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Interview with a Gen-X and Millennial Mom Blogger


I had the honor of being interviewed by Jennifer from Women Winning Online in her awesome Facebook Group. We covered so many amazing topics that I can’t even begin to rewrite the entire video.

So grab a cup of coffee, or let the video play in the background and enjoy this super helpful and fun interview!


Golden nuggets from the video

  • Why blogging is an amazing venture for moms.
  • What’s the difference between Blog by Number versus Find Your Tribe Online
  • How to monetize Facebook Groups.
  • How to decide what to create a course on.
  • Affiliate income vs product income.
  • Future of online learning and why it’s so important right now.
  • The steps to follow to make sure your course will be a huge success!
  • Why blogging is necessary for any business.


Personal things and tips

  • What made me sit on the couch and cry during my first year of blogging on
  • My number one tip for becoming a successful blogger and what really really works for my me


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