Do you need the perfect working blog post schedule, bonus if it comes with a easy to follow template? Are you stuck trying to grow your blog? Can someone just give you a step by step plan so you’re not floundering around anymore and chasing every shiny object?

Sure! I can! I’m Suzi, a mom of three gorgeous little kids, and I’ve built my blog into a huge success, payed off our mortgage entirely and allowed us to become FI before our oldest even goes to kindergarten. And no, this did not happen overnight, it took a lot of work, early mornings, late nights and long weekends. But it payed off and has been completely life changing.

The Right Blog Post Schedule + Template for Rapid Growth

One of the biggest reasons why I was able to grow my blog into a success was a relentless laser focus and a plan. A month by month blog schedule that kept me focused and working towards my goal.

Below is the plan I followed at a high level to grow my blog from $0 to over $9,000 per month in its first year.

  • In a year I replaced my engineering salary.
  • In a year I worked in every spare moment I had and built a business.
  • In a year I changed our lives forever.

Just imagine how much your life can change in a year from now. Maybe you won’t get to $9,000 per month, maybe you’ll go higher, maybe you’ll only get to $2,000 per month. But by golly, that covers most people’s mortgage!


The Blog Schedule Template to a Full Time Income

Here is the blog schedule and plan that I followed to grow my blog dramatically in its first year. In short, here are the key factors I focused on:

  1. Grow a solid blog with great content
  2. Grow my email list
  3. Create and launch a product

There are multiple methods to grow a money making blog. This is what worked for me and I know this plan has worked for others too.

If you’re serious and want to change your life, you can join my free 12 Month Blog Plan course.

The Free 12 Month Blog Plan Course + Template helps you:

  • Discover what type of blog YOU should start
  • Get access to a successful step by step growth plan
  • Learn exactly how blogs make money
  • Establish a strong foundation for your blog
  • Find out what to name your blog
  • Stop feeling so confused and lost when it comes to starting your blog
  • Grow your blog to a huge success.

Over 32,000 students are enrolled in the course. You’re joining a movement.

In this post, at a super high level, I’ll cover the month by month blog schedule below. (there are more details and a PDF printable plan in the free course – you can sign up at the bottom of the post)

You can go through this blogging schedule at your own pace. You may move a bit faster or a bit slower – and that’s fine! Progress is progress no matter how small. Also, keep in mind many of these activities are ongoing. You may start pinning to Pinterest in month two, but it doesn’t end there, it’s an ongoing activity.

With that, let’s get into the 12 month blog plan!

What is a Smart Blog Post?

Before you start writing post after post after post, I want you to have a purpose behind each blog post. The more you blog, the more you’ll realize that there are a lot of goals you want to hit. Grow your traffic, build your email list, make money, etc.

Each blog post that you write should have a dedicated purpose.

smart blog posts - write posts with purpose

To help you, I’ve covered a few of the basic smart blog posts below. These types of blog posts are a part of the 12 Month Blog Plan, and like a recipe, I’ve laid out which ones you need to write each month in the Editorial Calendar template.


Now, let’s start your blog and grow it to a full time income!


Start Your Blog

The goal of your first month blogging is to get everything set up. Get familiar with the vocabulary of blogging, setup and customize your site and do research. Take this time to learn and be a beginner. It’s okay! Enjoy being new and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We all start with a blank blog and work our way up. Embrace that you’re starting a new journey. Use the 12 month blog plan to keep you focused and organized.

Blog Post Schedule

Setup a self hosted blog on the platform

Research and Plan

Research niche and market & brainstorm ideas.

Create Your First Freebie

Create a freebie based on your market research. Don’t know how? Here is how you can create printables easily!

Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

Research affiliate programs in your niche.



Plan a Solid Foundation

In your second month, I encourage you to write three solid pillar posts. Now that you’ve done some research, you should have an idea of what your audience’s key problems are. Write in depth, amazingly helpful articles helping your audience overcome those problems.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to learn the basics of SEO early on. I don’t want you to spend months writing blog posts that aren’t structured correctly. Even if you just know a bit of the essentials, that will give you a good foundation!

Blogging Schedule

Write 3 pillar posts based on market research.

Use the fill in the Blank templates provided in the Blog by Number course.

Write Smart Posts

Learn the basics of SEO to write well formatted posts

Start Growing Your List

Add a freebie to your pillar posts

Make Money Blogging with Pillar Posts

Add affiliate links to your pillar posts – the Amazon Affiliate course has great tips on this!



Create Great Content

In the beginning few months of blogging, focus on creating great content, growing your email list and promoting your posts. Don’t worry too much about making money yet, that will come. Once you have a solid blog, an engaged email list and traffic – it is easy to monetize.

The hardest part about blogging is not making money, it’s consistently creating great content. So focus on that first. The money will come.

Blogging Plan Schedule

Write 3 posts – for help use the list of 8,000+ Blog Post Ideas

Get Traffic to a New Blog

Promote your pillar posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Learn everything you can about Pinterest.

Share Your Freebie and Grow Your List

Promote your freebie to grow your list

List Post of the Best Stuff

Create a roundup post of the best products for your niche.



Promote on Pinterest

You’re four months in now, congrats! Most beginning bloggers give up around month three. Don’t give up. You can do this. The first few months of blogging is the hardest, but every blog post you write is another brick in the foundation of your business.

Continue to write super helpful blog posts and add content upgrades to each post to build your list. In the Blog Plan I’ve included which types of smart posts you should be writing each month to grow your blog.

Blog Post Schedule

Write 3 posts – stay consistent with publishing on your blog

Get Social

Join Facebook & Pinterest groups and network with members – use the Blog by Number course for extensive lists of groups to join.

Grow Your Email List with Content Upgrades

Add content upgrades to your top 3 posts to grow your list

Make Money Blogging – Product Post

Show your reader how you personally use a product



BUILD YOUR LIST & Master Pinterest

Now that you’ve been writing for a few months, continue to focus on building your email list and growing your traffic. Like I’ve said before, the more engaged your list and the more traffic you get, the easier it will be to monetize.

The money will come, but laying a solid foundation and building an engaged email list is the *key* to your success!

Blog Plan and Post Schedule

Write 3 posts – do a review post of your favorite affiliate items

More Pin Images!

Create additional Pinterest images to your posts to increase traffic

Help Your Readers

Build relationships and email your list weekly

The “How to” Affiliate Post

Write a “how to” post on an affiliate product



Keyword Research and Guest Posting for SEO

Let’s get serious about increasing your SEO rankings. As a brand new blogger, it’s hard to boost your Google rankings because your blog is still only a few months old.

Google doesn’t start to take you seriously until your blog can walk, around 18 months old. That’s what I’ve heard from the experts. 🙂

So yes, it will take some time for your blog to age and look legitimate to Google, but don’t let that stop you from working on strategies to increase your SEO.

The best way to boost your Google rankings is by getting backlinks from more authoritative sites. And guest posting is a fantastic method to gain solid backlinks. 

Blog Post Schedule – Be Brave

Write 4 posts – experiment with a video or Facebook Live post

Guest Post to Boost SEO

Guest post on a higher-ranking site to boost your SEO

Email List, What’s Your Biggest Struggle?

Ask your list what their biggest struggle is

Plan Your Product

Brainstorm product ideas based on responses from email list



Join a Small Mastermind to Stay Focused on Your Schedule

Depending on your niche, you may experience a bit of a summer traffic slump. Don’t worry! Your audience may just be out enjoying the summer holidays and not reading blog posts.

For some bloggers, the summer could be their highest traffic month.

If you’re experiencing a lack of confidence or motivation, create your own small mastermind of fellow bloggers and keep each other accountable. 

Continue to posts consistently on your blog, engage with your email list and guest post to boost your SEO.

Blog Plan Schedule

Write 4 posts – do a roundup of your top posts if you are low on time

Mastermind and Guest Posting

Create a small mastermind group and help each other grow. Continue to guest post.

Test Different Freebies to Grow Your List

Continue to grow list and test out different freebies

Make Money with Affiliate Links

Share your affiliate links in your small mastermind to help each other out (think: amazon purchases)



Plan and Outline Product Idea

You’ve been blogging for eight months now, by this time you should have a very solid understanding of your audience. You should also know how you can best serve them.

Brainstorm a printable, ebook or course idea that can improve the lives of your readers. Run the idea by your list and get their feedback.

Take their answers and outline your product idea. Oooh, this is exciting! You’re about to create a product and launch it! Don’t be intimated, this is your first product. It’s okay if it’s small. 

Make it amazing, super helpful and beautiful. And then offer it for a ridiculously affordable price. This is not only to build your confidence and get sales, but it’s also to build your brand and let your readers know you’re in it to help them!

Blog Post Schedule for the Holidays

Write 4 posts (great time to create seasonal posts for the holidays)

Analyze Your Traffic

Analyze your content on Pinterest – create more of what is performing well.

Ask Your Email List

Run your product idea by your list to see if they like it – adjust as necessary

Make Money Blogging

Outline product idea (ebook, printables, courses)



Create First Mini Product

Take this month to create your product. You can ask a friend or another blogger to guest post on your site so you can free up a bit of time to work on your project. If you need help, here are my best time management tips for moms!

I encourage you to write blog posts that build awareness of your product. So that when you launch it, your readers are already familiar with your expertise on the topic.

Blog Post Schedule and Plan

Write 2 posts about your product and allow 2 guests posts (to give you time to work on your product)

Plan to Promote Seasonal Posts

Promote Seasonal Posts on Pinterest

Grow Your Email List

Let your list know your product is coming, give them a teaser

Make Your First Product

Create product (ebook, printables, courses)



Launch Your Product and Guest Post

This is your launch month! Every blog post you publish this month should have the purpose of building awareness to your product. It also builds trust in what you’re selling.

Launching is a lot of work, so I encourage you to have a few blog posts already scheduled so you can focus on the launch.

Blog Plan Schedule for Launch

Write a series of posts about your product

Guest Post

Guest post and promote your product

Launch to List

Launch product to list

Setting Up the Launch

Create sales page and launch product



Plan, Create, Promote

Congratulations! You’ve created and launched a product, even if it was a $9 printable pack, that is amazing! Your goal with your first product is not to make $10,000 – it is to build your confidence and the trust of your readers.

Over the years I’ve created and launched dozens of products. Each launch and product builds on the one before.

If you made $100 or $10,000 with your first launch, congrats, I am so proud of you for having the courage to do it!

Blog Post Plan & Schedule

Write 4 posts – do a roundup if you are low on time

Get Traffic to Your Blog

Network with your mastermind and promote each others posts and products

Be a Friend

Continue to build relationships with your list

Money in Sales

Run a black Friday special (roundup of affiliates or your own product)



Make Your Blogging Plan for Next Year

Wow! What a year! If you’ve followed the Blog Plan you’ve worked extremely hard. Building a blog, growing an email list, getting traffic, guest posting and launching a product is an enormous accomplishment!

Take a few days and just reflect on all of your hard work. Make a list of what went well and what you can improve on. And put together your plan for the next year! Congratulations!

Blog Plan Schedule

Reflect and work on your goals to start planning for the next year

What to Promote to Get Traffic

Promote New Year / new beginnings posts

Thank Your List

Thank your email list for supporting you in your first year as a blogger

How to Make Money Blogging

Promote seasonal items and do gift guides


The 12 Month Blog Schedule Template to Success

Remember, you can do this. It takes a lot of work. But just imagine where you can be a  year from now if you challenge yourself. The time will pass regardless. How will you make the most of it?


Enroll below

… for free in the Blog Plan course and get the 12 Month Blog Schedule Template to help you stay focused and accountable.

I’m curious, do you follow a blog schedule or do you have a month by month plan? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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