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How to be More productive and set your Priorities for Today Printable


Be More Productive: How to Set Your Priorities Straight


Do you get overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do as a mom? And now that you’ve decided to start a mom blog and make money from home, how will you add that to your already full to do list?

You can start by planning your week with my super simple weekly scheduler, and bonus, you can put it together with items you probably already have in your home! But I realized this week that it can quickly fill up! All of my Post-it notes did not have space to fit on my weekly schedule.

I figured I needed to set a few priorities. And that is where the Eisenhower decision matrix comes into play.

Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower was one super productive man. During his two terms in office he launch programs that birthed the highway system, NASA and the internet. And I struggle to find time to write a blog post.

How did he do it? And how can you apply it to your life as a mom?


How to be More Productive as a Mom

President Eisenhower prioritized his tasks in this simple method below. It is now well known as the Eisenhower box or decision matrix.

Before you populate your To Do list, place all of your tasks within a box in the Eisenhower decision matrix.

As you know, I love Post-it notes. It’s how I schedule my week and plan my Blog Vision Board, although sometimes I use The Mommy Schedule. But before I put my notes on my weekly calendar, I prioritize them first. Otherwise my life is a mess, my board is filled with post it notes and I end up focusing on the wrong things!


Is this your to do list?

What do you work on first?


Set your Priorities Be more Productive and set your Priorities for Today Printable



How do you know where to begin? Should I finally start writing my Thank You cards or should I focus my time reloading Tailwind? Then I remembered this fantastic quote by someone much smarter than me:

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important. Click To Tweet

Below is the former President’s suggestion on prioritizing your to do list and get more done:


Use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

When I am overwhelmed and I’m drowning in a sea of Post-it notes I start prioritizing them with the method below.


Urgent & Important = things I need to do this week, like laundry, finishing a guest post or getting a post ready for next week.


Urgent & Not Important = things I can delegate, such as Thank You cards. Maybe I can send a personal email instead? Or make and mail them through Shutterfly.


Not Urgent & Important = these are things that are important, but they do not need to be done right now. Like buying a birthday gift for a friend, or calling to catch up with grandma.


Not Urgent & Not Important = these are things that  can be deleted or scheduled for a much later date, such as starting a new craft.


Eisenhower Matrix Be more Productive and set your Priorities for Today Printable


Setting priorities seem like common sense, but if you don’t have a system to actually do it, it becomes very difficult. I tend to start working on the things that are the most fun and I put off the more tedious tasks. 

By using this priority matrix I force myself to work on the things that are urgent and important. I get them done before I move on to my more enjoyable tasks, such as browsing Pinterest for ideas or creating beautiful images.

If you have too much to do, and too much stuff, try these 10 Practical Steps to Minimalism for moms to help you!


Create your own Eisenhower Priority Matrix.

On a poster board copy the visual below.


eisenhower matrix Be more Productive and set your Priorities for Today Printable


Prioritize Your Post-it Notes

Then write down all your tasks for the week. If you’re wondering what each color means, check out this post!

Then go through your tasks and place then in the appropriate box. This is how you set your priorities.



eisenhower matrix Be more Productive and set your Priorities for Today Printable


Get Your Stuff Done

Final step: Complete your tasks! 🙂

If Post-it notes aren’t your thing and you’d rather just have a quick paper you can fill out, enjoy my printable below!

 Download the Printable!

How to set your priorities



What Techniques Work For You?

Are you trying to be more productive and set the right priorities? Let me know how you prioritize your tasks. Do you have a system? What techniques work best for you? If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.



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