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Free Divi Layouts for Mom BLoggers

In the post below I share the 3 main reasons why I use and love Divi. I also share a few free Divi layouts for mom blogger’s if you’re ready to use Divi on your blog.

Ready to upgrade your blog?

After 3 months of using a free theme I finally realized I needed more power behind my blog. I needed to create landing pages, customize elements and add testimonials and pricing tables.

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, I recommend trying out the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. (affiliate link)

Below I’ll share why I love Divi.  When you purchase Divi, you get access to all 80+ themes from Elegant Themes (for mom bloggers, either the Divi or Extra theme from Elegant Themes work wonderfully!)

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Want Pretty Divi Layouts for Mom Bloggers

Hi, I’m Suzi and I help moms gain the confidence to start their online journey by teaching them how to start a mom blog. Not only has blogging pulled me out of the baby blues, it has helped provide a solid stream of income for our growing family. That is why I’m so passionate to help other moms discover this too! A big part of my success can be attributed to the powerful theme I based my blog upon.

I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second baby and knew I needed to help contribute to the family finances. My husband was working 12+ hour days and we were about to grow to a family of four. I was driven to make something work.

After many failed side hustle attempts, I stumbled into blogging. I started my blog sharing stories about our family life, motherhood, and faith. It quickly grew into more than a hobby. I was making money through Amazon affiliate sales and knew that this was my ultimate side hustle as a stay at home mom.

Friends and family were all asking me about my new passion. And even though I was barely sleeping through the night with two under two, I couldn’t stop blogging.

But I quickly hit a wall when I wanted to scale my blog.

The theme I was using at the time was limited and uncustomizable. I couldn’t drag and drop features, A/B test, or create high-converting landing pages. I was stuck. I needed a WordPress theme that could grow with me as my blog and business grew to a full-time income.

After searching for weeks for the perfect theme, I found Divi. It was love at first click!

Turning Divi Layout Landing Pages into High Converting Masterpieces

When I discovered Divi had a visual builder I knew I could create the masterpieces I’ve always dreamt of. I designed my first sales page for my ebook and it converted like bonkers. A big part of this success can be attributed to Divi. It made my sales page look super professional from day one. The beautiful layout and flow of the page leads visitors through the journey and pulls them into the buy button on the well designed pricing tables.

I design my sales pages like stories to help my visitor discover the solution for themselves by the time they scroll to the buy button.

Since it’s super easy to save and duplicate pages within Divi, I’ve created multiple high converting sales pages for my ebooks and courses. My favorite sales page is for Blog by Number.

A/B Testing Different Modules and Layouts to More Profit

I’m an Industrial Engineer by trade so I’m always looking for the most effective solutions. I’ve applied that type of six sigma testing to my landing pages. And using the A/B testing functionality of Divi allows me to tweak and test to my heart’s content.

Knowing which element is converting at a higher percentage is important! You may not think 2% is a big deal, but it can mean thousands of dollars lost at the end of the month.

Divi allows me to make more money by showing me what my readers like best. And if I have more than one idea, I can test them all and go with the winner!

Higher Converting Optin Forms using Bloom

Oh goodness, before installing Bloom on my website I had a horrendous pop up. It was awful and ugly and terribly intrusive.

The Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes allows me to show my optin intelligently. With a timed delay and special action triggers you can delight your reader as they browse your website.

My conversion before switching to Bloom was 3.57%.

My conversion after switching to Bloom, 4.4%, almost an entire percent higher!!

If had Bloom installed on my website from the beginning, I would have had over 4,000 more email subscribers on my list! That’s a big loss in potential profit.

Divi is Simple and Robust

Over the past few years that I’ve used Divi I’ve grown to love it more and more. Even as a mom with little ones running around, I was able to master Divi. It’s simple enough for the beginning mommy blogger and robust enough for the advanced tech geek.

I’m tickled to know that as my business and my skill set grows, the Divi theme will continue to provide a solid foundation. And as new features are released by the Elegant Themes team that surprise and delight me, I’m overjoyed to be on the lifetime membership.

Free Divi Layouts for Mom Bloggers

Now that you know why I love Divi so much and how it can improve your blog and conversions, here are a few free Divi layouts you can use today when you run Divi on your blog.

The Wedding Planner Divi Layout

divi layout wedding

The Food Blogger’s Divi Layout

divi layout food

The Life Coach Divi Layout

divi layout coach

The Craft or Kids Divi Layout

divi layout craft

The Juice Shop Divi Layout

divi layout juice

The Modern Mom Divi Layout

divi layout modern

a little bit of love

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