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Why? Because blogging allows you to

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  • interact with other adults
  • have a creative outlet, do something for you
  • bonus, it’s super cheap to start

If you don’t start today you will miss out on having a huge following a year from now. Save weeks worth of work with the step by step guides in the Blog by Number ebook. Let’s do this!


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Hi I'm Suzi, I'm a mom just like you.


I’m a blogging mom and have two little ones under two. I want to help you start a blog while raising a family. My time saving and productivity tips will make your life easier and help you run a successful blog!



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The Problem With Saving Money

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Bullet Journal Ideas

43 UNIQUE BULLET JOURNAL LIST IDEAS Bullet Journal Ideas As a mommy blogger I love seeing what others are doing. And as I was browsing Pinterest I discovered Bullet Journaling and it reminded me of my childhood. 🙂 So I’m giving it a try. Here are the bullet...