tricks or exercises in this case
 And we have them here. So all I did was just
 C-type them in here in the little text box and then it would put it in my smart art and look super pretty
 I’ll make it a little bigger so I can actually read it and
 now for the fun part, you can go back to design and hover over the smart art templates and
 This will show you different templates that you can use
 For the data that you just put in there, so
 This sometimes takes me hours because I go through each template and I see which one looks the best
 So that I can help my readers
 There’s either you’ve even one with like pictures. You can actually add a little picture that describes each step
 So for this one which one did I like?
 I’m making you guys dizzy. I’m sorry. Oh, yeah, I like this one
 so that’s the really nice thing about PowerPoint is you can use the SmartArt and
 Create these beautiful print up printables and mock-ups really quickly
 So we’ll do the mommy workout. Those are the exercises then for you can do upper body lower body
 Let’s go back into this one. Oh
 This was cool
 Then this is one that I did just before you guys came on
 So I made this little smart art of
 All the different exercises and I can select all of them and make that a darker text so you can actually read there you go
 This is the exercise the body part of the description of the routine
 So think about how you can break down a problem in your niche and make it a simple step-by-step guide for your readers
 Maybe it’s how to cook this
 amazing Thanksgiving dinner or
 How to make baby food whatever it is
 What can you make easier for your readers and give them a little chart that they want to print out and actually use?
 So that after this
 Another thing that’s nice about PowerPoint is
 Did you see there? I just pulled up the slide master slide that we created, which is nice
 You can insert a table very easily if I find it. So we want to insert something that’s seven days and
 Six rows so that I can put in my days of the week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday
 Friday Saturday and Sunday
 So you can easily create a little calendar within PowerPoint will select the top row
 Align the text to the middle and in the center we can make them just a little bit bigger
 There you go
 Can also add a nice little title and a different fancy font. So say for example, this is January
 Yeah, sometimes you have to force it to go a little bigger, all right, yeah and
 Then what you could do is in the previous tracker we had
 Those days kind of grayed out Saturday Sunday and Wednesdays are grayed out cuz we’re not gonna exercise on those days
 we’re gonna rest Mondays our arms and
 Tuesdays and Fridays our legs so Tuesdays and Fridays. I can only select one of the time
 You can change the shading
 Match the workout. So upper-body was yellow you can easily copy and paste the pages. This would be lower body
 I’ll show you. Okay. Well while we’re on it, you can change the colors of the smart art pretty easily too
 So you guys might think I’m this designer with all my PDFs and I’m not I just use
 smart art in PowerPoint
 So you can go through and change the different colors different styles and the coolest part
 You can even make it a rainbow. You can use all your colors at once or a shade of all your colors. It’s not pretty
 Ok, and then we’ll go back sorry. Oh, it’s got a little distracted there change the shading here
 So then your readers know that
 They have to check off the boxes for Monday, it’s upper body. Tuesday’s lower body. Alright, so you can do this little calendar
 For each month of the year another cool thing that you can do of PowerPoint is easily toggle between
 Cases so you can do sentence case you can do lowercase uppercase
 capitalize each word toggle case
 so just with this little drop down if you accidentally wrote everything in an
 Uppercase and you want to get it all down in lower case or sentence case, you can just use that instead of rewriting the entire
 Line of text so that’s super helpful. And then lastly I want to show you how to create a little tracker and
 then make this PDF editable so we can insert a
 Couple shapes here where we will input text
 Because some people might want to print this out and some people might want to edit it online. So we’re gonna do that
 I’m gonna insert some text
 Okay, why
 So say for example that one okay that piece of text. I wanted it to be all uppercase. I just click on that
 Boom, it’s all uppercase
 And then this would be current wait I
 Know you guys probably not not everybody’s gonna be in the
 The exercise niche but think about ideas of how this can be used in your niche and how easy this is to create
 The more time you spend on this PDF and the more information you’re gonna put in it the more helpful
 It’s gonna be and the higher conversions you’re gonna have so I advise you don’t create the PDF in five minutes
 And then that’s it. Take some time to really input some amazing
 advice in here
 especially if you do the the hard work of going through and
 Curating a lot of advice and bring it breaking it down into simple steps for your readers
 They’re gonna love it more so current way goal weight
 Number of push-ups and then number of pleasure pull-ups, okay
 So just little goals that the person could write down
 Alright. Oh, you would probably want to make this just a little lighter if they’re going to be writing in the boxes
 All right
 Okay, so now we have our PDF creative imagine there’s more data for for our readers
 One thing that I missed that I haven’t put in here yet
 Um, there’s a little add-on to PowerPoint and this can work for Google slides as well. It’s called the noun project and
 I think it’s about 40 dollars per year
 You can click and add it on to to Google or I mean to Google slides or PowerPoint and then you can search for any
 Any icon so say for example, we want to search for
 Barbell, right because this is all got exercise. Look at all. These cute little barbells that come up those our dumbbells the barbell
 if you want to add that you click on it, and then it adapts to the custom colors that you’ve
 chosen for your PowerPoint deck and you can add that into your
 How cool is that or for example each exercise here we can do push-ups. Let’s see if they have a
 push-up one
 Cool. Okay. So here’s a little push-up guy. He’s doing a push-up we can insert the icon and
 then oops
 Okay. So what you want to do is if you hold shift and then change the box it retains the size
 So we can do a little push up there
 Wonderful a barbell row probably not just do barbell or benchpress benchpress
 Cool it has a little bench press so we’ll click on that
 As you can see this kinam this can get really fun
 All right, so you can add little icons if you want
 Info or graphics, you can even use this as infographic so you if you want graphics for your printable
 The noun project is really easy to use and it’s a little add-on in PowerPoint
 So that’s a tip for you now lastly
 What we want to do is at least add your blog URL at the bottom of this PDF. So if somebody prints it out and
 They put it on the refrigerator or they start using it
 you want them to remember where they can find you so if you click on
 Click. Oh
 Where is it?
 Header and footer and on the footer you can put your name
 and your
 And apply to all so there you go so that will be added to every slide
 So that people know where to get you. All right
 so once you’re done with your slide and you’re ready to use it on your blog as an
 incentive offer
 Let’s do one last thing and make it editable you can do file
 Save as and
 Will save it as a PDF right from here my mommy workout
 PowerPoint example
 All right, so it’s saved as a PDF now go to
 PDF escape
 So that’s the website that can make your PDF editable PDF escape com
 click on the free online version
 Upload a PDF to PDF its PDF escape choose your file
 Easiest place to go find it
 alright, so
 we have our PDF it’s loading and
 We can scroll down to the part of our document where we want to make it editable and you’ll click on
 Believe it’s form field
 Click on select and you’ll just drag and drop where you want to add form field
 So this will make the PDF editable online
 Pretty cool for your audience
 After you’re done with that click on
 Save and download PDF here on the side
 we’re gonna open it and
 this will be the PDF that you
 share of your audience and it’s super helpful and then they can
 my current weight
 Edit it here or they can print it out and edit it from home
 Alright, so I hope that helps you see that there’s more than one way to create printables you
 Can use canva you can use PowerPoint you can use Google slides. Those are only three other programs that I like to use
 I know there’s many many more you can use word
 So let me know what questions you have regarding printables and how I can help you and I hope this was super super duper helpful

Printables by Number

Step by step, super duper affordable course to help you grow your email list from zero to thousands and make your first digital product!

✅ Over 9 Hours of Step by Step videos (Valued at $197)

✅ 10+ Done for You Templates (Valued at $97)

✅ Canva and Powerpoint detailed tutorials (Valued at $97)

✅ Resource Library by Number (Valued at $47)

✅ The Blog Shop Course (Valued at $197)

✅ Two Premium Checkout Templates (Valued at $197)

✅ Learn how to setup a Sales Funnel or Shop (Valued at $197)

✅ 100 Printable Ideas  (Valued at $47)

✅ 8 Drag and Drop Mockups (Valued at $47)

✅ How to sell on Etsy – Expert Masterclass

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