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 Boost Your Pinterest Traffic - How to find the most active group boards -

Boost Your Pinterest Traffic – How to Find the Most Active Group Boards

Momma blogger,

Your time is precious and you need to spend it with the people that matter most. So when you blog, do it efficiently and get the most bang for your 15 minutes!

If you’ve been blogging for over a week, you have most likely heard that Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for most blogs. But how do you get your pin in front of thousands when you only have 12 followers?

Here is how to boost your Pinterest traffic:

  1. Join Group Boards
  2. Join the RIGHT Group Boards


Follow your Role Model

1. Find your blogging role model on Pinterest and look at their profile. Remember to refer back to your Blog Role Models as it’s one of the most important things to do as a blogger!

2. If you’re a food blogger, check out Chelsea’s Messy Apron. She’s wonderful and also wrote an awesome ebook on how she made $40K her first year of blogging that I love!


1 Chelseas Messy Apron Pinterest - - Increase Pinterest Traffic


Find a Relative Group Board

3. After you find your role model, search through her Pinterest Boards. Look for Group Pinterest boards. You will be able to identify them as they have the two person icon in the top right hand corner.

4. Click on the group board. Make sure this is the type of pins that your followers will love too! You want to join group boards that are perfect for your followers so you gain the right type of traffic.


2 Chelseas Messy Apron Pinterest - - Increase Pinterest Traffic


Become a Contributor to the Group Board

5. Follow the Group Board.

6. Read the description, most likely the instructions on how to follow the board will be there.

7. If there are no instructions, click on the first contributor you see.


3 Chelseas Messy Apron Pinterest - - Increase Pinterest Traffic

Ask for an Invitation to the Group Board

8. Follow the person. You have to follow her to be able to message her within Pinterest.

9. Send her a message asking to be a part of the Group Board, and tell her why you would be a good contributor.


4 Chelseas Messy Apron Pinterest - - Increase Pinterest Traffic


Find Out the Stats of the Group Board – with Tailwind

10. Now for the awesome part! After you receive your invitation from the main contributor to join the group board (congratulations!) you can refresh your board list in Tailwind.

11. Go to the Board Insights section and deselect the Secret Boards and Regular Boards. Only look at the Group Boards that you are a part of.

12. Check their Virality Score – this shows how many times a pin is repinned within that board! Isn’t that awesome?

This allows you to know which boards to focus on and which ones to drop. Spend your time and energy where you will get the most repins for your pins! 🙂

5 Chelseas Messy Apron Pinterest - - Increase Pinterest Traffic


Stay Active Pinner!

Also remember, the more active you are on the board, the better your own pins will do. So repin content from the group boards you contribute to, it should all be great content that your followers will love too! Pinterest rewards active boards with more views.

Are you a mom blogger and would like to join my Mom Blog Group Pinterest Board? I’d love to add you!
If you want to start a mom blog or boost your traffic in other ways, the advice is all here for you!


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