There are many ebooks and courses that promise to help you make money with your blog. But how often do you find one that has proven results and is super reasonably priced? Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing on Amazon. As a blogger it’s hard to make hundreds per month on Amazon because their commissions are low. But read on to see how this is no longer an issue.

I am so excited to share this case study with you. Corrine Schmitt from implemented the tips from this ebook and skyrocketed her Amazon affiliate income!


Last November in 2015, she made a mere $35.97 the entire month.



She implemented just a few of the tips and she’s grown her income to over $990 for November 2016! That is phenomenal!


Here are her exact words on the Amazon Affiliate ebook!


“Thank you so much for writing this book! This was what November (2016) looked like for me, thanks to what I learned from you. p.s. Hardly any of the items were ones I specifically mentioned on my site.

Carolina and Suzi, first – thank you for getting this book out before the holiday shopping rush. I implemented just a few of the things I learned in the book and have already made $600 this month (this time last year I made ($100-120/month).” Corinne

Importance of Diversifying Your Blog Income

As an online entrepreneur, it is important to not rely too heavily on one form of income for your blog. Things can change quickly in the online world, so having a few strong money making methods is essential to long-term success. Corrine invested the time and learned all she could about affiliate marketing through the Amazon Affiliate ebook.

Here are the concerns she’s been having: “I’ve been wanting to diversify my income so I don’t have to rely so much on sponsored posts. Affiliate income is great because you continue to earn income on old posts as long as you’ve used affiliate links properly. So thankful that you and Suzi have shared these tips!”  – Corinne


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Tip for Keeping the Momentum Going

So could this just be a seasonal spike? Sure! During the holidays people tend to shop much more on Amazon. But there are holidays all the time, so this is something you can consistently take advantage of all year long. Below is a high level list of major holidays and here is a more detailed list of US Holidays.

  • New Years
  • Valentines Day
  • St. Patricks Day
  • Easter
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Summer Activites
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • All Saint’s
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas

But even during the non-holiday times, you can create many different types of evergeen posts to keep your affiliate income climbing

“I think it’s very easy to keep the momentum going. I do a combination of evergreen posts with affiliate links and seasonal posts with affiliate links.” – Carolina

Here is a little update fro Corinne, “One week into December and I’ve already made over $300. That’s more than I made any other MONTH this year. Read the book, then follow the advice! It works!”

Next Steps To Increase Your Income with Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

So if you want to replicate Corinne’s success, I highly encourage you to invest in the Amazon Affiliate ebook! It will dramatically change your blog and help you, even if you have small pageviews or are just a beginner blogger.




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