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How Do You Stop Wasting Your Time?

How do you get more time to do things? You either add more time to your day, which is impossible, do things more efficiently or the easiest way, you can do less. Today we tend to think busy equals important. The more productive you are, the better it makes you as a person and the closer it gets you to Heaven. Oh no, mommas, productivity does not equal sainthood, although I feel that way sometimes! I am much more a Martha than a Mary.

But it costs us.

Doing too much spreads us too thin

so that we can’t do the things we commit to well.

So how do you combat this?

With Visual Management! <— This comes from Lean Engineering 😉

stop wasting time

The Process to Stop Wasting Your Time

On post it notes, write down ALL of your commitments. Write down the things you want to commit to but haven’t yet. Or the things you had to say no to, that you still want to do. Also include general rules of your family. Things that are automatic No or Yes.

Use a different color post it note for each member of the family. And use a separate color for family commitments.

  • Family Unit = Yellow
  • Mommy = Pink
  • Daddy = Blue
  • Kids = Purple

Use a poster board and make two columns, a Yes and a No column.

On the Yes side place all the commitments you are saying Yes to. And likewise, do the same for the No side.

no list and mommy schedule

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This will visually show you how busy you are as a family! It will also show who is over committed to things. Seeing too much pink? Or blue?

Then decide as a family what falls into each category. Adjust this list periodically.

But most importantly, use the No column to easily say No to any events that may come up that fall into that category.

When you have a standard list of declines,

you can prevent yourself from over committing. 

No body likes a worn out, tired momma. Your time is valuable, so pick what you do with it wisely.

stop wasting your time

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