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Use the Facebook Groups List Promotional Schedule

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Facebook Group List

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Facebook Group List

 Use Facebook Groups to Promote Your Blog

  • Have you joined multiple Facebook Groups with the hope that it will drive traffic back to your blog? Are you overwhelmed by all the pings and notifications? Feel like you can’t keep up with it all?
  • You need a system to tackle the Facebook giant. When I started blogging I joined so many groups! I was stressed and missing promo days.
  • So I put together a system. One that will work for you too!


This Will Work For You

Following the Facebook Promo schedule provides a steady stream of traffic to your blog.

  1. Use the promo schedule to promote your blog posts and never miss another opportunity to share your hard work with others.
  2. Connect with other bloggers and network in the groups you use for promotion.
  3. Don’t link and leave. It’s unclassy and will not help you build a brand.
  4. Connect with the admin of the group and check out their blog. Thank them for running the group – it’s hard work!


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