The Definitive Guide to Start a Mom Blog

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The Definitive Guide to Start a Mom Blog

The Why and How to Start a Mom Blog


My Personal Story (real quick)

After yet another day of watching Netflix and wasting time on Facebook I felt crummy. I was a stay at home mommy with a 18 month old toddler and pregnant with my second baby girl. I was wasting my days at home doing nothing productive. Of course cleaning the home and taking care of my toddler kept me busy most of the time. But when I had some free time to myself I wasted it on tv shows and browsing the internet.

When my hubby came home, I didn’t have much to talk about other than what our toddler did that day. I felt unproductive and sluggish. I wanted to stay at home with my children but I also missed my days as an Industrial Engineer working for Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and General Electric. I wanted to create something, I wanted to connect with other adults and I wanted to make a bit of money, even just a few hundred dollars a month. That is why I started a mom blog.




Why Start a Mom Blog

What are the pros and cons of starting a mom blog?



The Pros of Blogging

Let’s start with the good stuff first.

  1. Blogging gives you an outlet to connect to other moms.
    • Starting a mom blog gives you an outlet for all those pent up mommy emotions we all have. The frustration, the joy, the ups and downs. Other moms are eager to connect online and the community is vibrant. There are moms blogging about the joys of motherhood, or the sorrows of a miscarriage, or homeschooling, or raising a house full of boys, or cooking or crafts. The list is endless. You will find a tribe online that shares the same interests you do and you will grow as a mom.
  2. Blogging allows you to continue to use your skills in creative ways.
    • You can use your skills online and improve yourself. If you were working in the corporate world a few years ago but find yourself now changing diapers and running after toddlers, don’t fret, you can still use your skills. You just have to adapt them a bit. I studied Industrial Engineering and even though I’m not on the manufacturing floor making processes more efficient, I can apply my skills to making the life of a mommy more efficient. Maybe you studied Marketing or Education, why not create tutorials online to teach others? It will keep your skills fresh and help others in the process!
  3. Blogging allows you to make money from home.
    • You can make money from home. It sounds cliche and it’s been so overused, but yes, it is possible to make money from home. You can write sponsored posts, do affiliate marketing, sell your own ebooks or online products, or even offer consulting services. I analyzed 6 mom bloggers making between $2,000 – $63,000 a month. If they can do it, you can too!
    • As with everything, if you dedicate time to it and persevere, you will succeed. It just takes time. It takes time to rank high in SEO, it takes time to build an audience, it takes time to produce amazing content. But I figured I’ll be a stay at home mom for a couple of  years before my kids all go to school, so I have the time. Instead of watching Netflix, I can slowly start to build my brand and my blog.
  4. Blogging is cheap to start.
    1. Unlike other businesses, blogging cost under $10 a month to get started. That is peanuts compared to starting a brick and mortar store, or making crafts from your home, or taking on any direct sales business. All you need to start a successful blog is a good self hosting site and a cup of coffee to start writing.


The Cons of Blogging

Now for the real stuff, the cons.

  1. Blogging takes time.
    • I can’t sugar coat this. Blogging takes time. If you want your blog to grow, you will have to dedicate time to it. It won’t have to be 8 hours everyday, because of course, you do not have that time as a mom. But it will take at least take an hour a day. Here is the super simple weekly schedule I use to keep me on track. Some days more, some days less. It takes time to write great content, to promote it, to network with other bloggers and to research new tactics to grow your blog. But the pros above far outweigh the cost of offering up nap times for something that is truly my own. It is my little home on the internet that can supplement our monthly income and provides me with a super productive hobby.
  2. Blogging can quickly become addictive.
    • Instead of thinking about what is going to happen in the next episode of Downton Abbey, I now brainstorm post ideas, research articles to increase my blog traffic and network with other mommy bloggers. Yes blogging can become addictive and that is okay! When my little ones are awake, I am 90% their mom. The other 10% is dedicated to cleaning the home while they ‘help’ me or play at my feet. And when they are asleep in the early morning hours or during nap times, I am Suzi the Blogger. I have a blogging cape I put on for inspiration! (just kidding) But not only am I spending my time learning new skills, I am building a business online. It’s a much more productive way to spend my free time.



The Definitive Guide To Start a Mom Blog Square Natural



I Don’t Have Time to Blog

I know momma, life is busy! You can post once a week or four times a week. Don’t let blogging become overwhelming. But DO start building our audience and followers. It takes time. And the sooner you start, even if you just get a few likes or email subscribers, it will get the ball rolling! Also, the longer your site is established, the better Google ranks you in SEO.

Here are super practical tips to help you as a mom blogger.

15 creative ways to keep your child busy while you work from home.

10 ways to simplify your life.

8 Practical tips to maintain balance as a mom blogger


Where do I start? What are my first steps?

I’ve put together a 9 step plan to help you with your first steps in starting a blog. It has a free checklist too!

So You’re Convinced, Let Me Show You How to Start a Mom Blog

Where do you start blogging?

If you just want to ‘try it out’ you can start blogging for free at You will get a domain name with the caboose tacked on at the end, for example Not so easy to remember and not so easy to rank high on search engines. But to be honest, I started blogging on for free. After two weeks I realized I had no control of my website and I could not customize it or add the desired plugins that I wanted. I also wanted to grow my traffic and make money with my blog. So I transferred it over to a self hosted site. Here are the step by step instructions on how to set up a self hosted blog. vs

To make it simple, allows you to blog for free but you have to play by their rules. is the blogging platform which requires you to be self hosted but allows you to customize and monetize your blog as you wish.


Here is how I explain the difference between a self hosted blog ( and a free blog (

I’m a visual person, and pictures work best for me. I hope this chart helps you understand the difference between a paid versus free blog. vs vs


Which Hosting Provider?

So I would recommend either signing up with BlueHost (cheapest) or SiteGround to host your blog. My current site is on BlueHost but I am considering moving to SiteGround in the future to speed up my blog even though it would costs more per month.



How To Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

Use my helpful step by step tutorial to help you start a mom blog.


What Niche Do you Blog About?

There are countless topics you can cover as a mommy blogger and become very successful. My best advice would be to find what you are passionate about and blog about that. I use my Blog Vision Board to brainstorm ideas for my blog and future posts.


Niche and Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

  1. Baking delicious little cupcakes and cookies
    1. Cookies decorated for each season
    2. Cupcake birthday parties
    3. Cupcakes decorated like princesses
    4. Gluten free cookies; Sugar free cookies; No bake cookies
    5. Cupcakes for boys, for girls, for your pet
    6. Chelsea’s blog is my favorite foody site!
  2. Breastfeeding
    1. The pros and cons of breastfeeding
    2. Best breastfeeding clothes and equipment
    3. Pumping while at home / while at work
    4. Breastfeeding twins
  3. Organizing and Simplification
    1. How to organize with kids
    2. Organizing your kitchen
    3. Simplifying your closet or kids rooms
    4. How to live with less as a family
    5. I love Abby’s and Christine’s blogs!
    6. And Jenn from Clean and Scentsible always gives me inspiration!
  4. Homeschooling
    1. How to homeschool different ages
    2. Homeschooling vs public vs private school
    3. Helpful lessons for the mommy homeschooler
    4. Say hello to Erica or Carisa
  5. Toddlers & Babies
    1. How to potty train your toddler – ask Becky how she did it!
    2. How to reduce tantrums
    3. How to help your toddler eat veggies
  6. Crafts or Art
    1. Teach others to paint or draw
    2. Share quick tutorial videos
    3. Teach calligraphy online
  7. Faith Blog
    1. My faith journey
    2. The prayers that carry me as a mom
    3. The verses that changed my life
    4. Or start a online prayer club
  8. Humor Blog
    1. The true life of a soccer mom
    2. 101 ways to talk to a baby
    3. If my toddler chose my wardrobe
  9. Finance Blog
    1. How to live on a budget
    2. How to cut your grocery bill in half
    3. How to pay of your debt – true story from Michelle!
    4. Crystal from Money Saving Mom always features great deals and money saving tips!

There are countless niches a mommy blogger can dive into. And they are all fun and can be monetized in multiple ways. All three mommy bloggers I linked to above make over $2,000 with their blogs per month, and Abby makes over $30,000 every month. Isn’t that amazing? That inspires me to stick with blogging and work on it a little every day. They did not get to those figures overnight.

Sticking to one topic is good to build a loyal readership. If you blog about too many different topics, you will confuse your readers and they won’t remember you as ‘The Cupcake Blog’ or ‘The Organizing Blog’. You want to stand apart and be unique, and niching down is a great way to do that!

Be true to you. I am not a funny girl and I have the hardest time incorporating humor into my posts. But I love helping others and creating how-to tutorials – that is my strength. Do what works for you. Don’t force yourself to blog about cooking if you hate being in the kitchen. Blog about what you love and what you are passionate about. Let your personality shine through, there is no one like you online, so be unique and embrace it.  Allison from Wonderlass is loud and proud, and she embraces her quirks!


But I don’t know what to write about!

I would suggest taking 30 days and writing 500 words every day. It could be in a journal, in Medium, on a Word document, or you can dive right into it and start creating drafts on your blog. But if you do not know what niche to dive into, why not find your voice and passion first? If you can write about it for 30 days, you can blog about it and create a following.



How Often Should You Post on Your Blog?

The quick and simple advice? Post super awesome content on a consistent schedule. Stick to a schedule, if you have enough free time to create two amazing posts per week, post them on Monday and Thursday, every week. Don’t commit to posting three or four times a week if you can not keep it up. And don’t create 200 word crummy posts just to hit your quota.

For me, I post once a week. I take a lot of time to craft and research my posts. I have a toddler and a newborn and I have to be realistic with myself. If I am able to create a second or third post that week, I save them for a different week. I want to stay consistent with my readers. They know I am a mommy blogger with little kids. And they respect that I give my very best in each post, although it’s only once a week.

Need ideas on what types of blog posts to create? Here are 25 blog posts ideas I refer to weekly.




How Do You Get Traffic to Your Blog?

There are many ways to get traffic to you blog. Some are a bit harder work than others, but they have long term benefits. Below are tips you can use from day one. There are more ways to get traffic to your blog, but below are the quickest ways you can your page views up.


Facebook Groups

Promote your blog on Facebook groups. I bet you never knew about these groups before you started blogging. I thought Facebook was only for connecting with my friends. But you have no idea! Thousands of bloggers use Facebook to promote their posts, share ideas and help each other. Here is a list of 31+ Facebook groups that I use to network, ask and share advice, and of course promote my hard work.

You should also find your blogging tribe, and using Facebook groups is a great way to do this. Network with a few other mom bloggers who are in the same niche. Form a small group of 5-10 bloggers and agree to help each other. You will learn and grow together.

Facebook groups bring quick traffic to your blog but it is not very sticky or sustainable. You need other sources to keep traffic coming. Read on!


Button FB Promo Groups



And you thought Pinterest was only for pinning pretty wedding dresses and birthday party ideas? Oh no! It is one of the biggest promotional platforms for bloggers. On every blog post you create be sure to include a beautiful pinnable image.

Pinnable images are more tall than wide, have bright colors and text that prompts the reader to click through to your blog.

One method to boost your traffic from Pinterest is to join active group boards. These are like Facebook groups and your pins will be seen by more people.

Pinterest traffic is great. It may take a few weeks for your pin to really take off, but the traffic sticks much longer than that from other social media platforms.


Poor Pinnable Image

Horizontal, bad colors, terrible title that does not entice you to click through.

bad pin

Good Pinnable Images

Tall, Colorful, Enticing Title

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack!

Second Good Pinnable Image

5 Habits of Highly Effective Mommy Bloggers


Guest Post

The third easy(ish) way to get traffic to your blog is to guest post. After you have established a few posts on your blog and have a small following, reach out to bigger bloggers in your niche and ask for the opportunity to guest post on their blog. Review the content on their site to see what their audience will like. Then write something super helpful to wow them and get them to click back to your site. I go into more detail on this post to increase your blog traffic.

The backlinks you create when guest posting is also very valuable for your SEO ranking. Keep doing this on a regular basis and not only will you be getting traffic from guest posting, but also from SEO. The most valuable backlinks are those from .edu or .gov websites like Nasa or Harvard or large websites like the New York Times.

Here is an awesome list of places you can guest post from Mary!




How Do You Make Money with a Mom Blog?

I made my first $100 from my blog through affiliate marketing. But there are countless methods on how you can make money with your blog. I’ll cover a few at high level below.


Affiliate Marketing

You can become an affiliate and promote any product. The affiliate commission is small, under 5%, but it can add up if you have a big audience.

You can also become an affiliate for other bloggers. For example, Chelsea has a fantastic ebook on how she made $40K in her first year of blogging. I loved it so much I signed up to be an affiliate. So every time someone purchases her book through my affiliate link, I get 50% of the profit. Isn’t that sweet?

There are countless other places that offer an affiliate. If you love a product or service, you should always ask if they have an affiliate program.


Sponsored Posts

You may already know this, but mommy bloggers have a huge influence on the internet. Companies love to work with mommy bloggers to get their baby or parenting or kids products in front of an audience. And you can benefit from this! Companies will pay you to write a post about their product, or in other words, a sponsored post. And they may even send you a box of free product too!

Even as a smaller blogger you can easily make $20-$50 with sponsored posts. One a day each week could mean $100-$250 extra per week! That can make a huge dent in your mortgage each month.

My advice would be to sprinkle sponsored posts in between your already amazing content. Because nobody likes to follow someone who only promotes products they are paid for. And be sure to actually support the product too and make sure it aligns with the rest of your brand. It would be quite strange if all of a sudden I post about Pampers Diapers when the rest of my site is about blogging. Or if I wrote a sponsored post on essential oils that I’ve never used before (but I hear I need to get into).

Here are a few Popular Blog Networks that provide sponsored posts


How I made 40K First Year of Blogging


Do you have a set of skills that others would pay to learn? You can provide your audience with something you created from scratch. This means you have complete control of the price of the product. You get 100% of the profits and you can set up an affiliate program to get other bloggers to help sell it for you!

For example, Chelsea from Chelsea’s Messy Apron wrote a book on how she made 40K her first year of blogging! And Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog wrote Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook. It’s a fantastic blogging handbook and has an affiliate program too. By the way, her hubby quit his full time job to help her with her blog. Together, they make over $30,000 a month. Do you want to start a mom blog now? 😉


Training / Courses

If you have skills that you put into an ebook, why not create a training course along side of it? People digest information in different ways. Some may love to read your book, others may want the interaction of a course. Give your readers what they want.

Quicksprout from Neil Patel has paid courses and a ton of free stuff they just give away at the Quicksprout University. Build up an audience and give away your best stuff. Then, when you have a loyal following, promote your ebook or course. And start paying that mortgage with your blogging money.



Not my favorite method of making money online, but definitely an area you should look into when you get huge traffic to your site. In my opinion, if you keep them unobtrusive to your readers and don’t plaster them all over your site and in between posts, you’ll be fine. But many companies have a minimum page view requirement before applying.


You can manage the ads yourself or have a company do it for you.

  • Easy to apply with no requirements
    • Google Adsense
    • Sovrn
  • Companies that manage your ads for you (100K page view minimum)
    • The Blogher Network
    • AdThrive

Chelsea’s blogging ebook has an extensive chapter on ads and all the things you need to know about ad terminology like ad code, backfill, CPC, CPM, fill rate etc. She made over $40,000 in her first year of blogging! Want to join her and start a mom blog too?



Want To Be Friends?

I truly hope this post has been helpful to get you started on your mom blogging journey! Want more inspiration, here are 15 reasons why other moms started blogging.

If you need more resources and want to dive deeper into starting a mom blog, check out the rest of my blog. It is full of advice just for mommy bloggers like you! And of course email me anytime at startamomblog @ Chat soon!