Let’s be honest here, not all parts of mom life is amazing. After another morning of cleaning up spilled cereal from the floor, changing the 4th poopy diaper and using dry shampoo again, you can easily slip into a mom funk and feel lost.

You’re home alone all day with the kids. You take care of everyone all week long. You get no ‘me time’. You get no adult interaction, unless you browse Facebook. And that gym membership you used to love? You can’t afford that anymore on one income. You’re in a mommy body, with little ones grabbing at your ankles, and you feel like you’re JUST a mom.

How to Get Out of That Funky Mom Funk!

Well, momma, I have some good news! You can get out of that funk! Taking care of yourself IS taking care of your kids. They need you to be strong. And if 30 minutes a day of quiet time allows you to be a sane mom, take it. Ask hubby to take the kids for a walk so you can have your time.


7 Ways to Get Out of a Mom Funk

Here are 7 Ways You Can Snap Out of That Mom Funk!



Yes, I know this has been said before. And how can you exercise if you already don’t have time? When it only takes 25 minutes and you don’t have to leave your house, then you can do it! After my second baby I struggled to get back into shape. It was much harder than after my first baby. And after a few months of not losing any weight I got scared. Will I always look like this? So I figured I had to put forth a little effort. I bought T25 and in 1 month I was able to fit back into my skinny jeans. It is AMAZING! I have no idea how this program works so well, but it does! My thighs and butt are tighter than they were when I was in college. And because it’s only 25 minutes it’s super quick and effective! My toddler just plays at my feet and my baby watches me work out. If I can do it with 2 under 2, you can too!

And bonus, exercise has a tremendous positive effect on your mood positive effect on your mood, snapping your right out of that sad funky mom feeling!

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Make Money From Home

I started a mom blog and started teaching other moms how to start a blog when I was in a huge mom funk.

I needed to have something else to talk to my husband about besides the number of diapers my toddler had that day. I needed something for me. Of course, I adore being a mother, but when the kids nap I like to do something productive. I felt my degree in Industrial Engineering could be used somehow online.

So I started blogging. Learning all the techy ins and outs of blogging fascinates me. And I love networking with other moms online. I am not lonely anymore and I’m still doing something else with my life other than just being a mom. I never mean to imply there is anything wrong with just being a mom, it’s a beautiful vocation. But if you have the energy and the need to add a profitable hobby to your life, blogging is a great outlet!

Many mommy bloggers make money blogging, even thousands per month! The extra few hundred dollars a month make a huge difference in our budget and in my mood!

If you want to start a blog check out the Blog by Number ebook and course for moms below that will guide you through starting a blog with visuals, templates and a ton of resources – just for moms! It is sure to snap you out of that mom funk!

Since posting this article I’ve started to share my blog income reports that show my progress from making over $1,000 with my blog to my most recent month of over $6,000. Thanks be to God!

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Adult Coloring Pages

Grab yourself a pack of beautiful colored pencils and print out these free adult coloring pages. Let your little ones sit in a high chair and color too or play with play-doh. Or try these 15 ways to entertain your child when you need a few minutes. Many mommies find color relaxing and calming, especially if the rest of their life is busy and noisy all the time.

Would this help you get out of a mom funk?

adult coloring pages



I started sewing when I was pregnant with my second baby. I’m such a beginner still but I love the ability to create simple outfits or mend broken clothes. It’s easy to learn and your local craft store offers classes. You can also reach out to a mommy friend who would be more than happy to teach you! Here is the sewing machine I use and love. It’s affordable and great for beginners!

I remember my mom using a SINGER sewing machine when I was a little girl. Maybe it was her way to lift her mood too?

Find a Mom Group

Search online for your local MOPS group or join your church’s mommy group. You can also check out these 170+ moms who blog and connect with them! As moms we need other moms to support us. There are so many ups and downs with being a mom that it’s difficult carrying all this alone. Connecting with another mom about the struggles of motherhood will help you combat depression and get you out of that mom funk. We are not meant to do this alone.

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Craft Like a Boss

This is something you can do with your kids! If you love crafting, why not get back into it to overcome your bad mood? You can create beautiful thank you cards or make an old school scrap book. Your kids can color or paint. My craft/blog room is shared with my toddler’s play room. So while she plays with her dolls, I sew, craft or blog. It’s our happy place. Try the Craft-a-Day book below for 365 simple handmade projects!


Manage Your Time

You may feel like you can’t do any of these things because you don’t have time. I have two little ones keeping me up all night and busy all day. And when my life gets really crazy I use my super simple weekly schedule to prevent from becoming overwhelmed and feeling funkyAll you need is a poster board and a few post it notes and you can visually manage your week. It comes from Lean Six Sigma principles, so there is a bit of science behind it. If you want a free printable schedule, you can use my Mommy Schedule too!

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You Can Do This!

Mom life is not always easy. We are giving ourselves up to raise these awesome little human beings. Mom life is often times lonely, overwhelming and a blur of yoga pants wearing and dry shampoo days. But deep down we all know being a mom is an amazing privilege. God has entrusted us with these sweet babies and we must pray for the strength we need. But in the meantime we can do the above activities to snap out of our mom funks.

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