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*This post contains affiliate links.

How To Make Passive Income From One Blog Post

Like most nights, I couldn’t fall asleep. So I grabbed my phone and started to browse Pinterest. (I know you do it too, right?) I scrolled and scrolled – I was doing research! As a blogger  you can call spending time on Pinterest ‘research’, hehe! And I kept seeing this particular type of post image come up. So I investigated further.

And the next day I created a post with an image similar to the ones I saw the night before.. and this is what I found.

But first, you should only continue reading if you want to make passive income. How amazing would it be to make even $5 every single day without lifting a finger? Want to know how you can create a post that will do just that for you? So you can enjoy that $5 latte guilt free?

What’s great about this method is that it can be applied to any niche or blog. And it doesn’t take long either!

Do you have an hour? Then you can create a post like this and start making money from it.

I can show you exactly what type of post to create and what your perfect pin image should look like. The hard part comes in getting traffic to it.

So if you don’t have a product or service that you sell on your blog but you still want to make money, this is a quick and easy method to cover all of your Starbucks desires!

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Here’s The Proof That This Works

My Amazon affiliate income went to $109.01 for the month of September since I’ve published this type of post. And in total for the year I’m at $152.71, and I don’t push Amazon affiliate links very much.

amazon-affiliate-how to make money with a blog - product pins -

Another reason why I wanted to grow my Amazon affiliate income and make passive income is because I wanted to increase the amount of revenue streams I have on my blog. You can see how I currently make money with my blog in my income report.

Also, I loved how this mommy makes over $1,000 with Amazon with her small blog every single month, so I wanted to see if I could do it too! And even though I don’t have her amazing skills, yet, I am pretty proud of getting 10% of the way there!

Wait, what? You can make money through Amazon?

Yes! Even if your blog is small, you can sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program and recommend products through your blog. If someone clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours, you get a percentage of anything they purchase.

Just make sure to add a disclosure page to your blog (you can use mine as an example) and inform the reader that you are using affiliate links in the post (see the first line of this post for an example).


The Special Type of Post to Drive Amazon Income

So what is this special post that got me over $100 in passive income last month? Well, it’s this post – The Best 5 Bullet Journal Products. It includes a quick summary of why each product is great for bullet journaling and it also includes my Amazon affiliate links.

The pin image clearly shows each of the 5 products. And it includes one weird product, which creates curiosity in the reader and makes them more likely to click through. When I look at my analytics for that particular post, the stencil (bottom right picture) gets the most clickthroughs to Amazon. Cool tip, eh?

The best products for your bullet journal. I love these items!

Little side note: In all honesty, my best blog posts are those that help my reader more; longer posts with step by step instructions. So even though this type of product post works well to bring in passive income, don’t overuse it. Continue to deliver amazing value to your readers to keep them returning to your blog.

Beautiful Examples of Stunning Pins

And I’m seeing more and more of these awesome product pins. Take for example this one below from The Harper House. Christy does a phenomenal job with putting together beautiful farmhouse decor and then linking back to her Amazon account.



I love this post by SimplyChaCha – she did a fantastic job rounding up great STEM toys for toddlers!



Even Amazon itself is creating these types of roundup product posts. I love this handmade one by Amazon. It definitely makes me want to ‘save it’ to my Pinterest account because it gives me inspiration for my baby’s room. And it also entices me to click through to purchase the items.

handmade-amazon-product pin

And how pretty is this one below from Halo Top? Who doesn’t want low calorie, high protein ice cream?

Is this even ice cream?

icecream- product pin


You can use this type of pin with any type of product. Below is a great example for childrens books from Let’s Lasso the Moon.

books product pin

This super colorful pin from ILS Learning Corner with interesting products and a nice bold title grabbed my attention immediately.

coordination product pin


How to Create These Pins

These types of pin images are easy to create with PicMoney’s collage editor. After you import all of your images and place them in the collage, then export it to the editor side of PicMonkey to include your title and blog url.

Here is the step by step tutorial video. I cover all the following steps: how to get the images, how to create the pin in picmonkey, how to add the title, how to upload the image to your blog and then finally, how to add affiliate links.  (or view it here)


Final Tip

Don’t overuse these types of pins if it does not fit with your blog. Test out one or two and see how it goes. Maybe your readers love it, maybe, eh, not so much. But I wanted to share with you how I got all my Starbucks coffees covered for the month by making over $100 with my one bullet journal product post.

Now I only need to find some time to go to Starbucks (sans baby and toddler). And I need to stop browsing Pinterest late at night so I can get more sleep. 🙂

Comment below and let me know what you think!