Make Money

Help out financially while staying at home! After hard work, many mommy bloggers make $2K-$10K a month. 

Adult Interaction

Crave adult interaction? Blogging allows you to connect with other amazing moms, build friendships and support each other.

Creative Outlet

Blogging is a great creative outlet. Use your passion or your degree in a new creative way online!

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How to Start a Mom Blog & Make Money

Being a mom is not easy. Sometimes you still secretly miss the life you had before your body changed and you were blessed with a little angel. Or your husband is working long hours supporting the family on one income, but you feel the need to help the family financially too.


There are countless reasons for why so many moms are starting blogs. Primarily, it’s much easier than ever before! And the potential for making money with a blog is huge!


I wish I started blogging sooner, but regardless, I’m so glad I did start.

Blogging has been my creative outlet, my ‘me thing’, a way I can still use my college degree while staying at home, and best of all, it’s been a massive help financially.


I’ve been able to grow my blog from $0 to over $20,000 per month in less than two years.


Just imagine how much different your life would be if you could add an extra $1,000 to your monthly income?


Moms, although sometimes a bit distracted by kids, are some of the smartest people on Earth! You owe it to yourself and to your family to start a blog and explore the potential to make money from home!

Did you know? 1 in 5 millennial moms are starting a blog.

Step by Step Instructions Below How to Start a Mom Blog



Yes! If you are willing to put in the time to grow a business online, you are able to make money from it. Just look at the monthly income reports of these bloggers below. It is so inspiring!


Michelle from


Abby from


Lena from


Rosemarie from

I launched my blog two weeks before the birth of my second daughter, on January 18th 2016.

The timing was horrible. But I knew that if I didn’t start, I would always put it off.

For the first few months I focused on building content and growing my email list.


Finally, in June I started to truly monetize my blog.

I launched my ebook, Blog by Number, and my blog income has grown every month since then.

You can do this too! Don’t let fear stop you from what you could achieve!

I’m here to help you every step of the way!

Don’t have time to read the post? Watch the video below or listen to it in the background!

Why Do You Need a Self Hosted Blog?



Compared to direct sales business or other work from home positions, blogging is very inexpensive to start. For about $5 per month you can set up a professional, self-hosted blog.

There are free platforms out there, such as Blogger and, and they are great for hobby blogs – but if you really want to turn your blog into a money making machine, you’ll need to have a dedicated blog that is self-hosted. In plain English, it means you control all of the content on your blog and you have complete ownership of it.

 Why Start a Blog with SiteGround?

Start a Blog with SiteGround

Lightning Fast Customer Support


SiteGround has been an amazing host for my blogs. I actually have over 18 domain names hosted with them – of which 5 of those are truly active and making money for me.

The customer support at SiteGround is super fast. And they’ll help you with technical questions too! Like how to install WordPress, or how to redirect pages.

Every time I accidentally break my blog by trying out new things, they restore it for me within minutes.


They Have Amazing Uptime

Not once has my site been down since I’ve started hosting my blogs with SiteGround.

And that is a big deal! You want amazing uptime for your blog. It’s your business and your lifeline. If it goes down, you’ll lose readers and potential sales.

Start a Blog with SiteGround

Quick Dictionary of Blogging Terms

Hosting Company = Landlord

Siteground, your hosting company is like your landlord. You pay them a small fee as rent for server space for your blog. = Apartment, the platform on which you build your blog, is like your apartment building. It is where you create your blog, write posts, decide on a theme and colors.

Domain name = Address

And lastly, your domain name is like your address or the plaque on your front door. My domain name is “”.

I hope that helps!

Step by Step Instructions Below How to Start a Mom Blog

A free gift for you to help you on your blogging journey!

Please download the blogging 12 month planner below to help you! Over 10,000 moms have downloaded it to help them start a blog!



High-Level Steps: How to Start a Mom Blog

Read the details in the post below!

Step 1: Choose Your Passion – What can’t you stop talking about?
Step 2: Niche Down – Find where your passions, strengths and a profitable need intersect.
Step 3: Decide on your domain name – What will you call your blog?
Step 4: Choose a hosting plan – Use a fast and reliable hosting company like SiteGround.
Step 5: Install WordPress – This is the platform most successful mom bloggers use.
Step 6: Login to your blog – Get familiar with the backend of your blog on WordPress.
Step 7: Install a theme – you can use a free or paid theme in the beginning.
Step 8: Write your first blog posts – Create 3-4 pillar posts to establish your blog and niche.
Step 9: Invest in yourself and grow quicker – when you get stuck, invest in ebooks and courses to help you.
Step 10: Get traffic to your blog and promote your amazing content.
Step 11: Decide how you want to make money with your blog.

How to Start a Mom Blog – 3 Easy Steps

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Ready to do this? You can do it! I am here for you when you have questions. The steps below are super easy to follow.




Step 1: Find Your Passion

What do you love to talk about? What do you want to learn more about? What do you stay up late doing when the kids finally go to bed? Let that drive your decision on what you want to blog about. You don’t have to be an expert yet, as you blog you’ll become better and better!

Find a topic that you can talk about for a long time to come!


Step 2: Niche Down

The best way to know that your passion will turn into a blog that makes money, is to find the sweet spot of your passion, a profitable need and your strengths. The most important of the two are your passion and a profitable need. You may already be an expert on the topic; but your strength will increase the more you blog.


For example, you are super passionate about cooking healthy meals for your children, but you’re just not that great at it yet. It’s definitely a profitable niche because other moms are looking for advice on this topic too, so check. But you’re not the best cook, yet.

The more you blog, the more recipes you’ll try, and the more practice you’ll get – and the better you’ll become!

Find your blog niche how to start a mom blog and make money


Step 3: Decide on Your Domain Name

Once you know what your blog niche will be, you get to decide on a fun new domain name! Choose something that is easy to spell and easy to remember. You can either make it cute and funny, like, or very direct and to the point, like

Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect name for your blog – what you blog about is much more important than the name you choose. And even if you pick the perfect name, there will be a day that you don’t like it that much anymore – it has happened to me! 🙂 If you need more help, checkout this post about how to choose a blog niche and name.



Start a Blog with SiteGround


Step 4: Choose a Plan to Host Your Mom Blog

Go to SiteGround and click on Sign Up. When you go through my link to start your blog you get hosting for a super affordable price!

If you’re a new blogger, you could go with the StartUp plan.  I use the GrowBig plan because it gives me super fast priority customer support and allows me to host multiple websites. I am constantly testing new ideas and I have multiple blogs. So this plan allows me to test and play by hosting multiple blogs on one package. You may want to do the same thing if you change your mind a lot. 🙂

I actually have about 18 blogs that I’ve purchased and play with. It allows me to be creative and test things out on different blogs that I can’t do on my main blog (

For many beginning bloggers it’s hard to decide on a niche. And the GrowBig plan allows you to setup more than one website so you can test different niches as you are starting out.

I have a lifestyle blog, my business blog, my husband’s blogs and a testing blog that I host on my GrowBig plan.

And bonus, I get super duper fast customer service as a client of the GrowBig plan. Like lightning fast! 🙂

It also makes your blogs load faster which gives you higher rankings in Google! Yeah baby! And lastly it has one year of free WildCard SSL which is extremely important for all online businesses. What it means is that it keeps your website more secure.

siteground hosting packages how to start a blog

Input all of your information. You can decide if you want Domain Privacy and HackAlerting (I recommend it!). And for under $150 you have your own online business ready to grow! What other business is THAT cheap to start up?

Keep in mind that popular direct sales business can easily cost thousands of dollars to just sign up. With a blog you can create your own business for a super affordable price.

I’m very excited about this because I remember as a little girl working hard with my mom or aunt painting ceramic figurines and selling them at the local monthly craft fair. It took hours of work, inventory and money to make a few dollars once a month. We live in an amazing time today that you can make sales while you sleep. It’s a great time to live in!

Time Saving Hack

Next, I’m going to cheat a little bit and make this super easy for you. Instead of giving you step by step instructions on how to do this yourself, why not get your money’s worth and have the great support team at SiteGround do the work for you? Go here and click on LIVE CHAT. Ask the customer support rep to setup your site for you and send you your WordPress login details. Voila! This should not take longer than 15 minutes total. Use your login details and go to and login.


Step 5: Install WordPress


As I explained earlier, your hosting service is your landlord and is your apartment building. So let’s set up this apartment building as your new site 🙂


You could either have the team at SiteGround do it for you (explained in the steps above) or you can do it yourself below.


Navigate to the My Accounts tab and click on the red button called “Go to cPanel”.


how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3




Click on the blue “WordPress Installer” icon under the section of WordPress Tools.




how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3




Click on the blue Install button.




how to start a blog with siteground and wordpress 3




Fill in the values below on the next screen. If you ever get stuck, you are more than welcome to reach out to me for help!


Choose Protocol: choose your protocol, most likely it is: http://


Choose Domain: choose your domain name from the dropdown menu.


In Directory: you can leave this blank.


Site Name: choose a site name, you can change this later.


Site Description: choose a site description, you can change this later.


Admin Username: choose an admin username. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog. Remember this!


Admin Password: choose an admin password. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog. Remember this!


Admin Email: provide your email.


Select Language: most likely English 😉


Choose a Theme to Install: you can install a theme from here or you can install a theme from the backend of your wordpress site when you log into it on the next step. You can start off with a free theme and upgrade later if you want to a paid theme. I use and love Divi from Elegant Themes. It has super simple drag and drop features that allow me to save so much time!


Click Install




start a blog with siteground






Step 6: Login to Your New Blog


Now use the username and password you chose in the previous step and login to your site below.


Just navigate to


wordpress login screen



Step 7: Install a Theme

I recommend Divi from Elegant Themes for all of my readers. You are welcome to start off with a free theme provided on the dashboard, but they all have limitations. I use Divi for this blog and all of my other blogs too. It’s powerful, customizable and has features that other services charge for – like A/B testing and countdown timers! Here are examples of how I use the Divi theme. 


Step 8: Write Your First Blog Posts

The best types of blog posts you can write if you’re just starting your mom blog are pillar posts. There are in-depth, long articles that give a great solution to a problem your audience faces. You can always come back and edit these posts and add more internal links to them. But before you launch your blog, make sure you have the following setup:

  1. 3-5 Pillar Posts
  2. A clear blog menu
  3. A good profile picture
  4. An About Me page
  5. A Disclosure Page – if you are using affiliate marketing
  6. A way to contact you (you can add this to your About Me page)
  7. Links to your social media pages


Step 9: Invest in Yourself

As you grow your blog and learn how to make money, the best shortcut you can take is to invest in amazing ebooks or blogging courses. Over 1,000 moms are in the Blog by Number course designed for moms who start blogs.

It will save you weeks of time and research to learn from experts. You’ll grow faster, get more traffic and start making money sooner with your blog. Just make sure to take the time to implement the material you learn!


Other bloggers that have inspired me are Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome, Michelle from MakingSenseofCents, Michael from MichaelHyatt and great sites like SocialMediaExaminer and ThePennyHoarder.


Step 10: Get Traffic

As you build more and more content on your blog, you’ll need to work on gaining visitors. If you produce amazing content that helps other people find solutions to problems, you’ll do great! I use Pinterest, Facebook and my email list to get most of my traffic. I also use SEO to grow my blog traffic, but that’s a bit more advanced.

Here is the easy looping strategy I use with Pinterest and Tailwind to get most of my blog traffic.

Step 11: Make Money

And for all of the time and energy you’ve put into your blog, one of your big goals is to make money with your blog! There are numerous methods and strategies you can use to make money with your mom blog.

Here are the top methods of making money with your blog:

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliates
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Products
  5. Services

Most successful bloggers invest in multiple methods to build a strong business. Here are examples of how other moms make money blogging. And if you want to know how I make over $20,000 with my blog per month, I share all of my advice in my Income Journey ebook!



How to start a mom blog with toddler 2




Blogging ebook Just for Busy Moms

If you need more help – please check out Blog by Number – the step by step guide to starting a blog for busy moms. I hope this quick tutorial has been useful to you. Please let me know in the comments below if you need any help!  Congrats!