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How to create a free online course and make money while growing your email list.

*This post contains affiliate links.

How to Create a Free Online Course and Make Money while Growing Your Email List

Once a week I try to do a Facebook Live lesson and teach my tribe new blogging strategies. With three little kids, 4 years old and under, it’s tricky to find time, but it’s doable! Thank you to my hubby for watching the kids while I did this video below.

I go into detail how I doubled my income from one affiliate by creating a free mini course. I also increased my email subscribers! It took me about a day to record all of the videos, and another day to put the course together.

I also show how this free course has three main opportunities to make you money.

For your convenience, I’ve included all of the slides below, so you can follow along at your own pace.

Once you create your free mini, course feel free to share it in the comments below, I’d love to check it out!


Pros of Creating a Free Mini Course

  • You’re building rapport. So when you launch your paid course, people will already know and love your teaching style (you’ll get higher conversions)
  • You’re creating a course without any of the pressure of ‘launching’
  • You can always add/update the course in real time
  • You can upgrade the course and charge for it later… 😉
  • You’re increasing your expertise in your field
  • Because it’s a free course, you don’t have to be “perfect”


Sign up here to create your own Free Online Course with Teachable.


Create a free online course to increase your affiliate marketing income, make money and grow your email list

What You Need in a Free Online Course

In a free mini course, you don’t need to include 10+ videos and worksheets. Just create a quick win for your audience. Maybe it’s 4-5 videos to organize their closet, or the best leg workouts to do at home, or five easy chicken meals for the week.


Create a free online course to increase your affiliate marketing income, make money and grow your email list


My Free Online Course – Case Study

I created a free quick online course showing how to edit your pictures in PicMonkey. This course already has over 500 students enrolled and has increased my affiliate income with PicMonkey from under $200 to over $400.

You can enroll in the PicMonkey course for free here.

How to Create Your Own Free Online Course

I have been using Teachable for almost two years now. They are constantly bringing out new features to help increase my conversions. And their support is fantastic, I’ve loved using their platform to host all of my courses. I am currently on their Professional plan, but you can try them out for free by going through the link below.

Sign up here to create your own Free Online Course with Teachable.

After you click through, look under the Pricing tab and scroll to under the table. There you will find a little link that says, “Try out Teachable for free.”

Adding an Upsell/Tripwire After a Student Enrolls

Even if the student enrolls in a free course, you have the ability to include a tripwire right after they subscribe! This is a great way to convert eager readers it to buyers. I’ve seen upsells convert as high as 40%. This works particularly well if you have a few courses on Teachable already and you can bundle them together for a one time discount.

Increase Perceived Value of the Free Course

In Teachable you’re able to add a price to a course and share the sales page WITH a coupon code already included. This shows the reader that the course has a value of X dollars, but you’re being so nice to offer it to them for free.

The Super Simple Sales Funnel for your Free Online Course

Below you can see how this all comes together. You promote the landing page where the reader sees the “free course”. They sign up, and then they are offered a tripwire/upsell. A small percentage of them will take you up on it, and you’ll increase your income. Then, they’ll enjoy your amazing free course, and click on links back to your blog that contain affiliate links (Amazon links especially – they need to be public and on your blog.)

  1. First opportunity to make money: The Upsell/Tripwire
  2. Second opportunity to make money: Blog posts with affiliate links
  3. Third opportunity to make money: Add more videos + tips + resources to the free course and charge for it

Create a free online course to increase your affiliate marketing income, make money and grow your email list



Ideas for Your Free Online Course

Below I’ve included a few ideas for free online courses and how you can make money with them.




Create Your Free Online Course to Make Money and Build Your Email List

Sign up here to create your own Free Online Course with Teachable.

Or checkout this Teachable Review post!

Hope you liked the video and tips! Once you create your free course, please share it below in the comments! I’d love to check it out!

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