Now that you have your blog up and you’ve been writing content, how do you actually get people to visit your blog? How do you get your blog on Google or Pinterest or Facebook? Do you need more blog tips to grow your blog?

Growing an audience and getting traffic to your blog is an on going activity. There are always new tips and techniques to increasing your traffic.

Below I share exactly what I do to grow my blog traffic and my email list. I’ll share all the new methods I’m testing and trying. Enjoy!

Blog Tips to Grow Your Traffic

There are lots of different ways to get traffic back to your blog. You can build an audience on a social media platform, add your posts to be discovered on Pinterest, improve your search engine optimization or tap into another site’s audience through guest posting. All of these methods are reviewed in detail in the posts below to give you the best blogging tips.

How to Increase Blog Traffic without Social Media

Quick Blog Tips to Increase Traffic

Get more Page Views using Pinterest

Blog Tips for SEO

Social Media Blogging Tricks


Blog Tips to Grow Your Email List

My email list growth and income growth are directly correlated. The best way I can spend my time is by investing in growing my email list. I’ve been able to grow my list to over 50,000 subscribers over two years. Below are the methods I use.

List by Number

I created a super affordable course that walks you through step by step how I use Convertkit to grow my list to over 50,000 subscribers.

Build a List

Tips to Make Your Blog Beautiful

After about three months of using a free theme for my blog, I invested and purchased a robust and extremely customizable blog theme. It allows me to create gorgeous landing pages, change fonts and colors, and give my readers the best user experience. 

Theme by Number

If you want to deep dive into Divi and let me teach you how to use it, check out Theme by Number.

Professional Blog Theme

How to Edit Images



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