My Breakup With The Big Player

When I first started blogging I signed up for self hosting through the company that everyone loves to promote. My relationship with them ended poorly when my site would go down for 30 minutes one day. Then 1 hour a few days later.

And then, 4 long hours one Wednesday night. That was too much.

I mustered enough courage and broke up with them. Their customer and tech support did not even offer me an incentive to keep me. Nothing. Just bye.

So Where is the Free Tech Support?

I found and fell in love with a new hosting company.

I have never.ever experienced such quick and helpful customer service and tech support before. To say they are lightening fast is an understatement!

Normally, with any other company, I would grab a big cup of coffee before calling tech support. With my new hosting company, my problem is fixed before the coffee is done brewing! AMAZING!

They have 24/7 super quick customer support. I have never been on the phone with them. I have never been put on hold. It all happens through chat. And they are there whenever I have a question.

I just open that little chat window, and literally, 30 seconds later someone is there with a sweet and happy greeting. “Hi Suzi, how can I help you today?”

This company is amazing. I feel like I have my own technical support team at the tips of my fingertips. 

And yes, I’m an affiliate for them, but why the heck wouldn’t I be? You should be too!

You’re Just Writing This to get Affiliate Sales

Sure, I would love it if you signed up through my affiliate link. It would help me buy diapers for my two little ones. It would help me invest back into my business. You can find the instructions on how to start a blog and sign up for self hosting here.

But I’m not just writing it for the sales. I genuinely LOVE this hosting company.

And if they ever stop delivering their amazing support as I’ve described, I will remove this post. I am serious about building my brand long term. And a few sales today is not my goal. So I am 100% sincere in what I’m writing.

The List of Tickets They’ve Done For Me – For Free & Super Fast

These are technical issues, not related to hosting, that they solved for me. I did not have to search Google for a solution.

I immediately clicked on the Live Chat button and a few minutes later, my questions were answered and my problems solved.

– Setup and install WordPress for me
– Setup redirects for me
– Setup my domain name email and setup forwarding for me
– Refunded my mistake blog url – because I almost got sued by Facebook for that one!

These are tech issues that would have taken me hours to figure out. But I didn’t have to. They did it all for me.

 siteground live chat

 Okay, What Else Besides Tech Support Makes Them Great?

Affordable: $3.95 a month for super fast, reliable hosting is amazing. And bonus, that comes with all the technical support you can dream of! That is less than $48 for the entire year – AND it includes a domain name for life!

siteground plans

Just look at all these benefits.

siteground benefits

Reliable:  No site down time. Not one minute of downtime since I’ve signed up with them.

siteground stats 1

Super Consistent: I have experienced the same level of professionalism and helpful support from every customer service rep I’ve chatted with.

Technical Support: Not only can I talk to them about sales and billing, but I click that middle button all the time. Even for the simplest question. I just enjoy chatting with their friendly customer service reps. They fix my problems faster than a Google search would. 

And they don’t ask me to fill out a customer service survey after the chat. It’s just get in get out.

Sure, I’m being lazy and using them to solve my issues. But I do it so I can focus on more important things. Like creating content and promoting my blog.

I already wear 10 different hats running my online business, there is no need to master this siteground

Want to Sign Up or Make The Switch?

Who is this wonderful hosting company that I obviously love? It’s SiteGround.

If you’re starting a blog and want to make money from it, SiteGround is an AMAZING company to host with!

Or if you are thinking about switching from BlueHost to SiteGround, here is how I did it.

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