Over the past few years of helping moms start, grow and build their blogs, I’ve heard this question over and over. I myself still struggle with it from time to time. It’s not just an initial issue beginning bloggers have. It’s a weekly question that comes up for all bloggers.

What should I write about to get people to my blog?


If you’re starting your blog and you’re staring at a blank blog post. Or if you’ve been blogging for years and you’re just stuck. What next? What topics should you write about?

I’ve written multiple in depth blog post on what to blog about and how to figure out your blog niche. And even though they contain amazing information, they are abstract.

I get it, we all want things handed to us on a silver platter. I want it too.

Where is the easy button to get more blog post ideas?

Why can’t someone just tell me exactly what to do, and I’ll do it.


Don’t feel bad for looking for that easy way out. Your search has finally come to an end! I’ve heard your silent frustrated signs, your negative self talk and feelings of confusion.

It’s demotivating not to have a plan. I know you’re a hard worker; you’re a mom juggling kids, chores, meals and a blog.

Instead of figuring out every night what to make for dinner, you have a meal plan for the week.

Instead of deciding at the grocery store what to buy, you have a handy dandy list.

Why then when it comes to blogging, you don’t have a plan? A list? A go to page full of blog post ideas?

Well, let me help you!

blog post ideas overall


Over the past few weeks I’ve searched the web high and low for amazing blog post ideas. I’ve compiled a HUGE list of article ideas that are popular. Ideas that span over categories such as Kids Activities, Fashion, Food and Fitness.

These are not just vague ideas – they are the exact topic you can write a blog post about. It’s not, “healthy food”, it’s ideas such as “healthy snacks for kids on the go” or “pregnancy superfood” or “how to cut an avocado”.

This list contains over 8,000 blog post topics that people actually search for! You read that right, over eight thousand blog post ideas ranging from crafts to parenting to travel.

When you’re blogging, you’re creating content for your audience. You want to make sure you’re spending time writing a blog post that will truly help people. And if no one searches for “my little peanut’s first day of school” then that article won’t get much traffic.

You’re very welcome, and even encouraged, to add personal stories to your blog posts. Include a bit about how your sweet little peanut enjoyed her first day of school, but weave it into a post about “First day of school sign ideas”. Now that’s a term that people actually search for.


Blogging is a dash of “Dear Diary” with a big heap of helpful advice and tips.

You’re building a relationship with your readers through your blog. And no one likes that friend who only talks about herself. But golly, we love the friend who can give us great tips and tricks when we’re struggling with an issue.

Blogging isn’t rocket science, it’s just helping your friends online with the best advice you can share!

And to help you figure out what people are struggling with, what problems you can solve, you can have this list of over 8,000 blog post ideas.

Think of this list as 8,000 little problems you can solve. You probably won’t be able to write on every one of the topics, but by golly, you’ll find at least 52 fantastic blog post ideas. Topics that you can give amazing advice on. That’s enough ideas for the entire year, and you’ve only used 0.6% of the entire list!

So if you want to be an amazing friend, repin and share this post with others. Even if they blog about the exact same topic, there are thousands of ideas for everyone. And they’ll think you’re an angel from above blessing them with a huge list of blog post ideas like confetti raining from the heavens.


From the bottom of my heart, I pray this list helps you! It’s taken me weeks to put together. I know you’re busy and you have a lot on your plate, so I want to make blogging as easy as possible for you.


There are 28 categories covered in this list. I encourage you to glance at categories that aren’t in your blog niche. You may stumble upon an idea that could be perfect for your audience!

I’ve also included the popularity of each term in the list. Remember, the more popular a term, most likely, the higher the competition. So make sure to write blog posts on super popular and less popular topics from the list.

Pro Tip: As the holidays are approaching, look at the section on Gifts. These types of blog posts are fantastic for increasing your passive affiliate income with Amazon!

Now that you have 8,000+ amazing blog post ideas, here is how you write a good post.

The Structure of a Good Blog Post

  1. Aim for 1,000 words or more.
  2. Include H2 and H3 headings.
  3. Make it easy to read with bullet points where possible.
  4. Use a great theme to make your blog post beautiful and professional. (And to A/B test CTAs)
  5. Go through the super cheap Post by Number course to learn exactly how to structure a good blog post that ranks.
  6. Share your post!

If you haven’t started your blog yet or you’re stuck and need ideas, this enormous list of blog post ideas will help you!


Once you download the list above, you can take one blog post idea and create multiple pieces of content with it!

For example, you can take a blog post about crocheting and turn it into a:

  • How to crochet post
  • A video about crochet tips
  • A seasonal post about Christmas crochet ideas or Easter crochet ideas
  • A list post about types of crocheting

Well, you get the idea. And if you don’t, just read the different types of blog posts below.

With the enormous list above and the tips below – you’re pretty much set for the next year of blog posts!



  1. A How To Post

    • Always write for your audience. What will improve their lives and make them better. These are the types of posts that get shared the most. They are practical, useful and simple.

  2. Facebook

    • Search your Facebook groups or mommy profiles to questions and topics they are talking about. This could start the idea for a great post that you already know people would be interested in!

  3. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator

    • Type in a noun and the site will spit out an idea for you! I just typed in ‘mom’ and got “Why moms are more tempting than Cinnabon,” or this one “How to build an empire with mom bloggers.” Enjoy!

  4. Mashup Your Top Posts *Time Saver*

    • Combine your most popular posts and create a new post that compares or contrasts the two topics. Remember to create your internal links between the posts when you’re done!

  5. Ask your Followers

    • Get ideas from  your followers. Ask them a question on what their biggest issue, problem or obstacle is. Answer it for them in a blog post, they’ll love it!

  6. Video Post or VLOG *Time Saver*

    • If you’re low on time, why not make a video post of you cooking an awesome meal, throwing a beautiful Pinterest worthy birthday party, or doing an fun new exercise? Videos spread very quickly and are shared often! If you have the confidence to put your face out there, this could be a big time saver and could attract new followers.

  7. Seasonal Posts

    • New Years Resolutions, Valentines Day Treats, Easter Activities, Fourth of July Family Fun, Back to School Tips, Fall Favorites or the Best Christmas Presents – let the seasons inspire you!

  8. Current Events

    • Did something big happen recently in the news? How does this relate to your niche? Is there a new study out saying that dairy causes weight loss, or that babies can be potty trained at 1 year old? If you’re quick to write about these topics you may scoop up some of the traffic that goes along with the news story too! Double bonus!

  9. Before & After Post

    • I love before and after pictures! It’s always fascinating to see the change and hear what the person did to achieve the result. Did you have a messy house and now it’s sparkling clean? Show some before and after pictures and list your tips. Have a beauty tip that cleared your skin? Show the before and after pictures! These images give a ton of credibility to your post too!

  10. List Post

    • Make a List Post (like this one!). Give your readers a useful list of recommendations or tips they find useful. It’s easy to read and contains a lot of information in a quick post!

  11. Images Mostly Post *Time Saver*

    • Pictures say a thousand words, so let them! Make a post with beautiful images that your readers will enjoy and add a few lines of text. Examples could be: essentials for your diaper bag, 10 must have ingredients to stock up on, my baby’s favorite toys, etc.

  12. Interview Someone Awesome

    • This will not only help you, but your readers too! Have a foodie blog, interview a published food blogger. Have a parenting blog, interview a mom of 8 kids to learn her tips and tricks. It’ll be just as fun for you as for your readers!
    • This post has the potential to increase your traffic dramatically!

  13. Pros and Cons Post

    • Take a topic your readers are struggling with and make a pros and cons list. Example: What are the pros and cons of bribing your children? I’d read that because it gives both sides.

  14. Podcast *Time Saver*

    • Talking is much faster than typing. Try a podcast post for when you are low on time.

  15. A Day in Your Life

    • Readers enjoy knowing more about the blogger they follow. Why not reveal a special ‘Day in Your Life’ with your followers. Share your Thanksgiving meal, or your son’s birthday party, or your family’s trip to the beach. Or relate to your readers and share an ordinary Tuesday with the world.

  16. Giveaway

    • Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can team up with a few other bloggers and decide on a great giveaway and boost each other’s traffic in the meantime.

  17. A Question and Answer Post

    • Send your readers a quick questionnaire and summarize the answers in a post. You can add a few charts and graphs and spruce it up!

  18. Link List *Time Saver*

    • Do you have some fantastic posts that you read this past week? Found a few new bloggers your readers would like? Create a post with a list of links to posts you know your readers will love. The outbound links will help with your blog’s SEO and may get you noticed by larger bloggers who could return the favor.

  19. Guest Post *Big Time Saver*

    • Have a fellow blogger guest post on your blog. This is the most efficient way to get a post out with the least amount of effort and it also builds a relationship with someone in your niche.
    • This is another type of post that has the potential to increase your followers!

  20. Index Post

    • If you have a lot of content, create a post with your best posts grouped together. This will make it easier for your readers to find more related information on your site and it will boost your page views per visitor. You can even make this the ‘Start Here’ page to help guide your readers on your blog.

  21. A List of Favorites

    • List your favorite bloggers, favorite parenting hacks or favorite quick and easy meals. It gives your readers a nice list to read and let’s them get to know you better!

  22. Wish List

    • This works well around Christmas time or any large events. Examples could include: My Christmas Wish List, my Summer Vacation Wish List, my Daughter’s Wish List for Her 10th Birthday.

  23. Share Your Skills

    • Can you take pictures like a pro? Know how to change a baby’s diaper with one hand? Share your momma skills and tips with others who will benefit!

  24. Book / Product Review

    • Have you read a fantastic book lately or bought a new product that worked miracles? You can also reach out to the author and get a quote from them to give more credibility to your post!

  25. Share a Playlist

    • I recently stumbled upon a post for a Christmas Playlist and loved it! The blogger used Spotify to create the list of songs and I found myself returning to her site multiple times to find the post again.


Let me know what you think about the list of 8,000 blog post ideas!

I hope this list makes writing a blog post a bit quicker for you as you run around chasing toddlers and cooking dinner.

Please share this page and leave a comment below. I’m excited to hear from you!

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