Free 75 Hard Challenge Printable Checklist: Measure Your Progress

Congratulations for wanting to do the 75 Hard Challenge! To help you complete it, I’ve created a 75 Hard Challenge Printable for you!

But first, what is the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard program was created by entrepreneur and podcaster Andy Frisella. He says it can help you to get stronger mentally. You need to follow the rules for 75 days to challenge your body and your mind.

What are the rules of the 75 Hard Challenge?

The rules of the challenge are simple, but hard to do consistently.

  1. Follow a diet.
  2. No cheat meals or alcohol.
  3. Workout twice a day for 45 min each. One workout has to be outside.
  4. Drink 1 gallon of water each day.
  5. Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book.
  6. Take a progress picture everyday.

Can you have a rest day on 75 Hard?

No, you can not have a rest day during the challenge. If you break even one rule, you’ll have to start again at day one. This strictness is very similar to the Whole30 Diet.

Does yoga count as a workout for 75 Hard?

Yes, any type of workout counts. You can run, stretch, lift weights, do cross fit, go hiking or do whatever gets your body moving and off the couch.

Can you drink alcohol on 75 Hard?

You are not allowed to drink alcohol during the 75 days of the challenge.

How long is the 75 Hard Challenge?

The challenge is 75 days long.

75 Hard Challenge Printable – Editable File or PDF

If you’d like an digital copy that you can edit to change the fonts, text, colors etc, you can purchase it for a small price here. The printable is created in Canva and that’s where you can edit and customize it. 

75 hard challenge printable editable checklist

More versions of the 75 Hard Challenge Printable.

75 soft challenge printable

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75 hard challenge printable

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75 soft challenge printable

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75 Hard Challenge Checklist Printable Free PDF

If you just want the PDF, you can download the printable here.

75 hard challenge checklist printable FREE PDF
75 hard challenge checklist printable Daily checklist
75 hard challenge checklist printable

In conclusion

You can do this! I’m so very proud of you for wanting to improve your health. I hope these printables help you stick with the 75 Hard Challenge and complete it successfully!

Please leave a comment and let me know if this helped you!

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