Self Care for Busy Moms

How to Practice Self Care as a Busy Mom

Momma, do you feel pushed into a million directions? Are you distracted? Frustrated? Tired? Trying to keep up with it all?

Do you just feel like crying? I may be a bit too dramatic, but I know that happens to me. And I’m trying to embrace this new craze of ‘self care’.

It’s difficult to practice self care and not feel guilty about it. Especially in a society when being productive and being busy is so highly valued.

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Do Not Measure Your Worth by the Length of Your To Do List

The longer your to do list, the more important others view you. And if you have nothing to do, and you spend all day at home with your children, you’re being lazy. Why aren’t you running around town to dance practice and art classes and baby yoga? Are you spending your whole summer at home playing in the backyard? Oh well that is just not acceptable.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Mothers

The view you see of other’s lives on Facebook or Instagram is not always 100% real. That sweet little picture of the baby smiling was taken five seconds before the toddler threw a major tantrum. Or that beautiful family vacation? Well, you didn’t see the 7 hour car ride with tired parents and exhausted kids.

Here is a little secret. You can unfollow anyone on Facebook. Tired of seeing their pictures that make you feel crappy? Just click on the little downward arrow and ‘Unfollow’ them. You’ll still stay friends on Facebook and they will have no idea you did this.

Make your life a bit easier and remove the temptation to be down on yourself.

Stop Controlling Everything

I know you’re the mom. And you know best. I do too. I know what is best for my little ones. I’m momma bear. I spend all day with them. I know what each cry means, what each little jibberish word means that my toddler makes up. I am the best care taker for them.

But it’s exhausting. And I can’t do it all, all the time. I need to accept help from others, even if it’s not perfect.

Hubby can change diapers and put the toddler to bed. It may not be exactly as I want it to be done. But the toddler is clean and happy.

Controlling every little action is exhausting. It will drive you nuts. Stop.

I know why I do this. I have to look deeper and find out my why. Do I feel out of control in other areas of my life? Is that why I need this control? Or do I feel unimportant and controlling makes me feel worthy again?

Accept the ‘imperfect’ help from others and let them babysit the kids. They may watch too much tv, eat too much candy and get spoiled. But an overwhelmed and exhausted mom is worse than any of those things.


Taking Care of Yourself Is Taking Care of Your Kids

Your family depends on you. They need you to be strong. Your body has grown little humans. Your hands have cooked hundreds of meals and folded thousands of shirts. Your voice has sung your children to sleep for countless nights.

You are needed. You matter. Your self care is utterly important.

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In an airplane you’re instructed to put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else. Practice this in your daily life too.

An overly exhausted and burnt out mom can’t nurture, and care, and love as she needs to. Take time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.



Workout Daily

Not only will this do amazing things for your body. But it will make you stronger and more confident. Even if it’s just 25 minutes, take that time for yourself. Allow your kids to watch a few minutes of TV while you get your sweat on. You need this.

What do I do? I do T25. It’s quick, easy, and I can do it from home. Most of the time my baby just stares at me jumping around the living room and my toddler joins in! It has given me back the confidence I really needed after my second pregnancy.

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Drink Wine & Take a Bath (or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee)

Yup, enjoy that glass of wine. I’m Catholic so we celebrate Jesus’s first miracle with joy! And I’m currently in my window between pregnancies, so a glass of wine is lovely. Just lovely.

Take a nice long bath. Ask hubby to put the kids to sleep once a week so you can have some “me time”.

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Nourish Your Soul

What energizes you? What makes you feel whole again? What makes you feel like YOU, and not just a mommy? Do that. And make time for it.

I am energized when I have a few hours to myself to work on my blog. Or when I get a coffee date with a friend without kids around. As moms we all need grown up time because we are knee deep in the trenches with little people all day.

And when life really gets tough, I turn to prayer. That is my ultimate resort for true nourishment.


In Conclusion, An Apology

Here I am with my blog telling you that you should take the little bit of free time you have to start a side hustle. If my blog makes you feel guilty or not good enough, that is not my intent. And I apologize.

First and foremost I am a wife and mother. My husband and children take presidence over anything I do online. And I want that to be the same for you.

Do not get pulled into the non stop world of hustling. Do not compare yourself with someone who does not have a family and children. They may have 8 hours a day to dedicate to their blog. You may only have 30 minutes after the kids go to sleep to dedicate to anything.

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