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how to create gift guides to increase your blog affiliate income

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide to Increase Your Blog’s Affiliate Income

In this in depth step by step video below I’ll show you how to create a gift guide on your blog.

Steps covered in the video:

Step 1: How to find affiliate programs

Search similar niche sites with gift guides. Click through and find what stores and websites they are using to promote products from.

Step 2: Rules you need to follow with different affiliate programs

Amazon has strict rules when it comes to promoting and using their images. Make sure you don’t break any!

Step 3: What headlines to use to get major traffic.

Your headline is just as important as your content!

Step 4: Actually creating the post on WordPress.

I’ll show you how to embed your affiliate links into your post and make them look super professional! I also include tips to increase click through rates.

Step 5: Creating the pin image for your gift guide.

You need to create a great promotional image to share your post. I’ll give you different examples and show you how to create them easily.

Step 6: Promoting your gift guide to increase your affiliate income this holiday season!

  • On Pinterest
  • On your Facebook blog page
  • On your personal Facebook page
  • In your email newsletter
  • Roundup with other bloggers
  • Ask your mom!


Tools used:


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