Let's Launch Your Blog and Help People!

I know that blogging can be overwhelming when you first get started (I've been doing this for over 6 years!), so I've put together this useful page to help you get your questions answered.

100,000+ mom bloggers strong

Hey there, Suzi here. When I first started blogging... every post was met with the sound of crickets...

I still remember the first time I got a comment on my blog post. I celebrated, read it a gazillion times, and posted the most heart-felt reply I possibly could - thanking them graciously for spending a portion of their day in my little corner of the internet.

I would love to have that deep relationship with every single reader and student, but as my blog has grown from 1 page view per month (thanks mom!) to over 100,000 course students, I've had to get smart with how I support each one of you.

This page will show you the perfect way to the the support you need!

Thank you so much for understanding, and I can't wait to see what blogs you start!


Start here

I've dedicated the last 6+ years of my life experimenting and learning what blogging strategies actually work... and sharing my discoveries with you!

So most blogging questions have already been answered in one of my most recommended posts below. These posts are 100% free for you to read, and you can get started today!


Accelerate Your Results

I have an incredible passion for teaching. I taught engineering classes in college, and realized that all the skills I've learned can be best packaged up into at-your-own-pace, self-learning courses.

The selections below are my most popular courses that can help you get unstuck, launch your blog, and achieve clarity on how to grow it going forward.

The Blog Plan (Free)

  • Learn how the entire blogging business model works
  • Get a complete 12 month plan on how to grow a sustainable, profitable blog
  • The exact steps I took to start earning $17,000 per month in my first year blogging

Blog By Number (Signature)

  • 65+ step-by-step technical tutorials to launch your blog the right way
  • All the traffic strategies you'll need to create a consistent stream of readers, followers, and customers
  • Monetization techniques for complete beginners that can kick start your blog's growth

Printables By Number

  • Deep dive into my absolute favorite way to build and monetize my email list through digital products (printables)
  • Set up your own digital store front for free on your website to make daily sales from your traffic
  • and also included are tons of done for you templates that you can simply copy, adjust, and sell to your audience!

Personalized Help

Get your questions answered live

My husband John and I love going live on Facebook and YouTube to engage with our audience, answer questions, and just be our normal goofy selves!

If you'd like to get your burning questions answered, the best thing to do is simply follow us on social and get notified when we go live!

Monetize Your Blog

How should you make money with your blog?

There are probably a few of you who just want to use blogging as a creative outlet, and would be fine never earning a dollar from it... but the truth is, blogging can be an incredible business model as well! Here are a few key guides to help you monetize your new online business

Don't know where to start?

If you're still feeling lost, I totally get it and would love to help you out step by step with The Blog Plan!

Remember, building a real online business is a marathon, not a sprint

I hope these resources are extremely helpful to keep you moving forward with your new blog.

John and I have some incredibly exciting plans that we will be sharing with you this year about how we can help you even more intimately, but stay tuned for that!

To my students

I absolutely love you guys and as we mention inside the premium courses, there are additional ways for you to get paid support. 

And thank you for all the incredible reviews, testimonials, and action you have taken over the years to create such a motivating place for moms to come together and make the world a better place!

Note: Also never forget that while learning and consuming content is incredibly important.. the only way your business grows is by taking small action steps every single day to grow it. Don't over analyze. Commit, take action, and smile!

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