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How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide to Increase Your Blog’s Affiliate Income

In this in depth step by step video below I’ll show you how to create a gift guide on your blog. This video will help you find affiliate programs, write amazing headlines, show you how to create the post and image, and how to promote it!

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Step 1: How to find affiliate programs

Search similar niche sites with gift guides. Click through and find what stores and websites they are using to promote products from.

Step 2: Rules you need to follow with different affiliate programs

Amazon has strict rules when it comes to promoting and using their images. Make sure you don’t break any!

Step 3: What headlines to use to get major traffic.

Your headline is just as important as your content!

how to create gift guides to increase your blog affiliate income

Step 4: Actually creating the post on WordPress.

I’ll show you how to embed your affiliate links into your post and make them look super professional! I also include tips to increase click through rates.

Step 5: Creating the pin image for your gift guide.

You need to create a great promotional image to share your post. I’ll give you different examples and show you how to create them easily.

Step 6: Promoting your gift guide to increase your affiliate income this holiday season!

  • On Pinterest
  • On your Facebook blog page
  • On your personal Facebook page
  • In your email newsletter
  • Roundup with other bloggers
  • Ask your mom!


Tools used:

  • WordPress
  • PicMonkeyΒ (affiliate link)
  • Blog by Number course


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Video Transcript
hi everybody I am Suzi from Start a Mom Blog
and today I’m gonna give you a
lesson and gift guide creation I make
sure if you want to leave a comment make
sure the sounds working everything’s
looking good I want to show you a method
a type of blog post you can create this
holiday season that can help increase
your affiliate income
so you’ve hi good morning Gabrielle
you’ve probably seen a ton of gift
guides around on Pinterest and on
Facebook and it’s a way that bloggers
make increase their affiliate income
over the holiday season because
everybody’s spending money everybody’s
looking for gifts for their their moms
or their brothers or their nieces so
there’s tons of niches you can go into
and create these awesome comprehensive
gift guides and then all you need is
just for somebody to go through your
gift guide and click through to the
store or the website right they don’t
even have to buy the thing you recommend
they just need to buy something from
that store within that time period that
the cookie is valid depending on what
affiliate program you use so technically
you just want people to click through
you want them to click through your
affiliate link they’re gonna see
something cute and they’re gonna make a
purchase and you’re gonna get a kickback
and a commission from that so that’s a
great way to provide a cool value to
your readers and then also to make some
money this holiday season because we’re
all spending right now I know I am so I
see there’s some people on it’s exciting
let me know if you can’t hear me it
looks like everything’s working and this
is gonna be a long presentation not to
like scare you away but I’m gonna go
through step by step and show you
everything from how to create the blog
post how to create the pin image and
then how to promote it so good morning
how are you Abby so it’s it’s not just
like oh this is kind of what you need to
do this is gonna be in depth these are
like copy paste
create the blog post and everything all
right so let me show you a little bit of
an example and we’ll go over to screen
and computer um so I just got this this
morning from Abby Abby is a blogger from
just a girl on her blog she’s awesome
very very sweet sweet blogger this is
kind of what we’re we’re thinking about
creating right so she has best Christmas
gifts for decor lovers so she has her
pin image which I’ll go through and show
you how to create something like this
and then she has a great title the best
Christmas gifts for decor lovers or
decor however you say it and then she
goes through and explains every product
that she’s recommending so I really like
that that’s that’s a great technique and
I’ll show you how we can do this as well
and some of the restrictions that amazon
has cuz that’s one of the biggest
programs that people use to increase
their affiliate income I’ll just give
you a couple tips of what you can and
can’t do with Amazon especially alright
so this is kind of where we’re gonna go
we’re gonna create a blog post like this
so that you can increase your fluid
income – alright so when you go into
your blog let’s go into the back end of
my blog so this is kind of seeing the
nitty-gritty back stuff alright you go
to post go to add new posts and we’ll
create the the gift guide post here I
normally use Divi it’s easier to build
my blog post that way it has a ton of
functionalities but if you don’t have
Divi this is the plain normal side of
WordPress and this is how you’re gonna
create it so I do have some steps here
okay just to kind of keep myself
accountable okay so we’re on like how to
make a gift guide all right before you
create the the post right like how do
you what is an affiliate how do
get products to promote and how do you
get paid
most people sign up for Amazon to be an
affiliate for Amazon so that means you
can promote any other products on your
website and then you get a kickback if
somebody goes through your affiliate
link and makes a purchase the cookie on
meaning how long the time is from when
they click to when they need to make a
purchase and that’s your window to
actually make a commission is on Amazon
is only 24 hours so that person needs to
go through your link make a purchase
within the next 40 24 hours and then
you’ll get a kickback other programs say
for example Jane they have a longer and
you can’t see it here a longer cookie
which is great we like long cookies
baked cookies they also have they have a
15-day cookie so if you if somebody goes
through your Jane affiliate link makes
it purchase within the next two weeks 15
days then you get a kickback you also
get a higher kickback 11% for new
customers 10% for returning customers
and higher than what you would get
through Amazon although Amazon’s more
popular so there’s a ton of different
companies that you can sign up with to
be an affiliate for them Jane I just and
I’ll tell you it like how I found about
how I found out about Jane but it’s easy
to find companies to be an affiliate for
and then you don’t always have to use
Amazon because as you can see here this
one has a higher percentage and a longer
cooking so that’s pretty cool so I’ll
show you that in a minute
Amazon we went through ok how to find
let’s move my little video here there
you go
hi know I’m at the top looking down how
to find affiliate program so before we
even create this blog post and start
promoting it how do you find affiliate
programs so the way I found Jane because
I’m not a fashion blogger was by going
to Pinterest and perusing other people
so let’s see if you go here
get a Pinterest we all love Pinterest
oh you got somebody from the UK hello
okay so if you are on Pinterest you can
just search
what’s your niche fitness fashion food
let’s do let’s do fashion or like I’ll
tell you how I found Jane gift guides
Christmas okay so I’m just gonna type in
gift guides Christmas so here you can
see all these tons of gift guides that
come up that people are promoting so
you’re like oh that looks pretty cool
I’m going to click through you kind of
click through because you saw the cool
makeup but then you end up buying a hair
dryer or something and that person that
bloggers still gets that affiliate
Commission okay so what I did was just
go to any one of these and say for
example okay you’re your niche is
similar to this person you can go see
where they’re an affiliate so Thank You
Ashley Brooke Nikolas you have a great
blog we are on it
I’m showcasing you here um what I would
do is look at her gift guide and see
okay so she has bit ly links right now
you can see here at the bottom they pop
up the links if I hover over them I
would click through and then see okay
she’s an affiliate for this is Target
so obviously target has a great
affiliate program where she’s an
affiliate for it so that’s a way to find
affiliate programs and go click on
something else let’s see where that is I
can’t say this right anthropology so
anthropology has an affiliate program so
when you look at other bloggers in your
niche and you kind of go through their
gift guides or through their through
their blogs you can see where there are
affiliates for and that could be helpful
for you to see okay well these companies
have affiliate programs and then what
you would do is if you see okay so
target has one
I would just type in target affiliate
program I would Google that and then
here you go affiliate and
then you can join it and you learn more
about it so you earn up to 8% when
people buy I don’t know how long their
cookie is but it’s probably longer than
24 hours all right so that’s how you can
find affiliate programs because we don’t
always have to do the same thing all
right then let’s go we’re gonna take
Amazon as an example cuz I’m a I’m an
hi everyone another UK viewer and yes
winter is here winter is coming quick
rules from Amazon just so I know I mean
I know most people sign up for Amazon
it’s a big program
you can’t cloak your links so you can’t
use like pretty link say for example if
your Amazon link is like AM Z dot
something that’s something you can’t put
that in pretty link and be like started
my blog comm slash I don’t know hair
and that links to the Amazon page you
can’t do that you have to use the Amazon
link as it is you also can’t use their
images on your pin images and this sucks
but I’ll tell you kind of what other
things you can do and how you can get
around that to still create awesome pin
images but you can’t take those Amazon
images from their website and then take
screenshots and put them on a pin image
bummer because I think it’s because when
you put their image on your blog post
you use HTML code so if they change
anything on Amazon it changes on your
blog post as well so they still kind of
have control over what’s showing up on
all the blogs over the world where if
you take a screenshot it’s a static
image and they don’t they no longer have
control of that and I think a lot of
times they don’t own those images so you
can’t share them on your blog post
anyway just a quick
on that not everybody follows that a lot
of bloggers still take screenshots and
put them puts them on their pin images
I’m just going to let you know that I
told you that you shouldn’t but if you
do this your business um you could get
shut down from the Amazon program then
what else did I want to say I’ll show
you how to create print images that
still get click throughs and still get
people to your blog all right another
tip use awesome headlines we’re gonna
get into the blog post we’re going a
little high-level right now use awesome
headlines especially for for Christmas
now you can be like best Christmas gifts
for and then you can go into that niche
for like 2 year old girls or best
Christmas gifts for 3 year old toddler
boys you can really niche down because
that’s what people are gonna be
searching for in Google and on Pinterest
they’re not just gonna be searching for
I’m Christmas gifts for kids they’re
gonna be searching for Christmas gifts
for toddler girls or preschool kids or
teenage girls try to niche down as much
as you can or for young single women or
for college-age kids so the more you
niche down the better that’s gonna be
and the more clicks you’re gonna get so
you can create you can add that headline
to your pin image itself into the
description of your pin so that it shows
up on Pinterest right you want to show
it both to the reader as they see that
pin image and then in the description
Pinterest is going to know what that
blog post is about so you can include
that headline in there all right
so top list of gifts for I don’t know
working from home mommies for under $25
2017 gift guide for if you put the date
in that’s also a good tip use that in
your headlines not in your url so
wherever you have a headline that you
can change or on the pin image itself
you can use dates and then you can use
names like Christmas or Thanksgiving but
if you want to have that blog post be
evergreen don’t put that keyword into
your url that’s just a tip let me show
you here into your year
here yeah so if I put here cute mom
shirts for Christmas then that would
kind of keep that blog post static to
Christmas and I can’t really promote it
the rest of the year if you keep it more
general especially just your URL you can
still promote it other times of the year
I hope that makes sense so on your PIN
image itself you can use the dates or
the holiday names because you can change
those but your URL you can’t really
change let’s go back to here headlines
we looked at the example from a bee
alright let’s do this alright it’s not
as hard as you think I’m lost
alright so we went into here and we said
we want to create a new post we went
into your back end or my back end of
WordPress for example we’re gonna do
cute mom shirts because I’m obsessed
with graphic t-shirts right now because
sometimes I’m too tired to convey how I
feel so I just kind of want people to
read my t-shirt so they can know how I
feel at that moment so I don’t even have
to talk to them anyway I started it this
morning a little bit so here is a
headline that I have 5 cute isn’t comfy
as mom shirts in my URL my permalink I
have just cute mom shirts that’s it so
when somebody types in cute mom shirts
they’re gonna get to this I can also
then change this headline to 5 q 5
cuties and comfiest mom shirts for
christmas or the best gift guide for
moms the best
t-shirts for moms the best graphic tees
for moms anything like that with those
keywords cute mom shirts for Christmas
I spell that right okay so you can see I
have my headline here I have always
disclosed that you have some affiliate
links in this because obviously this
post is going to be filled with
affiliate links make sure that you put
that before you have any affiliate links
show up so don’t put this at the bottom
don’t try to hide it
we’re very honest you’re a blogger
you’re spending time on this you’re
allowed to make money from working on
your blog alright so we disclose so then
you can type in little text get people
interested in this gift guide a lot of
times gift guides don’t have a ton of
text because people are just going
through to your blog post to see what
you’re recommending and then clicking
through to the store so they’re not
there to read a long book but it is
helpful to add some text because that
will help convey that you really like
that product and that it’s a good
product about right it’s good because
normally when I go to Amazon I read
reviews I don’t really read the
description that the product owner puts
for puts there I read the reviews and if
other people tell me it’s good and if
they like it then I buy it as you can
see this thing behind me is a bounce
house and I bought this because the
review said it helps your kids get out
that last little bit of energy so they
sleep well through the night they called
it the nap maker so cute things like
that know what your audience wants like
why do they want to buy this and then
explain that in the review and then
they’ll click through so I’m a mommy I
have little kids I would love for them
to take great naps so I bought the
bounce house to play on and we’re having
a baptism on this weekend so it’s also
for fun for the baptism anyway side
story okay so how do you get these links
onto your blog post and why do they all
look a little bit different so here is
my little gift guide for cute mom shirts
when you preview it where is it
today there yeah when we previewed on my
blog you can see this first if Amazon
link has actually the title it has the
price it shows its Prime and they can
click on the little shop now’ button the
reason why i don’t really like having my
affiliate link show up like this and
i’ll show you in a minute how to do it
is because when somebody sees the price
they might be turned off and not click
through to buy it but if they don’t see
the price curiosity is gonna make them
click through and they’re gonna want to
see how much it costs on amazon and in
it even if that turns them off and
they’re like oh well seventeen dollars
for a t-shirt is way too much they’ll
probably peruse a little bit more on
amazon and buy something else it’s a
little cheaper right but at least you
got them to click through to amazon so
this one doesn’t show the the title or
the price this one has a little border
and this one is quite large the image
what I would do um most likely if I
created a Gift Guide for mommy cute
t-shirts I would do it like this I would
have the larger image and I would then
also link in text that you can get this
cute shirt from Amazon so that some
people don’t know that they can click on
the image they would click on the link
so I’m not giving away the price or
making it look kind of like an ad it
looks like it looks very clean right and
people like clean looks simple look this
is what I would do and I’ll show you how
to do it so when you have your post here
you’re probably gonna have will scroll
this down this is what it’s going to
look like right you have your title you
have your affiliate link disclosure and
you have some text so then we go over to
Amazon and this is after you’ve signed
up through their Amazon affiliate
program you have the ability to create
affiliate links this is what you’ll do
alright let’s see cute mom’s shirts see
and that’s what I would search for so
think about what your readers are gonna
be typing in the search bar and put that
into your url you are out there yeah
that was a blur
alright so this one’s really cute so
we’ll go into mom life like the little
image so you can’t take a screenshot of
this and then put that on your blog but
the way to get this image onto your blog
is to use your little site stripe here
at the top you go on to you can either
just get the text link you can get the
image or you can get the text and image
which shows that like I showed you
earlier on the blog post
kind of like an ad right I like just the
image way better and I like the large
image so that you go to image go to
large and then copy your HTML code here
at the bottom go back to your blog post
and do not paste the HTML code there
that’s gonna confuse you right don’t do
it here in the visual side of the
WordPress editor because this is this is
code so any kind of code we want to go
to the tech side of the editor and these
are all just little spaces this and bsp
don’t know what that stands for just
paste it there between the nbsp the
spaces and then go back to visual and
that will show up that right so that’s
how you get the image to show up I
normally highlighted and I’m gonna
highlight everything and Center them all
right this is the cutest mom shirt ever
I bought it and it’s so soft because we
like soft shirts alright so here you can
see that image is there the link is
behind it what I would do then now is
once we have a cute little image there I
would go back to the text link just get
the link itself
go back to the post and then highlight
the text close to it I would also open
it in a new tab so if something is
directing off of your side open it in a
new tab so you can see that is gonna be
there so now when you preview the blog
post maybe the computer just needs a
minute to think a little bit that’s fine
I need minutes – okay cool cool okay I’m
seeing some comments from jasmine thank
you I’m so happy this helps you it’s
like I feel it’s going a little slow but
I’m glad this is helping you kind of
seen the step by step let’s go back to
Judy says why do you need to paste text
into the HTML editor and not the visual
I’ve always pasted into the visual um
you can Judy when you paste the HTML
text into the visual does it work the
reason why I put the text into the text
side or the HTML into the text side
because it is code so normally when I
just take the code from Amazon whoopsie
copy if I put this in this the front
side it’s gonna show up like that and I
think it’ll show up as well when you
publish it there and that’s gonna show
text let’s see
yeah it’ll share your HTML here so you
want that to be on the tax side and not
the visual side so it shows the image
okay this is from Stacy Johnson Susie
you’re amazing thanks so much for doing
this it’s gonna start working on my
first gift guide today so this is
perfect as always you’re full of great
tips yay cool okay yeah I’ll continue
going I’m glad that you guys are finding
this this super helpful alright so now
you have your awesome post go through
and add a couple more sure
or different items right you can you can
add them from Amazon you can add them
from different affiliate programs from
Jane or from Target you don’t have to
use all your products don’t all have to
come from Amazon right so you can
include a whole plethora of different
items into your post depending on where
you think moms or your audience would
like to shop then a tip what I would
give you guys is buy at least one of the
items or something similar and then
include a picture of yourself like
wearing the item if you bought this mom
life shirt which I actually have a mom
life sure downstairs that I should be
wearing and I thought about wearing it
but I forgot um where’d like take a
picture of the shirt and then put that
in the posted well as well so people can
see that you actually stand behind this
item or if you do like a toy guide for
kids show that item show your kids
playing with it you don’t have to show
their faces like show that you actually
you’re you’re reviewing the products
you’re not just creating this gift guide
you could review one or two or the
products and people would be way more
trusting of you do then click click
through and buy it so if I did a nice
little review on this bounce house
castle behind us then people would see
okay well she likes it she got it in her
house and the kids are using it so you
can include a little video there’s a ton
of things that you can do if you
actually own one of the items and
include that into your gift guide and
Abby did this too and her gift guide oh
man her house is so beautiful I don’t
know how she does it but she recommends
a ton of items here but then she
showcases how some of those items look
in her own house so you’re like okay
well Abby’s pretty awesome she does a
gift guide but then she also shows
herself using it so she’s not just
recommending random things
all right and I might have to run down
and get the baby if he starts crying all
so now you have your post you have all
your items here on it how do we promote
this let’s go back to my powerpoint that
kind of keeps me structured now we have
the posts let’s create the pin image and
you can go I use PicMonkey for a lot of
these collage posts I’ll show you how to
do it and I have an affiliate link for
PicMonkey if you do want to use it I
also have a free course on big monkey
I’m starting my own blog comm slash
PicMonkey that’s how you go through my
affiliate link if you want to use it if
not there are other tools you can use as
well I just really like how easy it is
all right let’s go here all right we’re
gonna create something like this so
we’re gonna go to pick monkey
and then we’re gonna go to collage
alright so on Amazon you can’t take
screenshots of those images right and
then use them on your blog you have to
use the HTML code on other affiliate
programs you would have to reach out to
them and ask them if you can use the
images if they say yes then go ahead and
use their images on your pin collage or
you can buy one or two of the products
and have that on your pin collage image
or you can just wear the product and
have that be your pin image I’ll show
you some examples so say for example I
reached out to the right companies who
sell these t-shirts and they all told me
yes I can use these images so make sure
you get the yes like okay great
I can use these these t-shirt images on
my blog and on my pin image so what I
would then do is start dragging and
dropping images into this collage of
PicMonkey I’m gonna add them here add
one there one there alright so here we
have all five images then you just
squish it a little bit I would add one
extra here and this image I’m going to
delete cuz that’s gonna be my title all
right I have to run downstairs and get
the baby it’ll be two seconds I don’t
want to stop the live I’m just gonna go
get him and then I’ll hold him so hang
oh sorry about that
I really thought he’s gonna at least
give me 30 minutes to do this video but
no all right we are back and we got a
cute little handsome man with us so here
is the kind of the UM the image that you
can create on on Pinterest so this is
what all those collages look like on
Pinterest where are they
Pinterest gift guides so you can see all
the collage pins right this is how you
can create one of those so once you have
your collage pin here I have another one
here that I like more you can then send
it to the editor
straight from PicMonkey and then you can
add your text on to it so now we’re
one-handed here best long new-type
this is tricky there you go best
t-shirts for mops something like that or
cutest t-shirts for moms or best
Christmas gifts for stay-at-home moms
thank you guys for the cute comments
awesome alright so I’ll go through some
of the comments in just a second so best
t-shirts for moms what you also want to
add is your blog itself so just so
people see my blog where you’re blogging
from make a little smaller
cute little hats or something and you
can put that at the bottom here so it’s
kind of out of the way and then we can
make this like a different color make it
stand out a little bit more
Hey are you hungry
just a but we can eat again so best
t-shirts for Mom so you can obviously
use cuter fawns here on the side that um
pic monkey has sorry I keep wanting to
say Pinterest but people are gonna be
searching for something and if your gift
guide image has the text that they just
search for they’re gonna click through
and go to your post and then click
through to Amazon or Jane or Target
wherever you aren’t affiliate for
alright so then what you do is you
export this image I don’t normally
export it as a PNG which is the best
quality but just for this example I’ll
do cheap JPEG cuz it’s quicker exported
all right so the masterpiece is saved
like tilt up the computer there I get
the baby right here okay we’re back
alright so what I would then do is take
that pin image and put it away at the
top of my post so that people click
through from Pinterest they directly see
the same image that they just saw on
Pinterest they know they’re at the right
place it’s not like some fishy scammy
site and then they go and scroll down
and see all the awesome recommendations
so then you would add media upload that
image you just exported and you prot you
want to call it like cue t-shirts for
moms so let’s go ahead and open it and
here in the alt text in the description
you want to say cute t-shirts
for moms just so that when people search
for this keyword phrase they’re gonna
see it here as well and your image might
show up so we’re gonna insert that into
the post there you go
so there’s your pin image that you can
then promote on Pinterest so we’ll
update that once that’s updated I wished
on the preview here let’s take that away
go to the right URL for it so here you
can see your pin image and then your
gift guides going to be here at the
bottom I have different plugins
installed to actually have this little
hover social media button so that my
readers can easily pin things so you can
either use that or you can use the
Chrome extension you can’t see it here
you can use a Chrome extension to pin
any of your things to Pinterest so click
on that I see my image here I’ll click
on save and then I’ll search for one of
my boards I’ll just put on a secret
board for now but that’s how you save it
to Pinterest so maybe I’ll put it I’ll
put on my feature board I’ll just delete
it so you guys can see okay so I’ll save
it to my future board go back to see it
now and then boom your post is now on
Pinterest isn’t that awesome
so now if I’m on Pinterest here I go to
where’s my boards it’s just showing okay
it’s showing this here we go I am on my
board here it’s showing the pin so it’s
showing up on Pinterest then you can
start promoting it to different group
boards loading it to your tailwind
schedule board booster whatever you use
if you click on the three on the little
pencil here
make sure you add a good description for
your PIN image so when somebody’s typing
something in make sure that you use the
right keywords so that people will find
your pin and see it and love it and
click through and make a purchase all
right so let’s see let’s go back to the
comments a little bit I’m glad this is
so motivating Thank You Melissa zoo or
Xu II I’m sorry I’m not saying that
right I see its affiliated just started
blogging do I have to apply to be an
affiliate first in order to make money
from the clicks purchases yes
hundreds of companies offer affiliate
programs you can just go to the company
type in Amazon affiliate program or
Target affiliate program or Walmart
affiliate program and then one of the
first couple search options is gonna be
how you can join their program and then
you’ll go through and get a special link
and that special link will be what you
use to put on your blog post and get
people to click through and that’s how
they track you so they track you sounds
how the company’s track where the
purchases are coming from so they can
give you credit for sending them a
customer and what’s great about an
affiliate program is they only pay you
when they actually get money so it’s
like you’re this free sales team they
don’t have to pay you a monthly salary
or or an hourly rate they only pay you
when they make money which is great so
it were it’s a win-win for both you and
for the company all right I’m glad this
makes you feel like you can do this –
Kristina you definitely can it’s tricky
between babies and so on but hey we got
to do it um baby noises have my ovaries
working overtime oh they are sweet and
he smells so good – will we be able to
see this again I’m at work so I’ve been
interrupted numerous times yes I’m gonna
leave this on my Facebook page
this video so you can watch it whenever
there’s three little buttons at the top
of the video where you can click the bat
and click on safe post so that will save
it into your Facebook library of posts
is there a beginner video on starting a
blog on WordPress yes jasmine I am have
tons of tutorials on my blog itself and
I have a course called block by number
where kind of like this I show you step
by step click by click how to start your
blog and kind of get started so that you
can create these awesome gift guides and
make money online so I’ll link to that
as well Thank You Jasmine just
pronounced sue okay cool
hi sue that’s how you pronounce your
name and awesome things I love that
you’re doing this with baby in the head
cool thank you for sharing this with a
few mom blog groups I think that was um
let’s see if I miss anything
we cleared the pin image yep when you do
have images that okay yeah I do want to
go into this when you have images that
you’re putting on that collage post make
sure that you are allowed to use those
images I don’t want you guys to get in
trouble what you could do alternatives
you can actually if you have a gift guy
say of 20 items go ahead and buy one or
two of them or maybe you already have
them in your house right so you’re
reviewing them you like them you’ve used
them you have some of them in your house
you can create like a lay flat image of
some of those products that you’re
promoting and your gift guide and that
can be part of your image for Pinterest
you can also like a be show that image
in your house so that shows people way
more that you really like this product
and they should like it too you can
model yourself wearing it not awesome
and then these are different pin images
that you can actually use so if you do a
lay flat of those images you can then
put your title at the top you can model
yourself wearing it and then put your
title in the middle um or like I showed
you you can create that oh my videos in
the top or you can create that I’m
Kalash pin like I showed you and this
was another example from Pinterest where
they had tons of items on their pin
image which is pretty cool too so
there’s different ways that you can
model the items and create different pin
images you don’t just have to create one
for promoting your your blog post you
can create multiple different images and
sometimes people are gonna like one more
than the other alright so then you
finish and promoted your blog post and
places to promote just right off the bat
is obviously Pinterest a lot of people
go there to look for gift guides on your
own Facebook blog page then on your
personal Facebook page why not like
you’re recommending awesome products you
want your friends and family to go
through your affiliate links and then
make purchases for their Christmas gifts
just a little side note if somebody like
Amazon has a way of tracking like if
somebody’s really close to you like my
mom in law bought something really
expensive through my affiliate link and
I thought I would get a kickback and I
didn’t because Amazon knew that we’re
related so Amazon doesn’t want you to
use like really really close family they
won’t give you a commission but a lot of
other programs and if you broadcast it
to extended friends and family they can
you can get that commission then promote
this blog post in your email newsletter
you can do a roundup of other bloggers
so you can share each other’s blog posts
and then ask your mom my mom has more
friends than I do
on Facebook and a lot of times if I ask
her to share something I get a ton of
click back so you can ask those close to
you to help you as well grow your
business alright Jennifer says I love
that you’re showing this live of your
baby in your arms it’s so doable for
most of kids at home this is a good life
best course ever thank you Tara
appreciate it glad you like it which
level of PicMonkey are you using which
yes which level of PicMonkey am I using
let’s see my account premium annual all
right there you go I’m using the premium
annual PicMonkey program newbie question
if you’re using your own pictures do you
get the file size smaller for example
from how do you get the file size
smaller there’s a ton of programs that
you can use to decrease the file size of
your image just quickly you can load it
into PicMonkey as we’re here on it now
let’s good here
you can even when you export it you can
put it on Roger
which is just a smaller image size you
can see here it’s 143 kilobytes if you
put it on Pierce it’s 185 kilobytes if
you put it on Shaun it’s 360 kilobytes
if you put it as a PNG
it’s 869 kilobytes so you can change it
right here when you export it or if you
go to the editor say for example ok
let’s let’s do new we’ll open a file
from your computer
it’s a cute image alright so here’s an
image say for example you want to use
that on your blog post you’ll go to the
top here go to resize and actually you
can resize it right here in impact
monkey so that’s an easy way a lot of
times I resize my images right and
PicMonkey or I use percentages and I do
instead of a hundred I do 50 so the
image size decreases this is being
recorded Debbie yes this is being
recorded so I will this will this video
will stay on my Facebook page and I’ll
probably send it out somehow to my email
list so that more people can see it and
learn from this tutorial alright I think
we went through everything I hope you
guys increase your affiliate income this
this winter like you can make gift
guides in any niche so make at least
make five because for it I know a lot of
you guys are lifestyle bloggers or you
have a broader niche so make a gift
guide for every type of kind of audience
that you’re serving and what is cool
about this is you don’t have to add a
ton of text on that that post right so
it’s not going to it’s not a three
thousand word post it’s like five
hundred words it’s a little bit of words
for every image and item that you’re
promoting and then it’s it’s an easy
post to create you just have to promote
them a lot to get that affiliate income
hello Danielle so my friend from South
Africa is on and there you go see you
sleep I slope now so it’s fun it’s fun
to have friends and family sometimes
come on my lives and then I can say hi
alright so I think that is good I’ll put
some links in the description if you do
want to start your blog I have an
awesome course you can go through if you
want to learn anything more about
blogging I’ll link to all my other
articles and then this video will be
will be here so you guys can watch it in
the future alright thank you so much and
thank you
being okay with having baby on here as
well I’ll see you guys later

Most kick ass video on YouTube!!!! Talk about mindset and getting shit done! No excuses! You are truly an inspiration and i know that finding you in internet-land is a gift!!!!

I feel like every question I’ve asked about how to do this blogging stuff is being answered. Thank you thank you thank you!

I wish i would have seen moms like you when i had a baby on my arm and i thought my world was crashing down around me. Keep it babe you are crushing it!!!


You are my inspiration. You make things so practical. Everything you do is practical to mommy life. Thanks for keeping things real.


This Mommy Blogger is a m a z i n g!!! If she can do it with her third baby and newborn in tow, so can you! Thank you, Suzi, for your amazing content and step by step guide! You are an inspiration!


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