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 8 Practical Ways to Maintain Balance as a Work From Home Mom

8 Practical Tips to Maintain Balance as a Work from Home Mom


Dear Work from Home Momma Blogger,

It’s 10:45 AM and your phone is going off with social media alerts. A huge blogger, one you’ve admired for months, just shared your post on her Facebook page. At the same moment, your toddler is tugging at your shirt, she wants to go outside and play. She has been stuck in the house all morning and saw the swingset through the window, and all of a sudden she remembered,!

What do you do? How do you prevent yourself from multitasking between your family and your blog and doing multiple tasks badly?

Here are the tips I’ve found most helpful in maintaining a balance between the demanding role of motherhood and blogging.

If you don’t blog already, I hope you feel confident after this article to start a mom blog!


1. Start your day with 1-2 priorities

Define what is most important to you to complete that day. Ask yourself, “What will make me feel accomplished today?”

Make your list short, with 1-2 items maximum. That’s it. Do the most important thing first in the morning. Then no matter how your day goes, you’ve done the #1 thing you need to do.

Do not check your email, Facebook, or blog comments to react to what others are telling you to do. Complete your priority first before completing the requests from others. This is huge! I never thought of my emails as ‘requests from others.’ I was always in the habit of reacting to what emails I needed to answer and planning my day according to other’s requests, and not my own priorities.

Find your precious time. And do your most important task first. It may be the morning, it may be nap time, it may be Thursday night when hubby gives you a ‘me date’, or it may be at 1:00 AM when the house is asleep. But find that time and use it wisely momma.



2. Eliminate procrastination

Why do you procrastinate? It is when you do not clearly know your next steps. So you put it off, and it falls to the bottom of your list.

So eliminate your procrastination by always having a clear plan. During your ‘down time’, (driving in the car, waiting in line at the grocery store, taking a shower, etc) think of the next steps you need to complete. Make a quick list on you phone or in a notebook you carry with you.

Then when you arrive at your ‘precious time’, you sit down and work and get your tasks done. Do not use your working time for thinking or brainstorming, that is something that can be done on the go.

You can also use the 2 minute rule. If something can be done within 2 minutes, do it. Pack away your dishes, take out the trash, answer that email, throw your dirty clothes in the washer. Instead of having all these little things pile up and clutter our minds, do them quickly to open up your thoughts to creativity.



3. Get rid of distractions and time suckers

Want more time in your day? Eliminate the unnecessary things. Embrace a few practical steps to minimalism. The less things you have around you, the less distractions you have and the more creative you’re able to be.

Before you buy something or say yes to another event that will fill your calendar, make sure it is aligned with your priorities. Learn to say no. Focus on the most important things, ignore the rest and remove the unnecessary.

Just like white space on a blog allows your eyes to rest and prevents the reader from being overwhelmed, so also does clean space in your home allow you to work better.

Remember, mess creates stress.



4. Do not multitask

Multitasking has been proven to be ineffective in numerous studies. Trying to do multiple things at the same time only makes you do multiple things poorly, at the same time. Kendra, a blogging mommy of 8, agrees with this in her scheduling, life and blogging tips interview.

I am guilty of trying to browse Facebook or research my next blog post while playing with my girls or spending time with my husband. This only causes tension. So after I have spent quality time with my kids and they are either napping or playing by themselves I take a few minutes to check in on my blog.



5. Standardize your work

One of the most important elements of Lean Engineering is standard work. This can be applied to blogging as well. Sign up below to download tips on how Lean Engineering and standard work can help you organize your life.

When you have a weekly standard plan, you eliminate stress and you know what to do each day to be most efficient. For example, you can plan your week as follows: Post Monday & Thursday, Connect, Comment and Network on Tuesday & Friday, Research on Wednesday. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it. Consistency will make your blog grow.



6. Set a timer to keep you off social media

It is one of the biggest productivity killers. I can easily spend hours on Facebook connecting, reading and chatting. But I have to remember to focus on my priorities and get my 1-2 things done for the day.

Once my priorities are completed, then I can enjoy connecting on social media. At that time I set a timer for myself, to prevent spending and hour and a half before bedtime browsing Facebook groups.



7. Drink water

It’s a simple but oh so practical tip on how to balance it all. Water clears your mind, takes the edge of snacking, and gives you more energy. Many times you may be feeling lethargic because your body is craving a big glass of water.



8. Forgive yourself

Do not try to be perfect or do everything. If you were able to complete your 1 or 2 priorities for the day, you can feel good momma blogger! If not, there is always tomorrow to try again.

Remember that blogging is not your life, it is only a part of it. Your beautiful children, your supportive husband, your loving family and friends; those are the things that really matter.

Once your husband and children are happy, fed and loved, then go and enjoy your blog. I seek out times when the house is asleep to blog, so that I spend as much quality time as I can with my family during the day.

Heart Icon startamomblogComment below: How do you balance blogging and motherhood?


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