4 things you should do every morning

4 Things You Should Do Every Morning to Start the Day Right

If you only have 10 minutes, do these 4 things


As moms we are extremely busy. And getting a good night of sleep is long  gone since the birth of your first child.

So how do you start your day with energy to be supermom? In 10 minutes with just these 4 tips you can be a better you!



Be Thankful & Say a Quick Prayer

No matter how busy you are today, say a quick prayer and be thankful you have another day to live. You have another day to spend with your loved ones.  Another day to clean piles of laundry while many have only one outfit to wear. Another day to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner while countless go hungry. Another day to run errands and clean the home, while many are homeless.

If you only have a minute for a thankful thought and a prayer, do that. If you have 5 minutes, write in your 5 Minute Journal or jot down your thoughts on your 5 Minute app.


Make a Quick To-Do List Using the Eisenhower Technique

Your kids are about to get up and you need to get your priorities straight. Soon you’ll be asked 100 questions; “What’s for breakfast?” “What are we doing today?” “Where is my backpack, my shoes, my homework?”

While the house is still quiet, jot down your priorities for the day. After you have your list use the Eisenhower technique to make sure you are working on the most important priorities. Place each priority in a category on the Eisenhower box below. Work on the Urgent & Important tasks first, then do the Non Urgent & Important tasks. Next, delegate the Urgent & Non Important tasks, and save the Non Urgent & Non Important things for last, or schedule them for a later time.

Use the printable to organize your to do list. If you have more time, you can schedule your entire week with my post it note technique.


Click on the image below to download a copy

Priorities for Today Printable


Do 5 Minutes of Exercise

Getting your heart rate up and pumping will send a rush of blood to your brain. This will help you wake up and get energized. You do not need to spend 30 minutes working out. If you can only do 5 minutes of exercise you will reap benefits too. You may not be burning 300 calories, but your mood will be lifted.

After you brush your teeth do as many squats as you can, then do as many crunches as you can, and finally, drop down and do as many push ups as your body allows. Doing these three exercises target your butt, abs and arms and fills your body with a quick rush of energy for the day.



Drink Your Vitamins

You’re busy. Your to do list is created and it’s full! You may not be able to eat super foods the whole day and that diet coke isn’t doing anyone any good. But not all is lost. Take your vitamins after breakfast. Not only do they fill in any nutritional gaps your diet may be lacking, the early jolt of B vitamins boost your energy levels.

Put your bottle of vitamins next to the coffee pot so you’ll be sure not to forget to take them.



These four tips are what I try to do every day. Some days I forget. But when I remember to do all four, my day runs more smoothly. I am not as upset when something out of the ordinary happens, because I am thankful. I am not as tired, because at least I got my 5 minutes of exercise in and I drank my vitamins. And I am not frazzled by what I need to do, because I have my priorities straight.

I hope this list works for you too! Stay strong momma!