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How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Today

*Updated for 2017*

*This post contains affiliate links.

Momma bloggers, want to know how to increase traffic to your mom blog and grow lots of followers? I have practiced the tips below and!

I want to provide you with the best stuff so that you are successful as a mom blogger. I understand your time is precious and your kids are more important than your blog, so make your time count and find the strategies that will work to grow your audience.

I have sorted the list and put the easiest and quickest tips at the top so you can focus on quick changes and big results.

Enjoy momma blogger!


Step 1: Be Part of the Blogging Community

That advice mom gave you when you were 5 years old, do unto others as you want them to do unto you, yes that advice, it still works! And especially in the blogging world where everyone wants to get traffic and make money. The best way to do this is by helping others out first, and have the favors returned. (Reciprocity – a persuasion technique – if you’re into the science behind why people do things.) Return emails, reply to comments, share their posts and link to them on your site.

To make a million you have to help a million. Click To Tweet

Half of my product sales come from my email list. (Here are my income reports to show how I make money with my blog) It’s valuable! Nourish your email list and treat each person like your #1 customer and friend!


How do you become a part of the blogging community effectively?

  • Leave comments
    • Leave enticing and insightful comments on others’ posts. This will compliment the blogger and will increase the likelihood of a reader clicking through to see your blog.
  • Help Others
    • Go out of your way to help someone else, that one person could potentially have a huge influence somewhere that could help you in the future.
    • Besides, this should be one of the reasons you become a blogger. To connect with others in your niche, to learn from them and share their advice.
  • Be a Friend
    • Your followers will increase if you’re nice and genuine and kind. Even if it is just that one person, that is one more follower for your blog. That one person could share the story of how genuine you are, and bring you additional followers.
    • If you’re a friend to someone, they have a much higher tendency to link back to your blog on their website. These back links increase traffic to your blog and your rankings in SEO.
  • Share Others’ Posts
    • This will build up your reputation in the blogging community as someone helpful and will get you followers. Share smaller and larger bloggers’ posts. Let them know through Twitter (or another social media platform) that you loved their recent article and send them a quick compliment. Most of the time they will retweet/reshare it and it will show up on their feed. That puts your name in front of all their followers, bonus!
  • Have Role Models
    • Build relationships with your role models. Share their posts, comment on their articles, learn from them. By learning from others you will become a better blogger. Additionally, you will see below how these relationships will come in handy for helping your site grow traffic.


Sound like the things you learned in kindergarten? Yup! Those golden rules apply in blogging too. Even Dale Carnegie dives deeply into the concepts just described in his world famous book that has been published for over 75 years, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I’m reading it now and it’s brilliant!


Heart Icon startamomblogThe only way to have a friend is to be one.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

how to increase traffic to your blog

Step 2:  Write Quality Posts

You want to produce content that people find useful and are easy to implement. Those are the types of posts that get the most shares. Like this one!

  • Focus on Your Audience
    • Always think about your reader’s needs and how you can transform their lives. Your readers are busy and have a lot of things to do, how can you positively impact and improve their day?
    • Find sites that are in your niche and read the comments. Or join Facebook groups in your niche and read what people are struggling with. When you see a theme, this is what you need to write about. This will give you guidance to create fantastic posts!
  • Post should be useful, practical and easy to implement with quick results. 
    • Example: During pregnancy I get very nauseous, my mom (love my mom!) advised me to drink water with lemon juice in it and shred an apple, wait 30 minutes until it turns brownish, and then eat it. Sounds crazy, but it worked immediately! That is my number one tip I give pregnant mommies.
    • Always think about what’s in it for your reader. How will your blog post transform them and improve their lives?
  • Post Often
    • The more times you post, the more chances there are for search engines to find and rank you, and the more opportunities you give your readers to share your content.
    • But don’t let the increase in frequency decrease your quality. If you have to chose, always post quality over quantity. 
    • I post 4-5 times a month and get great engagement. I’m not always creating content, I spend half of my time promoting my content, nourishing my email list, creating products and testing new strategies.
    • Here are 25 blog post ideas for when you need inspiration.


Heart Icon startamomblog Posts should be useful, practical & easy with quick results.


Step 3: Guest Post to Increase Blog Traffic

From your list of role models (if you don’t have a list yet, check out the importance of making your list of role models) find a role model that is in your niche. You want their audience to be the audience you want to target. If they have a completely different following, guest posting on their blog will only bring you Hi-Bye traffic. Visitors will stop by but not follow you as they won’t be the audience you’re targeting.

  1. Research: Go through their blog and research their most popular posts. It will be the posts with the most shares on social media and most comments. That will show you what their audience likes.
  2. Write: Write a guest post that is in the same category as their most popular post because you already know that their audience will like it.
  3. Back links: Be sure to include one or two back links to your own blog to revert traffic back. Check with your role model what their guidelines are for guest posting.
  4. Share: When you send the post to your role model, you already know they and their audience likes the topic, so you chances of success are much greater!

I guest posted on a few sites and the sales for my ebook, Blog by Number, went through the roof! Trust me, if you guest post on the right blogs, it will be so worth it! From these few guest posts alone my income doubled from June to July!

Guest Post #1: Time Management for Mom Bloggers

Guest Post #2: Blogger Success Interview

how to increase traffic to your blog

Step 4: Build Your Email List and Drive Traffic to Your Blog when You Decide

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets of your blog. Search algorithms can change and social media platforms can come and go, but your email list is yours to keep.

These are the people that trust you with a key to their inbox, treat it with the utmost respect. Below you can see my growth from day to day. As of October 2016 – I’m at 4,223 subscribers.


  • How to build an email list?
    • The easiest way is to install the plugin SumoMe and set it up with your desired type of subscription box popup.
    • Sign up for a Convertkit account and create a list (you can get a free month of Convertkit when you enroll in the Blog by Number course). This is the site that you will use to create email campaigns and store all of your followers automatically.
    • Update: since I grew my list to over 2,000 fairly quickly I switched to Convertkit after starting with MailChimp. Their automations and email templates are pure gold and have helped to increase my product conversions tremendously! I now average around adding 50 subscribers a day.
    • Here is more help on how to build an email list for beginners. 
  • Offer the visitors something of value!
    • What would make you give out your email address? Think about the sites where you share your email address, and about those sites that have pop up windows that you almost instantly close. What is the difference between these sites?
      • Follow Me vs Valuable Freebie: When I changed my signup from “Follow my blog and read more about my life” to “Here is an awesome, valuable freebie you can use right now” my signups increased instantly!
    • Again, focus on your ideal visitor. If they feel the site is ‘for them’ they will follow, love and share you.
    • Connect Individually: Initially, do not be afraid to reach out to each follower individually. Build that connection and personal relationship. I know it is time consuming, but it helps to build a loyal following.


Like this 130 Awesome Blog Post Headlines freebie below!

  • How to use your email list to grow traffic?
    • Weekly Roundup: Email a weekly roundup of best tips to your subscribers.
    • Exclusivity: Email them an exclusive post that you have not published on your blog. Make them feel special.
    • Call to Action: Always have a Call to Action to let the reader know what to do. Ask them to share your article on social media, this in turn will bring more visitors and potential subscribers to your blog. And the beautiful circle of building your blog continues!
    • Consistency: The growth will be slow at first, but grow exponentially if you keep up this consistency and rhythm.


Heart Icon startamomblog Offer your readers something of value!

how to increase traffic to your blog

Step 5:  Write Posts That Grow Your Traffic

There are definitive posts that will help boost your traffic if you use the correct strategies. If you want a larger list of blog post ideas, check out these 25 blog post ideas for when you need inspiration.


  • Interview Bigger Bloggers
    • This can drive great amounts of traffic to your site.
      • Reach out to one of your role models who has a large following.
      • Find a hot topic that will benefit both of your audiences and come up with a list of interview questions to ask.
      • Ask questions that do not have yes/no answers, that put your role model and yourself in a good light, and that are fun and engaging.
      • Also, keep the question list to around 10 out of respect to your role model’s time.
      • You may have to email a few role models to get a yes.
      • Always send the completed and edited post to them for review before you publish it on your blog.
      • Don’t forget to thank them.
    •  Example: I emailed 3 role models of mine, and 2 returned with a yes. I interviewed both on a very interesting topic. The posts were shared on their social media accounts and drove massive traffic to my site. Additionally, those are still very popular posts as readers love the easy format of a question and answer post. And the real-life look into another person’s life is exciting, especially if it’s on a topic my readers are interested in.


  • Top List Posts
    • As you go through your process of finding fantastic content to feed your followers and boost other bloggers posts, keep a record of the ones you like the most. These bloggers can then be added to your role model list. Use these posts to create a list of top posts from your favorite bloggers and explain to your readers why they are helpful.
    • Once completed, publish your post and share it also with those top bloggers you featured. They will be complimented that you liked their article and went through the trouble of making a blog post about it.
    • They could then either just thank you for the share or reshare it to their followers. Either way, you made yourself seen before your role model and potentially their followers too, which can increase traffic to your blog.

how to increase traffic to your blog

  • Featured Article
    • Have a bigger blogger in your niche that you absolutely admire? Do you both share the same audience and can you provide value to their followers too? Will knowing about this blogger benefit your readers?
    • If so, write a post about how this person has changed you. How have they made an impact on you and in what ways have they helped you.
    • If your readers like you, most likely they will like this person too.
    • Once published, let the bigger blogger know of your post via email or social media and genuinely thank them for the help they have given you. Don’t be fake.
    • Most likely they will share this post with their followers and bring traffic back to your site. Win-win for both!
    • This can also be done for a product or service. For example, if you genuinely love PicMonkey (which I do!), write a post on why their product is so amazing. Share it with your followers and with PicMonkey as well. The potential of them sharing or mentioning your post to their followers could bring huge amounts of traffic back to your site. Also, if you include your affiliate link, this will be a money-making post!


  • Co-Author a Post
    • Find a hot topic that your audience is interested in. Connect with one of your role models who is knowledgeable about this topic and ask them if they want to co-author a post with you. Make sure their audience will love this topic too!
    • If they are busy, you can do most of the writing and get quotes or input from them.
    • Publish the post and ask them to share it with their followers. And watch your traffic grow.

how to increase traffic to your blog

Step 6:  Leave Strategic and Helpful Comments

  • Any comment you leave on another person’s post should be genuine and add to the conversation. But there is a way to leave a comment that will drive great traffic back to your site.
    • Find a blog that serves the same audience as you.
    • Find an article that is slightly controversial or an article you think will have high shares.
    • Be one of the first people to comment on it.
    • Leave an insightful but enticing comment that will pique the curiosity of the reader.
    • This curiosity will drive the user back to your blog.
      1. But don’t be rude and leave your link in the comment, the interested reader will click through your gravatar to your blog.
    • I have experienced awesome traffic with this little tip!

Heart Icon startamomblog

Pique their Curiosity


Have a Clear Blog Theme

  • Have you ever stumbled across a blog that looks like your junk drawer? Things are just thrown together, it’s hard to navigate, nothing matches, and you can’t ever find what you need? Or there are a hundred ads and pops ups! Eeeek!! Click away, click away!
  • Don’t be a junk drawer blog.
  • Have a clear theme for your images. A standard method for writing your posts. And a consistent font. Also, incorporate some white space on your blog to allow your reader’s to ‘rest their eyes’.
  • Busy, messy and disorganized blogs convey a busy, messy, and disorganized blogger.

Heart Icon startamomblog

Don’t be a junk drawer blog

how to increase traffic to your blog

Be You!

  • There are many blogs about similar topics all in the same niche. The one thing that will truly set you apart from other bloggers is who you are.
  • Let your personality come shine through your posts and include a few personal anecdotes here and there.
  • Start posts with a short story that draws in your reader. Relate to them. If you open up to them, they will feel more connected to you.
  • On that note.. I love coffee, The Office and anything Frenchie – want to connect? 🙂

Heart Icon startamomblog

Draw them in with a story



  • Use this one little tip through all your blogging practices. Curiosity is what piques people’s interest and gets them to click to your site, subscribe to your blog and download your ebook. (Curiosity + The amazing value you provide!)
  • If you establish that gap between what your reader knows, and what they want to know, you have a very valuable piece of information.
    • Use curiosity in your titles, in your signups and in the opening of your posts. Get people interested, and then wow them with your awesome content and personality.
    • Try out a headline such as “10 ways to improve your life, I use #3” The curiosity of #3 draws people into the post.
    • Create curiosity by posting about mistakes or secrets or asking a question. The post with ‘mistake’ titles always get me to click! It may be my mommy guilt thinking I am making a mistake in my life, but I just can’t help my curiosity.

Heart Icon startamomblog

Use Curiosity

Step 7:  Use The Power of Pinterest

  • I haven’t even touched on Pinterest in this article yet. All of the tips above are ways to increase your traffic without using social media platforms such as Pinterest.
  • Once you have a few strong posts I suggest the following winning strategy with Pinterest. (I will publish a more detailed post detailing each step soon).
    • Create 5-10 pillar posts
    • Create a Pinterest Business Account
    • Create 10 board and include one board exclusively for all of your own pins. This will be your ‘Best of’ board.
    • Join multiple group boards. (Organize your process and keep a log of all the boards you apply)
    • Sign up for an automation service to help you pin. I use Tailwind and love it.
    • Create 1-2 pins for each blog post so that you have more to share and can A/B test.
    • Test different pin images and posts to generate more affiliate income.
    • Pin your own posts to group boards. 1 pin a day to each group board you contribute to. Then fill the rest of your queue with posts from other bloggers and pin those to your own boards (except your Best Of board).


You may also want to check out: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Blog Traffic or How to Use SEO to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Make Money by Blogging

Okay, now that you have the traffic, the next step is to Make Money Blogging – Learn from small, medium and large mom bloggers on where their money is coming from. Some make $3,000 a month and some over $60,000! And their blogs are less than 5 years old. My goodness, it’s inspirational!

Additionally, check out my income reports for more ways to make money with a blog!

And if you want to start a blog, I have an amazing ebook + course, Blog by Number, to get you started and help you every single step of the way!

79-proven-ways to get traffic to a new blog

How to increase blog traffic to a new blog


How to increase blog traffic to a new blog

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