Hi there and thanks for checking out the Start A Mom Blog Affiliate Program! On this page you’re going to learn how you can get started earning 40% commissions on all sales of our courses! Specifically, on this page you’re going to learn:

  • What is our affiliate program and how much can you earn
  • How you can get started earning commissions
  • And answer all our frequently asked questions from affiliates

Let’s begin!

What is the Start A Mom Blog Affiliate Program?

We want to help as many moms just like you start and grow successful and profitable online businesses so they can spend more time doing the things they care about! That’s why we’ve created such affordable and helpful products like Blog by number.

Most moms absolutely fall in love with blogging, and we’d love for you to help spread the word about this incredible side hustle – and our affiliate program is designed to make it extremely fun AND profitable for you to as well!

Our affiliate program is designed to allow our students to profit quickly from their courses by offering a 40% commission on all sales that our affiliates are responsible for.

Let’s walk through the process in a real-world scenario

You stumble upon our little website, and become a student of Blog By Number.

As you’re learning, you fall in love with blogging and want to spread the good word to your friends and readers, so you sign up to be an affiliate.

Once your application is accepted (it’s painless and instant!) you are given a special link that is unique to you. That link allows you to send traffic to our website, and we can give you credit for anyone who makes a purchase.

Only students of a course can sign up as an affiliate for that course.

Now equipped with your powerful, profitable affiliate links, you write a super helpful, honest, and glowing review of our courses like Blog By Number, Printables By Number, or Course By Number

While you’re at it, you decide to promote these posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and to your email list.

Before long, dozens / hundreds of people click through from your review post, and WE do the hard work of converting them from a visitor to a buyer.

For every referral that buys, you get 40% of the price of the product they bought! Your earnings are sent to you automatically, directly into your PayPal account – cha-ching!

It’s a beautiful, passive, and scalable way to monetize your blog even with a small list!

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

We pay out 40% commissions on all sales sent by our affiliates. Here’s how that breaks down:

Blog By Number$97$38.80
Printables By Number$97$38.80
Course By Number$397$158.80

(Note: Each one of the links in the table above is the signup link for each specific course!)

And those commissions are for just a single sale. If you were to create a review post and drive about 100-200 page views per month to those posts, you might instead see numbers like these after the end of the first year:

CoursePriceAnnual Commissions @3sales per month
Blog By Number$97$1,400
Printables By Number$97$1,400
Course By Number$397$5,724

What courses can I promote?

Currently we allow affiliates for the following products:

  • Blog By Number
  • Printables By Number
  • Course By Number

Please note: The sign up links for each product are inside the course itself. This way only our true students are allowed to promote our products. This is simply to make sure the reviews and promotions that we receive are honest and truly from our past students.

If you are not currently a student and would like to promote our products to your list, please consider enrolling! It only takes 3 referrals to pay off the entire course price (plus an extra 20% on top!)

How to get started earning commissions?

Inside the first module of each course will be a lesson that discusses our affiliate program. Below the instructional video you can click the button that offers for you to sign up.

We use Thrivecart for selling our courses and managing our affiliates. If you already have a Thrivecart account then you can simply log in and complete the registration.

But if this is your first time promoting a product that is sold via Thrivecart, you’ll click the “Sign up & register” button to complete the process:

Simply enter in your details to complete the registration process!

Affiliate ID is essentially your username – it can be anything you want so long as no one else on the platform has already claimed it 🙂

If you do not already have a business, you can simply put your own name for Business/company name

How to get your affiliate links to promote our products

Once you complete the sign up process, you’ll be brought to your dashboard. This will show all the juicy statistics, like how many clicks, commissions, refunds, etc came from your affiliate efforts!

To grab your affiliate links, click on the “Products” tab at the top, where you can find all your affiliate links for any products you are approved to promote:

Simply click through to the product you want to start promoting, and you’ll get all the goods!

If you are JUST registering, you’ll see this red “PayPal: Inactive” button at the top. We pay out automatically with PayPal, so please be sure to click the button and follow the instructions so we can pay you 🙂

Please note: You’ll need a PayPal business account to get paid. Click here to learn more about setting up this account for free (it’s super easy)

Once everything is set up with PayPal, you’ll see a few more options on the main screen:

Depending on the product you are promoting, there could be 1 or more affiliate links listed on the dashboard.

No matter which link you use in your post, your affiliate “cookie” will be placed on the visitor’s browser so your purchases get tracked.

In this example, the link in the middle actually sends people to a free course, which allows us to continue to nurture the relationship so they eventually enroll in the course.

In this case, no matter how long it takes, if that person purchases, you will receive 40% commissions as a reward! We offer a life-time cookie.

How to improve your affiliate commissions

If you’re not sure what to say to get people to use your affiliate link, we will add some “Promo materials” like images, email copy, and more for you to swipe and use as needed. Be sure to check in every few months as we will be updating this content.

Offering your own special bonus

One of the beautiful things about our system is that you, as an affiliate, can automatically “sweeten the deal” for your referrals. Say for example you want to offer a bonus ebook if they purchase Blog By Number using your affiliate link. You can do this very easily with our program:

Simply click on the “Bonus delivery” tab and check the box to enable your special bonus. You have the ability to put any link to point your referrals to an offer of your choosing. So this could offer a sign up page to a course, a direct download link of a special PDF, or even a link to work with you – have fun and be creative!

In order to save, you’ll also need to set up a “support” email address for your referrals to reach out to you if they have any questions or issues accessing their goodies.

And that just about covers it! We are so excited to have you on the affiliate team and we will work hard to make sure our products are always top notch to help your efforts convert as well as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much commission do I earn?

40%, paid out after a 30 day delay. Once you have earned $1,000 in commissions, we will upgrade you to a VIP affiliate and pay you out instantly 🙂

How do I sign up to be an affiliate?

Simply click one of the links below to access the sign up lesson inside each course (be sure to log in to access the lesson):

Blog By Number$97
Printables By Number$97
Course By Number$397

How long does it take to apply?

So long as you enter all your information in correctly, you will be approved instantly. Simply fill in the required PayPal and tax information, and you’ll be ready to share your link within minutes!

How do I promote your products?

Here are a few quick ideas to get you started:

  • Write a review post of the product directly
  • Write a list post of the top courses in the space and add your affiliate link
  • In your email broadcasts, share a win you’ve gotten as a result of the course and show them how to begin
  • In your welcome email sequence, recommend some of your favorite courses!
  • On social media, if you hear someone struggling that we can help, send them our way!

You get the idea!

When will I get paid?

When you first sign up, we will delay your payouts by 30 days. So if you refer someone and they buy on January 12, your commissions will show up automatically in PayPal on February 12.

We do this to prevent any potential fraudulent activities. Once we see you have earned >$1,000 in commissions, we will upgrade you to VIP and you will get paid out instantly for all referrals made!

Please note you will need a PayPal business account to get paid. This page will show you how to get one set up in about 5 minutes 🙂

How can I get in trouble?

We want everyone to be successful, but there are a few things that we definitely don’t want to see any affiliate do, and it can result in an immediate removal of affiliate status:

  • Be kind – don’t hate on other products in order to promote ours. It’s fine to bring up negative points in any product during a review, but please let’s all be kind. The internet’s a close knit community!
  • Do not make any false claims – In general, honesty is a big deal to us, so don’t claim that the product is yours, or make claims that the product doesn’t support
  • Basically, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of your grandma. I think we can all agree with that one!

If I’m an affiliate for multiple courses, do I need to send traffic to each product specifically to get referral credit?

Great question! The short answer is no, you can send traffic to a single product, and you will receive referral credit on ANY product that you are an affiliate for.

That’s tricky to understand, so let’s do a quick example.

You are an affiliate for both Blog by Number and Printables by Number. In your last email to your email list, you wrote a review and recommended our signature Blog By Number course.

One of your readers click on the link, but decide to purchase Printables By Number instead. Because you are an affiliate for both products, you would still get the 40% referral credit for sending your reader to our content!

Where do I go if I need help?

[email protected] We’ve got your back!

Thanks once again for becoming one of our amazing affiliates and we look forward to celebrating your first commission!