FYI: Please read the group rules before posting to the wall as promo days can change. 


Facebook Groups Promotional Days by Day of the Week


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday All Week
Blogging Boost Blogging Newbs Adventures in Blogging  Blog Beautiful  Smart Passive Income Community  Blog Promo Community
Blog Babes  Creative Superheroes The Power MOB  The Creative’s Corner  Blog & Business: Moms who do it all  Bloggers Get Social
 Blogs That Sell  Think Creative Collective  The Tank  Blog + Bizz BFFs  Pinterest Daily Support
 The Power MOB  Creative Freelancers Unite  The Creative’s Corner  Catholic Bloggers Network
 Creative Freelancers Unite  Persuasion Nation  For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher  Pinterest SuperSTAR Bloggers
 Persuasion Nation  My Pro Blog + Biz  Blogging Newbs  Ladyboss Lifestyle 
 House of Brazen Community  Blog Babes Lady Boss Lounge
 Blog Promo Community  Como Blog Community  Free and Successful Mastermind
 Women Winning Online  Growing Social Media for Bloggers


Detailed List of Facebook Groups


Facebook Group Name Share where? # of Members How Active is the Group? Admin & Their Blogs Why Join this Group? Supportive Promotional
Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind #freedomhacking In thread 25,500 High Engagement


Kimra Luna Want to work when you want where you want? So do these 25,000 people. Great engagement in this group. Heart Icon startamomblog
Smart Passive Income Community In thread 22,000 High Engagement Pat Flynn Super smart group members who have a loyal following to Pat. Fantastic advice! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blogging Boost Group wall 11,600 High Engagement Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley One of my favorites. Large but very active group with quick answers to blogging questions. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Bloggers United In thread 11,300 High Engagement Steffii Troubetas Feed moves quickly. Lots of Like for Like, and Comment for Comment threads. promo star
The SITS Girls Facebook Group In thread 9,200 High Engagement Tracie Nall & Danielle Simmons Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook threads. Each post has an average of 3 comments and interactions with it. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Inspired Bloggers Network Not a promotional group 8,700 High Engagement Tabitha Philen Non promotional but a great place to connect and ask questions about blogging and growing your blog. Heart Icon startamomblog
Blog + Bizz BFFs In thread 7,000 High Engagement Melyssa Griffin It’s Melyssa’s FB group! Need I say more? Check out her awesome site for ridiculously helpful posts. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher In thread 6,300 High Engagement Caitlin Bacher Caitlin knows Instragram! If you want to learn more about IG, she is the person to go to. Heart Icon startamomblog
More than Mom In thread 5,300 Medium Engagement Dr. Jessica Michaelson Community of women dedicated to flourishing in their personal and professional lives, while being engaged, present moms. Heart Icon startamomblog
Blogging with Becky and Paula In thread 5,000 Medium Engagement Becky and Paula Becky & Paula are mom bloggers making mad money. They offer lots of help to group members. Heart Icon startamomblog
Blog Beautiful In thread 4,000 High Engagement Marianne Manthey Marianne is the sweetest, kindest person and will comment on your blog posts. Her blog is gorgeous! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Brave Entrepreneurs In thread or group wall 4000 Medium Engagement Lauren Vanessa Zink Brave Entrepreneurs is a fun, love-filled space for freelancers, creatives, coaches and small business owners who want to expand their empires. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blogging on your own terms In thread 3,800 Medium Engagement Daniela Uslan Mon – IG. Tues – Twitter. Wed – Pinterest. Thurs – Share. Friday – FB. Sat – Promo. Sun – SU Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
The Blog Loft In thread 3,800 Medium Engagement Margo Snyder & Manda Northern Guest posting: The Blog Loft is a great place to find guest posters! And share Giveaways. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Learn to Blog In thread 3,300 Medium Engagement Kelli & Crystal Kelli and Crystal created the #LearntoBlog hangouts, Pinning Parties & forums. They’re helping bloggers grow. Heart Icon startamomblog
Lady Boss Lounge Group Wall 2,600 Medium Engagement Britny West A high vibe space for women entrepreneurs looking to up level their mindset, their vision, and their bank account like whoa! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blog & Business: Moms who do it all In thread 2,300 High Engagement Nikki Santori Best FB group of mom bloggers. Super supportive and engaged with each other. Love this group! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
InspiredBN Promos ! Link Ups ! and More ! In thread 2,300 Medium Engagement Tabitha Day Philen This group is for promo requests, link requests, blog awards, and other forms of self-promotion. promo star
SMART Blogger Academy Not a promotional group 2,000 High Engagement Sarah Kostusiak & Christina Hitchcock This is NOT a link sharing group. It is a Q&A, trouble shooting and/or tips sharing group. Great advice! Heart Icon startamomblog
Blogging Newbs Group wall 1,700 Medium Engagement Kayla Sue Reynolds Great group for networking and connecting if you’re a new blogger. promo star
The Blogger Life In thread 1,400 High Engagement Kara Knight Daily comment & social media threads. Weekly link up threads and weekly sponsorship/giveaway threads. promo star
Think Creative Collective In daily threads 2,000 Medium Engagement Abagail Pumphrey & Emylee Williams We educate thousands of creative entrepreneurs (just like you) through our 180+ blog posts, free online workshops, private Facebook community and inside the Strategy Academy. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Creative Superheroes In thread or group wall 1,300 High Engagement Allison Marshall For creative lady bosses who want to grow their online blogs + businesses! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blog Promo Community In thread 1,200 Medium Engagement Manda Northern I’m new to this group, but I was immediately welcomed & found a great community. Manda is also super supportive! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Growing Social Media for Bloggers In thread 1,004 Medium Engagement Christina Shoemaker Daily Threads : Facebook, Twitter, BlogLovin, Pinterest. promo star
Bloggers Get Social In thread 1,000 Medium Engagement Krystal Butherus DAILY SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE THREADS :: Facebook, Twitter, Blog Comments, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, + Periscope. promo star
Mom Bloggers Support In thread 900 Low Engagement Heather Johnson Weekly Stumbleupon / Repin / Like / Comment / Request Anything Threads promo star
The Creative’s Corner In thread 900 High Engagement Julie Harris Daily threads – Motivational Monday, Creative Genius Friday, Bloglady Boost – Thursdays, Resource Wednesday. promo star
My Pro Blog + Biz Specific Threads 860 High Engagement Erika Madden The My Pro Blog + Biz community is a place for bloggers and biz owners who want to build pro brands online to get smart, sleaze-free support + advice while forming sincere friendships. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Persuasion Nation In threads 700 Medium Engagement Mary Fernandez Small but engaged group. Mary is so supportive of all the members. Lots of love and encouragement! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blog Babes In thread 500 Medium Engagement Elizabeth Benson Daily sharing threads. promo star
Blog Share Learn In thread 500 Medium Engagement Elena Peters This group is intended as a place for friendship, encouragement and knowledge. Share in threads promo star
Rock Your Blog In thread 500 Medium Engagement Hayli De Jong Share on the wall, but don’t spam. Post helpful articles. Decent engagement. promo star
Peace, Love & Pinterest In thread 470 Medium Engagement Penney Fox Tips on how to use Pinterest and ideas to grow your website traffic. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
The Power MOB Group wall 400 Medium Engagement Melissa Bolton The Power MOB (moms owned business) is a private community designed to be a collective of kindred spirits. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Women Winning Online In thread 310 High Engagement Jennifer Snyder Highly engaged group of like-minded women offering each other fantastic support. promo star
Stumble Upon Bloggers In thread 350 Medium Engagement Joanne Greco Learn how to use StumbleUpon to grow your blog. promo star
Pinterest Pin for Pin In thread 300 Medium Engagement Christina Kamp Strictly monitored by admin, which benefits everyone because the rules are followed & your stuff is shared. promo star
The Tank In thread 228 Medium Engagement Julia Murray “The Tank” is a place for bloggers + biz owners to surround themselves with other awesomesauce peeps who are on a similar path! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
House of Brazen Community Specific Threads 114 Medium Engagement Elise McDowell A community for brazen entrepreneurs who are ready to make sustainable passive income from their blogs and online businesses. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Adventures in Blogging In thread or group wall 67 Medium Engagement Lena Gott A group for every blogger who wants to rock their business, build their brand, and learn with one another along the way. We share our successes and take others with us! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Free and Successful Mastermind In thread or group wall 57 Medium Engagement Andra Popescu The Freedom and Successful Mastermind is a space for kickass go-getter women with big dreams who value freedom and flexibility, and want to make their mark on the world! Heart Icon startamomblog promo star
Blogs That Sell In threads 84 Medium Engagement Katina Davenport This is a group where business savvy bloggers who are stay at home moms and dads can network with other bloggers that are just like them. Heart Icon startamomblog promo star