Do you want to grow your email list and get more subscribers to your blog? Wondering how you can do that?

I use a program called Convertkit. 

Convertkit has enabled me to grow my list to 40,000+ amazing subscribers while raising three tiny but mighty minions.

Convertkit is easy to use, simple and powerful.

And as a mom with a growing blog and 53 snack requests per day, I need a simple and easy to use system.   

Convertkit REview

In this post I’ll show you how to use Convertkit to grow your email list. I’ll also give you a very honest Convertkit review so you can be sure this is the right system for your blog.


Are you ready to learn how to use Convertkit?

What is convertkit?

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Convertkit is an email marketing software. It allows you to build large email list, send mass emails and setup advanced automations.

Convertkit can also tag and segment your email list to ensure the right emails are delivered to the right subscribers.


how did convertkit start?

Started by Nathan Barry, a blogger himself. He created Convertkit as an email marketing service made for bloggers.

Haven’t started your blog yet? This free tutorial will help!


who should use convertkit?

Convertkit works perfectly for bloggers who want to scale their blog into a business.

It’s simple enough to use as a brand new blogger but it’s also powerful enough to run a small business.

The automations I’ve setup with Convertkit allows me to make thousands of dollars passively per month. Once I’ve written my sequence and setup my automation, my work is mostly done. Of course I go back and monitor the performance and adjust accordingly. 

convertkit pricing – how much does convertkit cost?

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You can try out Convertkit for free for a month if sign up here. After your first free month, it will cost you $24 per month to grow your list. (if you pay annually)

Convertkit Pricing

If you have 0-1k subscribers, your Convertkit pricing will be $24 per month.

If you have 1k-3k subscribers, your Convertkit pricing will be $41 per month.

If you have 3k-5k subscribers, your Convertkit pricing will be $64 per month.

Any lists higher than 5k subscribers will be more per month. 

how to use convertkit

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Convertkit is super easy to use, but I’m here to help if you ever get stuck! In the Convertkit tutorial below I’ll show you in just 30 minutes how to setup your blog so you can grow your subscribers.


Convertkit tutorial

  • How to create a printable – super easy
  • How to connect Convertkit to your blog
  • How to create a landing page with Convertkit

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No system or program is perfect. There will always be upsides and downsides to every decision as you grow your blog. No program can do everything. But before you decide on which system to use, make sure the upsides outweigh the downsides.

pros of convertkit

  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful Automations
  • Integrates with Almost Everything
  • Simple & Quick Landing Page Creation
  • Made for Bloggers 

cons of convertkit

  • No free version (only a free 30 day trial) 
  • No fancy email builder
  • No Lead scoring
  • No Ecommerce integration

Convertkit vs Mailchimp

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This is a super popular question. Which is email marketing service, Mailchimp vs Convertkit, is better for you?


Mailchimp is the old classic email marketing provider. When I first started my blog, Mailchimp was the go to solution. 

But over the years better players have entered the space, such as Converkit. 

Once my list was around 1,000 subscribers and I wanted to turn my blog into a business, I moved from Mailchimp to Convertkit. 

Mailchimp has a few very important drawbacks that makes it difficult to use. 

Mailchimp does not have a visual automation feature – this makes it hard to see the overall picture of your email funnels.

It’s also list based – meaning if a subscriber is one two lists, it will count as two subscribers.

The big pro about Mailchimp is that it has a free version and it integrates with most things. 

But if you’re serious about your blog and building email funnels, I’d start off with Convertkit instead of Mailchimp.

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convertkit review

I hope this Convertkit review helped you understand if Convertkit is right for you.

Did you enjoy the video tutorial on how to create printables and grow your email list with Convertkit? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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