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Blog by Number – an ebook made JUST for bloggers who are moms!

Are you a mom? Want to start a blog? This ebook makes it super easy!

Time saving tips. Templates. Resources. Just for bloggers who are moms.


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Hi Friend!

I recently found this awesome ebook designed just for bloggers who are moms. It is full of templates for blog posts, images and headlines. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

It makes blogging easy and saves a ton of time – it’s exactly what moms need!

It is a step by step guide with actionable steps and no fluff.

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I know you’ve been wanting to start a blog but you always say you don’t have the time. I just found this super actionable, no fluff, ebook that will help you get your blog up!

It is specially designed just for moms who want to start a blog.

I highly recommend it.

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Hi Momma!

Looking to start a blog, but just can’t find time?

I have great news for you! My blogging friend, Suzi, released her much anticipated ebook , Blog by Number.

It makes blogging easy for moms with templates, resources and guides.

It even includes an entire Google docs workbook to kick start your blog as a mom!

You should check it out, I highly recommend it!

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