How I Gained 100 Subscribers in 24 Hours

How I Gained 100 Subscribers in 24 Hours

Super quick post while I’m breastfeeding my baby… here goes!

Yesterday I was on an awesome podcast by Pat Flynn and Bryan Harris. They challenged the listeners to increase their subscribers by 100 people in 24 hours, with the promise to send some traffic their way the next day. Well, I am working on growing my blog, so GAME ON!


I started hustling hard and here is how I increased by subscribers by 100 people.


Update Current Opt-Ins

I updated my current Facebook Groups Promotional Schedule Opt-In and added more groups to it!

I sent this to my current list of 550ish subscribers and asked them to reshare it for me. I also shared it in Facebook Groups again.

Gained 38 subscribers (but I had a few people unsubscribe – that’s okay – it just gets me closer to the people who like my stuff)


Pop Ups & Quick Landing Page

I turned on the Welcome Mat from SumoMe and made a super quick landing page for a new idea I have, the Productivity Post It Journal

Gained over 54 subscribers


Created a Quick Opt-In for Most Popular Posts

I created a quick opt-in for my most popular post that day

Gained me 8 subscribers


Asked Family & Friends to Share

I asked family and friends for the last 5 or so addresses 🙂 They shared my posts on their Facebook walls! Love family!

And it helps with you have friends like Kaylene who give you tips on how to triple your pageviews with her blog promotion strategy.

So I gained a few more subscribers!


Below is the proof!


How I gained 100 subscribers in 24 hours



Want to boost your blog traffic through Facebook?

I used my Facebook Groups Promotional Schedule to get quick traffic to my site. You’re welcome to use it too! I know it’s been super helpful to a lot of bloggers. 🙂

Button FB Promo Groups




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