As I’m only one mom + a VA running multiple blogs, I needed to create a standard process for guest posts. It’s called Post by Number.

If you’d like to guest post on this blog or any of my others, enroll in the course, apply the amazing tips and techniques and submit your post. The submission form is in the course.

Post by Number

Learn the step by step process I follow to write blog posts that rank well in SEO and keep the reader engaged on the page!

This is the standard process I require all of my guest post bloggers to complete. It allows me to publish your post quickly so you get more exposure and traffic.

You can also use these methods to create your own posts for your blog.

Benefits of Guest Posting for Bloggers:

  • Get traffic back to your site and grow your email list
  • Have a do-follow link to your blog which is amazing for SEO
  • Continuously get traffic from your guest post as I load it to my social media queues
  • Build authority and credibility even as a small blogger
  • Add “as seen on” logo to your website to increase your expertise
  • Get over that ‘shiny object syndrome’ and be able to blog about something off topic 🙂

Benefits of Guest Posting for Non-Bloggers:

  • Get exposure to a big audience
  • Test out your writing skills to discover if blogging is right for you
  • Have a creative outlet
  • Share your advice and tips with others
  • Build authority and credibility as a writer
  • Build confidence and join a community

It’s a quick course, so you can learn and implement immediately!

Let’s go write! Enroll in Post by Number to get started.